Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun with Family

Last weekend we had a really good time having Ryan's parents over as well as his sister Bethany and her husband Chuck. Jake had not spent a lot of time with his Aunt B and Uncle Chuck and so it was so much fun watching him warm up to them. Although I really think it helped when Uncle Chuck put chips in Jake's dinner...a way to any boys heart. :) But we had a really great time and we will miss them now that they are on their way to their new home in North Carolina. But here are some great pictures to remember the weekend by. :)
Jake and Uncle Chuck playing with cars and the slide...
...and then just playing with cars...who is having more fun? :)
Daddy was out watering a plant and started to throw drops over to Jake...he LOVED it!!!
"This is just too much fun"
Jake and his Aunt B...soooo cute :)
Grandpa giving Jake a little driving lesson...I am not sure Grandpa approves of his skills ;)
And I just took this picture this morning...very cute, but I could not get over how big he looks in this picture. My adorable little man. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1 1/2 Year Portraits on Friday Jake turned a year and a half old. I still can't get over that. When did my little baby boy turn into this little kid. Time is passing so quickly...I just want it to slow down. :) But he is at such a fun age right now and I am enjoying every minute of it, even with him getting seven teeth in the last 9 weeks. :) But on his half birthday we took him to get new pictures. It was a fussy day but we still managed to get some good shots. Hope you enjoy. :)
Ahhhh...such a cute boy
Jake with his beloved Patrick. This is not his sleeping stuffed animal but his favorite playmate. :) family picture. Jake's aunt Bethany and Uncle Chuck happened to be here too on their way to moving to NC, and so we got to get this great family pic. Jake was laughing at the photographer for trying to get him to smile.
We call this Jake's GQ picture. :)
Ah and a normal moment with Patrick...the hat is often in the mouth these days...could be all those new teeth coming in. :) And this one is too great not to share. Jake somehow has learned to share this wonderful smile every time we ask him for a "cheesy grin" The photographer loved it and was even asking to see it after we were done taking pictures. My adorable little boy.
Hope you have enjoyed and I do have many of our own pictures to share...hopefully I will have them up soon. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun with a Toddler

Oh I love my little boy..and that is what he is right now, a little boy. He is getting so big and independent and we are just loving watching him develop his own personality...which includes brushing his teeth for like 10 minutes at night to stall going to bed. :) But he is a big boy now walking, learning to run (very dangerous as he learned Sunday when he lost control and ran right into a pew at church..funny now but he made quite the boom), sitting in a booster seat and the table and eating big boy food and even occasionally working on drinking from a cup. It really is amazing how much he has grown up in the last couple of months. But here are some really fun pictures to enjoy :D
Were going through his hats from last year to see if any of them fit and he thought it was hilarious. This was one of the few that did fit and he loved putting it on himself. hehe
Cute boy sitting at the table and eating. He hit a point where he was so fussy eating and we did not know why. Then one day I was getting his dinner ready and when I looked over he had climbed into a chair and was sitting at the table with his sippy. I got out his booster and he has been happy ever since. :)
Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) came over last weekend and Jake had a great time just hanging out with them.
Here Jake and his Grandpa were getting very excited over a cartoon...probably Mickey. :) He sure was a Grandpa's boy that weekend. It was really cute.
Ahhhh...the first time he used a fork. So much easier than a spoon right now because he loves spearing the food and he has not really figured out the fine art of using a spoon yet. :) Thank you Bonnie for this wonderful tip. :)
Too cute
However very often the fork gets abandoned at some point in favor of the hands. :)
Jake, Grandma and Piper...everyone looks so happy :D They had all just come back from a walk.
Mom, Dad and Jake all in their jammies. :)
And oh Jake's favorite part of the weekend. We had been bad about getting Jake's little pool out this summer and so we finally got it out for the first time. He was not too happy about it until Ryan thought to put his slide going into it. He instantly wanted to go down the slide and loved splashing into it. Often taking a dive into the water at the last instant. Way to go Dad!!!!
This is too much fun!!!
Making the plunge. But that is us as of now. Hope you all are enjoying the last bits of water and fun and looking forward to some nice cool weather. :D