Friday, October 17, 2014

A Hero and his Crocodile

Yes this title will make more sense further down.  :)  I have to come up with so many titles that I felt like doing something different.  :)  This post brings us back up to current times...woohooooo!!! :)  Right now we are enjoying a lazy morning as Jake is on Fall Break, I love having him home all day again and AJ is thrilled to have his brother to play with all day.  :)  They are so cute playing with each other, they really are brothers that are also best buddies.  :)  Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.  My boys favorite fall activity.  But they are also SUPER excited for Halloween and both ask me every day if it is here yet...that title making more sense yet?  :)
Both boys started AWANA in September and AJ was beyond excited that he finally gets to go too.  He has wanted to go with his big brother the last couple of years.  I often get to the church as the Cubbies are coming back from game time and seeing AJ walk back in a single file line with his little friends is beyond cute.  :)
Jake was being goofy showing off his Sparky book.  Jake loves being a big kid and going to Sparkies :)
Jake had his back to school picnic one night and we all enjoyed going.  It was catered by Chick Fil A!
AJ loves being a part of anything at big brother's school :)
There were a ton of kids on the playgrounds...but of course my monkeys had to jump in
Jake enjoyed just hanging around :)
Last swim of the season, we were literally draining the pool as I took this picture.  Jake was really bummed that we had to take it down, but the water was getting so cold that he really did not want to be in it long anyway.  And AJ was smart enough to dip a toe and say no way am I going in there...its cold (or Hot as he would say now since he has the two mixed up hehe)
My goofball AJ
Jake and his countdown chart.  Ryan has had to travel for work a lot lately and one of his last trips Jake made this countdown chart to when daddy would come home.  He asked me to take his picture so I could send it to Daddy so he would know too.  :)
I always check on the boys before I go to bed and when I checked on AJ I had a hard time finding him...this was why.  :)  I have to admit that it was really hard not to laugh at my adorable sleeping son at this moment.  :)
Can you believe my boys had never had a Slurpee from 7-11?  I took them after we got their flu shots...yeah they were a little bitter at mommy and so I did this to give them smiles worked :)
Jake said it made him feel all better :)
A hero and his crocodile....get it??!?!!  :)  We were trying on costumes the other night :)
AJ at this moment says he wants to be a crocodile...he has been changing his mind like crazy.  Luckily we have a bunch of super hero dress up costumes and this one from Jake when AJ was a baby (yes it made me sniff sniff)  But when AJ wears it he runs around saying "tick tock" after the Crocodile that chases Captain Hook around :)
Spiderman...the world is now safe!
Ahhhh...isn't he cute :)
Spiderman's identity revealed!!!
One of those afternoons where I was peaking through the window watching father and son playing together outside.  It was too cute. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Grandma and Pa Loretz come for a visit :)

My parents were able to come and visit us in September for a really nice visit.  We had 3 birthdays that we had to make up celebrations for and a lot of hanging out to do.  The boys were mostly excited about seeing them, getting a cookie cake again, and taking Grandma and Pa to the zoo.  :D  I am so thankful that both of our sets of parents have been able to come out and see us so often as it truly is a blessing and we enjoy every moment of it!!!  As can be seen by the pictures that follow :)
 Of course in our house you get grabbed for story time immediately
 Grandma even stepped in and helped Jake with his homework, I think he had more fun with her than doing it with Mommy :)
 Then of course the zoo...the boys had been telling them about our wonderful zoo for months and so we took them their second day here.  :)  First stop of course had to be the Spider Monkeys :D
 The boys and Grandma helping to welcome the zoogoers :)
Ahhhh, such fun checking out the zebras and giraffes 
 The boys also got to do a first and feed the giraffes.  Jake LOVED it!
 AJ liked it too but just kinda threw a piece at the top of the fence... did not want to get eaten with the lettuce :) (therefore no pic of AJ feeding the giraffe)
 Then Jake had to show Pa the baby rhino
With AJ and Grandma soon to follow 
 Fun time at the playground
 There was also a baby gorilla that was adorable
 As we are also in t-ball season, Jake also wanted to practice with Pa...and his brand new t :)
 Its gonna fly!!!!
 Pa giving Jake some pointers
 AJ had to climb the slide to get a good look
Now its AJ's turn to try 
 The boys exchanging advice
 AJ decided his Rangers souvenir helmet was a better choice
 I think Pa was having fun too :)
 Poor Pa was playing catch with Jake and catching hit balls from AJ at the same can be dangerous in our backyard :)
 Book and teeth brushing time!
 And again with the books!  Love that I have two little book lovers
 On one of the afternoons when Jake was at school AJ and I took Grandma and Pa to see the OU campus
 It was a really nice day and just fun to show them the sites
 Including the Sooners football stadium, with an added bonus...
 ...we were able to go inside :) (a lady at an info booth told us we could)
 AJ thought it was pretty cool
 Ahhh both kids getting book time at the same time, the boys so loved having them here
 Grandma being super patient and racing with AJ for a very long time... even though AJ would not share the fast car :)
 Jake chatting with his Pa
Some pre-game relaxation :)  Jake is ready for T-ball 
AJ set up his own spot while the boys practiced before the game
Jake at bat!
Jake really loves that his daddy helps coach
Then after the game we all went to the Oklahoma State Fair for some good food and fun
AJ won this ball and he was completely in love.  :)
Jake was also a little lucky with the games
Then Grandma and Pa bought each of the boys something special
I think AJ's is bigger than he is
Happy and Very tired boys
But the best way to cool off after a fair...a swim in the pool :)
Some Wal-Mart shopping cuteness after church their last day here. :)
Jake was also going to be "Wildcat of the Week" in his class the following week and so we needed to work on his poster.  It was really special because my mom got to help him make it.  Jake's first big project and he was really proud of it.  Loved having it up in his class all week and then we hung it in his room when he brought it home.  :)
Jake's Super Kid poster
Happy Boy, he also loved it because it meant that as the "Wildcat of the Week" he got to bring in one item for show and tell on Monday.  His choice, his beloved Blue Bear that has been his buddy since he was just months old.  So cute.  :)
Such a wonderful visit, now we are looking forward to Grandma Peg, Pa Wayne and Aunt B to come for Thanksgiving and Grandma Eileen and Pa Gary to come for Christmas.  See I told you we were blessed :)