Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Days

Well I have been planning on putting in my next blog entry after I downloaded the pictures from my camera to my computer but considering its almost been 2 weeks now since I made this goal :) I decided to put in the entry and then add more pictures later. :)

A couple of weekends ago my wonderful friend Melissa from college gave me a fantastic shower with the help of my other fantastic friends Amber, Becky and Sarah. I had most of my old college suitemates, college friends and family there and it was so fantastic to see everyone. These days it takes either a wedding or a baby to get us together. hehehe But it was such a wonderful weekend. And the shower was so much fun and again we felt very very loved. And like I said before, more pics will follow. But luckily I can add this one group photo for now that Melissa sent to me. So you can all thank her for now. :)

Last week Ryan and I had a 36 week ultrasound because the doctor wanted to see how big Jake was at that point. And well, lets just say he is already getting big. :) But at this point we are just in the waiting game and we will see how big he gets at delivery time. But it was so much fun to see him we can't wait to see him for real and be able to actually hold him and see what he looks like, who he looks like...all that fun stuff. And I think he is getting anxious too as his movements are getting more and more like "get me out of here!!!" hehe
But last weekend Ryan and I took a trip to Bakersfield and picked up the rest of the things we would need for him. Then we pulled everything out of the nursery, as most everything was still in gift bags, and sorted it in our living room. I will really need to get a picture of this because it looks quite a Babies R Us threw up in our living room. hehe Luckily we have our friend Christy coming over for a bit tomorrow to give us some direction as to where to start...because we are a little overwhelmed at the moment.
Things are going well for me...counting today I have 6 days of work left and I can hardly wait to be done. Its a lot harder getting through the day now than it was earlier on. By the time I get home at the end of the day I am beat. But on the same token its really strange to think that a week from tomorrow I will be leaving work and not coming back for 6 months. It seemed so far away for so long.
This weekend will be a nice weekend of getting things done and enjoying our time together. Saturday is our 5 year anniversary which is so amazing. Hard to believe that 5 years ago we were about to get married. We are going to play it low key this year and go out for dinner and wing it the rest of the day...but it will be our day without any baby chores or anything else and so it will still be very special. Last year we knew we were about to start trying to have a family so we really celebrated and went on a cruise. So this year with everything going on we are very content to just have a day just us.
Well that is it for now. I will try and get those pics as soon as I can. And soon as the nursery is a bit more put together I will add that has been requested by many. :)
Have a great weekend everyone!