Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Christmas (and AJ's First)

Well this Christmas was very special because it was little AJ's first. Funny because he was way too young to really appreciate it...but it was still fun. Last Christmas we really thought we were pregnant but did not know yet for it was great to have him giggling in our arms this year. Such a wonderful blessing. Here are some of our wonderful pictures.
AJ just kicking back and enjoying his First Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning we opened up our stockings with Ryan's parents.

AJ loved this ball that Santa left in his stocking

Jake loving on his brother as we all sat in front of the tree.

These two are just too cute :)

Brown Family Christmas 2011

Silly Boys

AJ getting some love from Grandma

Ohhhh...a cool Lightning pillow for our Jakey Bear

And he seems really excited about this Cars little punching bag from Miss Linda

And AJ seems excited about his clothes Miss Linda gave him as well.

Ryan was super surprised by his Rock band gift from his parents for his Wii

Jake's big gift this year was a train set which he LOVED

Hours and hours of fun here :)

Looks like AJ is getting worn out from all the excitement

Grandpa is pretty excited about his remote control helicopter :)

Yep...he's out :D

Such a happy little Santa.

Momma loves her little Squidly

As does Dadda

Well it looks like we did pretty well by our little guy. It was such a wonderful Christmas and we pray that you had a wonderful one too. Love to you all and hope you have a fantastic new year.

Fun Times with the Boys

Before Christmas we had some fun times that I was never able to get on the blog, so I am playing catchup before I put on the Christmas pictures. :) AJ is growing like a weed. He had his 4 month well baby appointment and he is now 26 1/2" long and is 16 lbs 4 oz...quite a bit smaller than his brother was at this age, so our Squidly is a little Squirt. :) But oh he is so darn cute. Jake is doing great too and is getting so verbal. Yesterday I went into his room and he proudly looked at me and said "Ma, I put toys away." What he had really done is taken every single thing apart in his room and then he put it all back into two bins. :) He was so darn proud though that he had put everything was really cute. :) And he adores his little brother...he will run up to him and say, "Hi bra, Hi A-jah." :) Then the other day we were out in the car and we stopped next to a truck with dogs in the back. Jake was really excited to see them and next I heard. "Dog, I Jake. Dog..that Ma" This really is a fun age. But onto the pictures....
AJ still loves the swing and often takes small little naps while in it.

I can only call this picture....My Little Goobers. :)

And big news here...AJ has now had rice cereal. He is honestly not to sure about it but he is just starting to get a little better at it. Once we have the spoon feeding handled we can move onto veggies!!!

He seems to like it a little bit up... :)

So darn cute in his high chair...

...and very excited too. :)

For Christmas Ryan got the Rock band game for his Wii and we played it together as a family....tons of fun and AJ really seemed to take to it. :)

Grandma and Pa having some fun times with the boys

A little Brother Snuggling Time

Too cute.

We had a really great time at Christmas too and will be putting those up later today. Hope you are having a great New Years Eve!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Boys Preparing for Christmas

Well we have slowly been getting ready for Christmas this year...normally I have a lot more done by now but this year I am enjoying my time with my little AJ and enjoying all the baby cuddles. :) I think its worth it! :) But we are having a blast. Jake LOVES the Christmas tree and enjoys looking at the ornaments...although we do occasionally hear an "Oh no!!!" from the other room and we know he just touched the tree and took an ornament off...a no no. But all in all he is being pretty good. AJ loves the tree too as he will just stare at it, enjoying all the bright lights and colors. I am loving this time with both of my boys and enjoying getting ready for Christmas with them. Even had Jake help me set up the nativity this year which was very special and fun. He has a veggie tale nativity too that Ryan found for him at a garage sale some months back and he LOVES it. Although he does not seem to like Mary and Joseph in the stable with Baby we are still working on teaching him the wonderful story. :) But you probably want to see the pictures :).....enjoy!!!
Little Reindeer baby is getting excited :)

A picture that makes a momma happy. Jake having fun coloring and AJ happily asleep in his swing.

Jake and Daddy adding new stickers to his Cars sticker book. :)

Jake checking out his Christmas tree :)

Jake trying to look innocent

My adorable little AJ sleeping just like his brother did

Our Christmas tree topper....but does it really surprise anyone??? :D

Busted...AJ playing with one of Jake's toys

A wonderful time of my boys hanging out together

We like to start them early at reading in the Brown house. :)

AJ is also like his brother in that he loves to cuddle with his spit up cloths

My Cuddle Boys

AJ's very first Christmas Tree

...I think he likes it! :)

I hope you all are also having a great time with your families while staying warm and well. Talk to you soon!!! :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

AJ's First Thanksgiving

Nothing like putting the Christmas Tree up to make me realize that I need to post the Thanksgiving pictures :) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with both my parents and Ryan's parents spending it with us at our house. It was a great time to have our whole family together again and we feel blessed that every one of us was there. And not only was Jake more aware of it this year but we also got to introduce AJ to the holiday...although its kinda sad that it was his first and yet he could not taste any of the yummy food. Oh well, next year. :) But it was a wonderful wonderful time and here are some of the pictures from the weekend.
My Dad reading to the boys.

AJ in his first Thanksgiving outfit...I think he agrees that it is pretty funny :)

As you can see by Jake's wide open mouth...there was several new things that we introduced to Jake that he REALLY liked. :)

However little AJ slept through the big meal. Hehe....he is so darn cute

A very Happy AJ in his 1st Thanksgiving PJs

Having some lovin time with his Grandma

"Look everyone I can sit!!!....well with help" :) (Grandma is holding onto my PJs)

I am discovering that getting a picture with both boys and other people can be difficult...but here is a pretty good one with my parents. :)

The boys playing with Grandma and Grandpa. Jake of course has a flashlight...thanks to Handy Manny Jake loves his "Flicker." :)

Grandma giving AJ a bottle for the first time, although....

....AJ felt like giving to himself. :) Such a big boy :)

Cute picture with the Grandparents with a diapered baby (yes he had just blown his diaper...something he is VERY VERY good at...and we did not have him in fresh clothes yet)

But that was a taste of our wonderful Thanksgiving...I hope that you and your families had a great one too!!!!