Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jake and His Exercise Video

Turn up your volumn for this one (so you can hear the tv too). I'm not sure how many of you have seen the Mickey Mouskersize videos on Disney Channel, but Jake loves the soccer one and even follows all of the directions. It is just too darn cute and so I had to get it on video. :)

...and yes we know his pjs are too big on him...but the boy always has his own ideas on what he HAS to wear. :)

Very Happy AJ Video

I have always said that AJ is a very happy baby that is quick to laugh and you can see that too. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Boys (AJ at 5 1/2 months)

Well this past week was pretty sad for me as I had to return to work. Although I must say it made my Wednesday and now my Friday REALLY special and we are having a blast just playing. :) The boys enjoy playing with trains together right now. Jake will sit in the middle of his track loop moving the trains around and AJ will lay next to it knocking the train over. hehe But Jake is being great and has not gotten upset with his brother once. :) I am so thankful that I was able to take 6 months off to bond with my little AJ and have some great times with our family, and I am thankful that I do not have to work full time. So really, I have it pretty good. AJ is doing great at Miss Linda's and is happy as can be....and even Jake does not seem to mind sharing his "grown up place" with his little brother. I was told that the first day Jake was the first to wake up from nap time and he quickly asked, "Where is my bra?" So cute. :) Yes Jake is starting to talk more and more. The other day we turned into our driveway and from the backseat I hear Jake say "Our Hawws!" ...then "Es pree." Meaning Our house, its pretty." hehe...yeah sometimes you need a decoder ring to understand him. :) AJ is doing great. Getting stronger and stronger and while he cannot sit on his own yet you can just tell he wants to take off running and go play with his brother. He can hardly wait. :) Ok, well enough of the are some new pictures!!!
My McCutie :)

Jake is just getting to be such a big boy :)

Just opened the next set of clothes and AJ's were getting small. We had to buy some stuff because we did not have enough warm stuff at this age since Jake was born in March. But now AJ is in his brother's old clothes and I just love it. So darn cute!!!!

AJ enjoying a little reading time

monkey see...monkey do. lol Jake loves sitting in his brother's chair. Although he often calls it a potty which to be honest makes me a little nervous :)

Reading Buddies

So cute playing with his Whozit :)

I love watching the beginning stages of my boys playing with each other

We recently got a new dishwasher and Jake LOVES playing with the box and his crayons...I really don't blame him :)

And my little gentleman :) Jake is in a wedding next weekend...he will be the ring bearer (yes please start praying for us now). So we wanted to try on his suit...he is just so adorable in it. :)

Well have a good weekend everyone. I have some videos to add but will get to them as I can. :)