Friday, September 23, 2011

AJ is a Month Old!!!!

Wow, I can hardly believe that my little boy is already a month old. It seems like yesterday that I spent the early morning with Jake and Ryan before going to the hospital to meet little AJ for the first time. But what a wonderful month it has been. AJ is such a wonderful and mellow little boy and always just seems so happy to cuddle and look around. He is getting so strong too, holding up his head without weaving as much and even starting to use his arms to push himself up when he is laying on your chest. The boy is such so darn cute and also so much like his brother. Jake is doing pretty well, he is starting to help give AJ his pacey and will still give him kisses and talk to him occasionally. Its a little tough for him after Grandma and Grandpa left as he does not have as much attention but we are trying to give him special time and attention. He is just going to be such a wonderful big brother. And now for your pictures. :)
Ahhhh...AJ loving on his Daddy

As many of you have heard, Jake has a great love for his snow boots right now, putting them on as soon as he wakes up...he is always wearing them and its really hard to get him in anything else. Silly boy.

Such an adorable big boy

...and he is such a ham

More Momma Cuddles

A very alert little AJ

A very relaxed little AJ

As you can see AJ is now quite a big fan of his swing...and loves staring at the toys just like his brother used to. :)

How the swing can put these boys to darn cute. AJ's First Bath...on his one month birthday AJ's cord was off and healed enough where we could give him his first tub bath. He was really not a fan, as you can see, but I am sure he will warm up to them.

"Do I know you!!!" :D

Adorable sleeping baby. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jake and AJ at 3 weeks

On Monday our little AJ turned 3 weeks old. :) He is more awake now and really enjoys just taking the world in, spending some quiet time in his little rocker and of course cuddling. We have started to take him places although he seems to sleep through all of them. If the car is involved this kid is out! :) Big brother is still being good with him although we are starting to have to watch him when we have AJ in his little chair on the floor...very close to crazy toddler. :D But we are a happy little family. My mom and dad have been an amazing help and with them leaving tomorrow we will really miss them. Thank you guys so so so so much for all of your help...I really don't know what we would have done without you and I know the boys will miss you a lot.
And now for your pictures.....
Jake's second time cuddling his baby brother.

AJ's first time in the swing...honestly was not too sure about it.

One day a friend came by with two of Jake's friends...Jake had a great time with them!!!

Last weekend my Aunt Kathy got to come and visit us and so she got to meet a very young little AJ. It was a great thrill as she had to wait and meet Jake when he was 3 1/2 months old. Such a fun time!!!

Ahhhh...its love. :)

Our great builder. Jake adores blocks and sometimes has to wear his hard hat when everything is under construction.

AJ wearing his Grandma Peggy's hat. This was originally made for Jake but AJ thinks that he really makes it look good. :D

The boys with Grandma and "Pa"

Awww....sweet cuddles in the car

Taking Jake for some big boy time at the playground...followed by ice cream...he LOVED it!!!

Another cute moment that reminds me that these two are brothers. This is AJ's little rocker and I just saw him asleep like this, arms up...all relaxed. I have a very similar picture of Jake when he was little. In many ways these two little guys are so similar. :)

I love my boys so much and am such a blessed mommy!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake and His Brother AJ at 2 Weeks

Wow my little guy is already 2 weeks old...its just so amazing how quickly the time goes. But AJ is doing great. We took him to his well baby appointment this week and he is already 10 lbs 8 oz and 22 3/4" long...yes he hit his first growth spurt. Probably not 100% correct as measuring newborns is quite difficult but I believed it more when we put on a onesie he had worn when he came home from the hospital...and it did not fit nearly as well. hehe (you can see it in the last picture...the "automatic sprinkler" one...stretched a bit from the neck now) But he is also starting to sleep better...2 out of the last 3 nights he slept in 4 hour increments which was a wonderful blessing. He is such a mellow and happy little baby and we feel really really blessed. And his big brother Jake is really starting to have a soft spot towards him. The other morning my mom brought AJ down and Jake would not calm down until he was able to give his little brother a kiss. So sweet. :) But below is what you are looking!!! :)
I thought you were supposed to be blessed with a child who stayed where you put them when you had a newborn. This little guy already figured out how to wiggle out of his sleep positioner.

Daddy LOVES his boys. :)

Hehe...the other night Jake wanted to cuddle with me and 3 of his was quite humorous to watch. :)

Ahhhh Jake sharing one of his toys with his little brother.

....wonder how long this wonderful sharing will last. :)

".....umm....I think this Lamby is staring at me."

Yes!!!!!! We wanted to give Jake time to warm up to his brother before we introduced him to holding him. Here are a couple pictures of the first time. Sooooooo cute. :)

I am really looking forward to watching these two grow up together.

I am amazed by this little guys neck strength...sure his head is a lot smaller than his brother's was...but still...two weeks old!!!

This is classic if you remember Jake when he was AJ's age. Jake loved to grab hold of his hair while he was laying in his pack n play....and here his little brother is doing the same time...there are times where I think AJ is Jake's little clone. :) is Jake being Mommy's Helper and bringing me the Boppy to feed AJ. :D

....although he got a little sidetracked and realized it also made a great neck pillow. :)

My strong little boy. :)

Ahhhh...sleeping babies are so adorable.

"Is it me or did this fit me better two weeks ago?" "But I am really still very cute!" :D

As for the whole family we are doing great. My mom has continued to stay with us and has been a total lifesaver, playing with Jake and getting up with him every morning, taking care of the house and the cooking and cleaning and of course helping with little AJ. So wonderful to have her help. Ryan has one week of work left before he takes his time off which he is really looking forward to. And I am doing really well...have been running errands and driving and feel like I am healing so much faster than last time. Just cannot wait until I am completely healed and can lift both my boys and do everything again. But everything is going so well and I am thankful for all of these blessings.