Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Cedar January Vacation!

As you will soon see, in January Jake had a day off school and we wanted to have some nice family time together as Ryan was working a lot.  So we planned a beautiful trip to Branson, Missouri to take the kids to Big Cedar Lodge.  Which by the way is an amazing place!!!  We had a fantastic time and got to have a ton of fun with the boys.  Although if you ask them about it all they will tell you is how cool the pool was with the water slide.  :)  Boys.
Checking into our room, which really was a 1 bedroom suite.  :)
For dinner that night we made it easy and just went to Golden Corral where AJ tried cotton candy for the first time.  For the record at this time neither of our boys like it
When we first checked in the boys saw the indoor pool and so from that second on they asked when we were going.  So we went that night after dinner.  After all, we were on vacation.  :)
AJ is enjoying the resort lifestyle :)
Jake having a blast
The boys
Then a cozy bedtime story before saying goodnight
The boys checking out our beautiful view in the morning
We happened to be there on a gorgeous weekend right after some freezing weather.  The bonus was some remaining ice that was beautiful!!!
AJ loved it there...could not keep him from climbing everything and just loving being outdoors and exploring
The guys looking at fish in a little lake
King of the rock
Jake loving it
The boys first game of mini golf
They had a blast by the way
AJ had a crazy boy style but also was doing really well
Future golfers
Cannot beat the view
"Oh no!!! Jake is being eaten by a giant fish!!!"
Great fun for our family
We then went to a place called Top of the Rock and rented a cart to drive along this path and into a cavern.  It was absolutely beautiful and we all had a really great time!
AJ taking it all in
Going into a cavern
Beautiful view
Our drivers
Brown Family Vacation Jan 2015
Mommy and AJ
Goofball Jake
Wild man AJ
We let the boys switch so they could both get a front row seat
...and then I got some Jakey Bear cuddles
Ice sculpture
I love all the covered bridges that you see
The ice and the rock were breathtaking
Of course the guys wanted to grab hold of them
As we neared the top you could see the amazing golf course and church
Brown boys
Top of the Rock Church and Lake
I love this church
Taking it easy by the fire
So beautiful it does not look real
AJ chose his souvenir to be "Horsey" which he will proudly tell you he got at Top of the Rock
In typical Jake fashion, he chose to get a buddy (Rocket from Guardian's of the Galaxy) and hat from the Disney Store Outlet.  :)
Of all the wonderful meals that we got the boys favorite was going to Steak and Shake were they got to make these cool cars as they waited for their food.  :)
Playground fun
Just swinging
This swing was a favorite
Just enjoying the last night as I made us a spaghetti dinner in our amazing room.
Beautiful last night on an amazing vacation...we cannot wait to go back!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Christmas Break Fun

After my parents left we still had a good chunk of Christmas break left and we had a great time just being lazy around the house and enjoying some family time.  We even had our good friends the Starrs come down to hang out with us one day.  So we really had a great time.  Love having this time with all of us as school and work always come back to quickly.
Sweet reading time, a new Pete the Cat book of course :)
One last picture in Jake's rocket before it went to had lasted since the move
Fun day at Unpluggits with friends
AJ chose to paint a train piggy bank
Jake painted a wooden airplane
We all had a great time with our friends.
AJ with his camo train...kinds blends with the table :)
AJ in his favorite activity there...playing air hockey with his buddy Abigail :)
Our artist.  :)
Jake also loved playing with their puppet show stuff
For my birthday I got this most treasured gift from my boys (and their daddy of course).  My very own hand prints of the boys :D
AJ had fun helping me taking down the tree...and playing with the lights.
AJ did great at his first dentist appointment!  Model patient!
I love how close my boys are.  :D  Even when I go to help out in Jake's classroom Jake will take him around and introduce his brother to all his friends.  He is kinda becoming the class mascot :)