Wednesday, February 17, 2010

11 Months Old

Hello everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to get on here again. For one we have realized that our wireless router is dead and so we need to get a new one...and then there is Jake, who is darn cute but just gets into everything right now and is so darn fast. :) He is crawling with the best of them and pulling himself up on things...basically having a great time exploring!

But today he is 11 months old...I can hardly believe it...when did my baby boy get this old? He is so mobile right now, loves to play with his puppy Piper, babbles with the best of them and is working hard at learning how to "cruise" along the furniture. Although at this point its mostly his hands that are moving and then at some point he tips over. So we are having a lot of head bonks these days. I have a theory on this that I have been sharing. Every baby is born a genius and their end IQ is dependant on how many times they bonk their head...we may be in trouble. :) But Jake is a great eater and while still eating baby food (although he is now eating size 3 meats), is loving trying grown up foods. Any time we are eating something he really flirts with us in the hope of getting some. At this point he loves hash browns...I think those are his favorite...although he recently tried avocados and he seemed pretty pleased with those as well.

OK I gotta let him do this 8+6
4 10\
0 bnttttt h b h

there you go...Jake's first personal blog entry...he really wanted to do that. :)

Alrighty I will allow you to look at the pictures now...if you haven't looked ahead already. :)
This is actually an old picture taken the night before our trip but it makes me father like son. :)
Jake really loves to share his pacy....but he can be a little pushy about it.
For some reason Jake loves to go under the kitchen table...maybe its like his fort. But he brings toys and paper under there and has a great ole time.
Adorable boy sleeping on daddy.
"Hi mama" he pulled himself up against the couch to say hello.
...and now he is just being silly. :)
Kicking the tires on his new car seats. he used them for the first time on Monday and seemed quite pleased...although I know he will love it when he can face forward in a month.
My parents came out a couple of weeks ago and my dad was awesome and installed the baby gates and cabinet locks in the kitchen which was a great help...although Jake is really trying to figure out how to open them. Oh, and while they where here they watched Jake one night so we could go out on a date...YEY!!!!! It was awesome and so much fun to have a night just the two of us. Thank you Mom and Dad. :)
We are working on teaching Jake how to use a sippy cup. Basically we fill it with water and give it to him after every meal. He spills a lot but we are definitely getting there. On this night he had dropped it on the floor and I had not picked it up yet...he found it and then had a drink in his fort. :)
Well that is us for now...have a great week everyone!!!