Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Brown's go to Texas!

About a month ago we were lucky enough to take a vacation and go to see some friends in the great state of Texas.  We were looking forward to seeing our friends and spending time in a state we had never been to.  And we LOVED it.  This desert family fell in love with the green, the trees, the people, and yes even the humidity.  (we are so tired of the dry air)  But it was a great way to spend a week and we had a really really good time.  Here are some pictures that we took along the way.
I love how you see Texas Stars everywhere, decorations, overpasses...everywhere (this was on a bench at a bbq place)
As soon as we pulled in front of our friends house Jake found his friend Alice and took off towards their AMAZING backyard. 
All four kids hanging out and getting to know each other
AJ introducing himself to little Lucy
Jake playing with Lucy and rolling a ball with her...too cute :)
Alice, Jake and AJ catching lunch in downtown Austin
Yes this is a picture taken from the car...but isn't it pretty!!!
I had to get AJ to a store so my little Austin Jonah could have a shirt that said Austin on it.  :)  My little shopper :D
We even got to take a side trip to San Antonio and see the Riverwalk.  I had always wanted to see it and it really was awesome!!!
Jake checking out a waterfall
Then we walked down a couple of blocks and saw the Alamo.  Still weird to me that it is just in the middle of a city, I expected it to be out in the rolling hills by itself
AJ waiting in line to go into the Alamo
And of course a picture of Jake doing the same thing :)
We did learn however that taking a 4 year old and a 21 month old to a historical monument can result in bored kids...until AJ decided to start playing with Jake's head...they were both laughing hysterically  :)
My two little Davy Crockets
Driving home we just enjoyed the scenery...I so miss driving the Texas roads with the green, the trees and the rolling landscape.
So cute seeing two little kids walking along and holding hands...
...of course these two kids are rock stars, rocking their shades :)
We LOVED all the Texas bbq...AJ and Jake both loved the baked beans
Jake chowing down
Ryan and I with all the kids
This particular bbq place had a cool is that!!!  AJ loved the slide.
Jake and Alice have gotten along really well before but they really bonded this trip.  He is already looking forward to another trip to see her.  :)
Guess the face  :D
The Brown Family :)
Slide Boy
AJ making an order at the drive through ;)
Our dear friends who let us crash at their house and showed us around, Jen and Trevor with little Lucy
The kids spent a lot of time outside while in Texas, helped that their was this really fun play structure outside
But honestly, what is better than a great sprinkler on a warm evening :)
Jake and AJ both had a lot of fun with it
AJ wanted to get as wet as possible...
I think he was successful :)
"What, I'm not doing anything." or as Jake likes to say these days "That did not happen"  hehe
We had such a wonderful vacation and so much fun exploring a new area of the US, hoping we get to visit again sometime as there is so much more to see.  :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun with Friends

Sometimes getting together with friends when you all have small kids can be a bit challenging.  On this particular trip we had been working to get together with them for months.  But when we could get together we decided to do something that would make our 4 kids (4 years and under) would enjoy so we could visit while they were playing.  So we decided to take them to an indoor bounce place.  These places are crazy with huge slides, obstacle courses, bounce houses, and basically every chance to wear out your kids....and yourself (because often when the bouncies are too big your kids do not back just have to go in too lol)  But we had a blast!
 AJ chilling on the side after bouncing himself crazy

 Jake climbing up a GIANT slide...
 ...and then getting a big scared at the top and so our friend Alea went down with him :)
 This picture makes me laugh because AJ looks a bit panic-y, AJ LOVED this slide and had Ryan and I taking turns taking him on it over and over and of course the picture we get does not show his pure joy.
 "I've got this"
 This is a terrible picture but it really shows AJ's attitude toward life...he dives into everything without fear and head first...then we have to go after him.  :)
 We have gotten so many pictures of these two as they have grown up.  Jake and Victoria are buddies and they had such a great time at the bounce place and then at BJs for dinner.
 Their little brothers (AJ and Christian) are just building their friendship
 Jake's first Pizzookie...yes he loved it :)
My two little Spidermen 
 This amazes me.  Jake is mostly a crazy man in his coloring style...but sometimes he colors like just amazes me!
 Jake is very serious when it comes to making one of his favorite meals...Peanut Butter and Jelly :)
 What on earth can be getting AJ to sit this still???
 Ah yes, Mickey all makes sense now :)
 Now this may look like an adorable picture of my boys loving on each other...but I assure you...I caught them wrestling...something they like to do often now.
 We finally let Jake have his first pair of scissors...he loves them and if allowed will cut everything in site. :)
 ...which comes in handy for shredding junk mail
bye for now  :)