Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AJ at One Week and his Loving Big Bro :)

Its hard to believe how fast the first week of AJ's life went. He is such a good baby and so mellow just like his big brother. We are really enjoying him as we watch him become more alert and of course enjoy a lot of snuggle time. Jake is starting to warm up to him as well. He will still kiss him on the head, will blow kisses at him while he is in the pack N play and if you ask him if he loves his little brother he will say "yeah." :) I am so looking forward to watching them grow up together. But here are some new pictures for you all to enjoy.
Momma and Austin cuddles. :)

Spending some time with Grandma and Grandpa

Sunbathing...still letting him sit in the light to work on that jauntice so we get a lot of naked baby time. :) I think this is the first time I have ever gotten Jake to pose for a picture. :)

Funny Boy...its funny, it seems that Jake's method of getting more attention these days is just to be a major ham...he is too funny. :)

"Sword fighting" with his "Pa"

The Boys. :) Jake wanted AJ to meet one of his favorite toys.

Its funny...Jake keeps wanting to give his brother a blanket...many times such as here he will toss a burp cloth over him or a blanket to help keep him warm. :) Too cute.

Ahhhhh...I love this picture.

A very relaxed little man.

Hanging with Grandpa

Must be a good dream.

Duck Boy....I LOVE these little footsies...They were a gift for Jake and they were too small for him....soooooo excited to see AJ in them. :)

Some time with a fuzzy friend. :)

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A "Pound It" From Big Brother

I really wanted to get this up on the Blog as well. We have not been sure how Jake was going to react to a baby being brought into his life and while he is still not to sure he is doing really well, ignoring AJ a lot and giving me some looks for holding his little Brother instead of him but he is behaving really well. But the one thing that he will do with his little brother is give him kisses and of course in the typical boy fashion...."Pounding it" with his baby bro. :) So here he is giving his brother his first "Pound it" in the hospital. :)

Introducing Austin Jonah Brown!!!!

On Monday August 22, 2011 at 1:07pm we introduced Austin Jonah Brown or AJ into the world at 9lbs 13oz and 21" long (yes quite a bit smaller than his brother hehe). :) It was such an exciting day and everything went really well. He got to meet his Big Brother Jake at the hospital the next day and while not all together sure about this little guy he is still being really good and even giving AJ kisses...although not wanting to hold him or anything yet...we are giving him time to adjust. :) But we all came home from the hospital on Wednesday night and have loved being a family of 4 since then...with some amazing help from my parents...not sure what we would do without them right now. :D AJ is doing great...if its possible at this point he is even more mellow than Jake was and is a great sleeper and eater. Getting over a little bit of Jauntice right now but seems to be doing well there. Lots of adorable diaper time right of that next time. ;) But here are some pictures of our adorable little guy. :D

Jake "pounding it" with his little bro


Coming Home!!! Our first family picture :D

I love this time...and I am healing really well and getting along fine..just can't wait till I am 100% and I can start spending some serious time playing with my boys! :) Austin will be a week old so crazy. But we are enjoying every moment. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sounds of Jake :)

So Jake really has a lot of words right now and always seems to surprise us with new ones...he is even saying "please" more often when we ask him. :D But instead of using them he often chooses to babble in his own language for quite some time. I wanted to get a recording of it but every time I get out my camera he stops. So the other day while he was supposed to be going down for a nap, he "talked" for about 25 minutes straight. hehe...I love hearing it and so recorded it so I could have it for a keepsake. Monitor picture does not really show up on the camera but I really just wanted the sound you can listen and try to decipher his language. :)

What is really funny about him talking is that he is so darn serious about it...and if you ask him what he said chances are he is going to repeat it in exactly the same way. I love my little boy so much!!!

In other news :) I am scheduled for my c-section a week from tomorrow (Aug 22) and I can hardly wait. Not only am I ready not to be pregnant anymore but I can hardly wait to meet my little AJ and see what he is like. As for Jake....the boy really needs a playmate too. Lately he wants to play with our dog Piper all the time and when he wears her out and she stops playing, Jake starts to cry. Sooooooo sad. So he may not be too happy when we bring AJ home from the hospital, but he will love him when he is a bit older. :)