Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun and AJ's First Swim Lessons

Since we came back from Christmas vacation we have been super busy but have also had a lot of fun.  With both boys getting bigger we are able to do more and more and we all have so much fun.  Also fun to see AJ growing up as he is now super trouble as he climbs all over everything, is talking more and more, and wants to do everything that Jake does.  But he is also a super sweet little boy, often running up to you to give you a hug or "squeeze" as he calls them and still will say in a very soft and cute little voice "hi" any time he sees you or any perfect stranger to be quite honest.  He loves the bath, adores Mickey Mouse ("Mouse" as he calls him), building with blocks, running...this kid does not sit still well, doing anything with his brother, being outside and is still a very good eater.  It seems like he is growing up so much faster, but he also has a big brother that he has to catch up with fast.  Jake is doing great.  He has been thriving so much with his speech that his "teachers" tell me he is surpassing all of their goals.  We love getting to know him even better as he can finally talk to us, tell us about his day, ask for what he wants, and even talk with us while we watch house shows together.  He continues to adore going to AWANA, playing with his friends, and is such a good big brother to AJ that I am often very proud of him.  He is also in a HUGE superhero phase.  While his favorite is Spiderman, he is loves Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, the Fantastic Four and Green Lantern.  Its a super fun phase and we are having a lot of fun with him.  He is even mostly potty trained now and we just need to get him out of his pull up for naps and bedtime...getting this boy to go Poo Poo in the potty was not easy and it took a magical weekend with his Grandma Peg to accomplish that.  Our boys are becoming great playmates and love being together which is so awesome to watch...I hope they become really great friends as they grow older and are always close.
Also in January, both boys started going to swim lessons.  Jake has become a pro at the lessons and is getting so much better and working on floating on his back, kicking and trying to move his arms like he is swimming freestyle, blowing bubbles and dunking himself under always he is the champion at jumping in...always his favorite part.  But for AJ this was the very beginning of his swim lessons.  At first he was not too sure, but now he is doing great.  He will now jump in at the 3 count, be somewhat comfortable on his back, tries to keep his mouth closed when putting his face in the water, is doing well kicking and doggy paddling...especially when chasing down a beloved kick board, and he absolutely LOVES going to the pool.  I think I really am going to have two little fish.  But onto the pictures.  :)
My little Reading Mouse
For Christmas we got Jake this cool book set that came with 8 books and then this little pad where you hit buttons to have it read the story to you.  He loves to read books and this gives him the chance to still hear a story when we are busy or not around early in the morning when he wakes up.  Although the best part is that he now knows some of his stories and movies so well that he tells you what is going on before it happens.
Here is little AJ before his very first Swim Lesson
At first he was not too sure about this water stuff.  Ryan took the first couple lessons and I have been doing them since.  We have so much fun with him in the water.
"...well this could be ok"
"you want me to do what in the water teacher?"

Starting to get comfortable on his back
Jake has his lessons at the same time and in the same pool.  Here he is with his friend that he has made.  Their swim teacher calls them "partners in crime" as they are often getting in trouble for splashing and goofing around.  As a result we are graduating him to the Preschool 2 class next session to get challenged a bit more.  :)
Little kicking machine
Happiness comes with a splash :)
"...wait....this is fun!!!"
This gives you an idea of how close their lessons are.  You can see Ryan holding AJ in the white shirt and then Jake along the side off to the left in his red shirt.  They often say hi to each other during their lessons.
The birth of a crazy splasher
Kicking on his back
Now he's just showing off :)
Jake and his buddy floating around
These boys love the pool and look forward to every Saturday morning. 
Hope you guys are having a great Spring!!!  Next to come is all about Jake and his 4th Birthday!!!

Christmas in March!?!?!

So you are probably wondering why you are seeing a couple of pictures that look a little...well, Christmasy.  :)  We have been so busy this year that jumping on the blog just has not been a possibility.  But we have a little bit of a pause in our lives right now and so I wanted to catch up a little.  So I will catch you up on these fun SLO holiday vacation pictures, AJ first swim lesson pictures, and of course Jake's wonderful 4th Birthday Pictures.  So before I start talking to much about now...lets revisit the beginning of January.  :D
When we went to Pa Wayne and Grandma Peg's house after Christmas my kids fell in love with Grandma's dancing Christmas tree...they thought it was so much fun that we often had to hide it.  :)
The boys really had a good time with this classic fishing toy!
Before we left, we took the boys to the Children's Museum and they of course had a fantastic time.  AJ found something with he of course was very happy.  :)
Firefighter Jakey
The boys taking a ride on this huge clock
Discovering binoculars :)
My Happy Little Explorer 
 Firefighter AJ
 ...and a very cute Firefighter at that.  :D
 AJ cooking us up a good meal
 Look out world, look who is a motorcycle cop!!!
 Looked too fun for Daddy to pass up
 I hope this is not a new habit of clearing out cash registers...
 I love this picture of Jake and his Pa...postcard worthy
 Much time did not pass before AJ wanted to climb on the motorcycle.  I always say monkey see, monkey do with these boys.  Whatever one does the other wants to do the exact same thing.
 Tough Grandma  :)
 Jake trying out his carpenter skills
 And my boys find the trains in every children's museum...they just love them  :)
 AJ driving big train all by himself
 A day cannot end before you ride a bug down some train tracks...huh???  :)
The boys both had a really great time and left tired but happy.  I love these special trips that we make with fun.  So awesome to watch them learn and explore.