Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AJ Videos

Often when AJ is on his play mat he can become very verbal...and loud as he is laughing, talking and making all sorts of sounds. This is the best video that I have gotten of it so far...but it gives you a little taste. :)

And this is just a cute little video of AJ on his mat and then giving me a cute little smile :)

AJ is 3 Months Old!!!

Can you believe it??? I sure can't. Yesterday my younger baby boy (yes I still call Jake my baby boy...I can't help it :) turned 3 months old. It is just so amazing how fast the time goes by. But he is doing so you will soon see he is getting much better at his tummy time...right before he falls asleep that is. :) He loves to play as he kicks his feet, waves his arms, laughs and is the cutest thing...I will try and get a video up after this. But I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.
My guys :)

Hehe...this was the first time that I put AJ down for tummy time and he really did well...popped his head right up and kept it there for a couple minutes...he seems as surprised as I was here :)

Jake playing with his brother on the play mat

Here he was just being too darn I got a few pictures

He found me :)

My happy little AJ...Happy 3 months little Squidly (yes this nickname still comes out once in a while...sorry Meliss)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jake and AJ at 12 weeks

My Adorable Boys
Not sure why the font is stuck like it is above...but hey we will just go with it. :) Well AJ is now 12 weeks old which is getting darn close to being 3 months old. I cannot believe it. But our time is so wonderful. He is such a wonderful little guy and we are loving watching him bond with his brother. Jake is already getting really protective...looking out for him if another kid takes his blanket or toy. Its kinda cute. AJ now giggles occasionally which is just the cutest thing. And I love hearing Jake try and pronounce "AJ" or "Brother"...too cute. But here are some wonderful pictures of our boys...sorry for the delay but hopefully this makes up for it. :)

Jake is constantly asking to hold his brother which I love and every time we let him he gets this huge grin on his face.

The boys "eating breakfast" together at the table...ok AJ is just digesting his :)

And I know this is a terrible picture but it also makes me laugh. While Jake most often gets in trouble around his brother by pulling the pacy out of AJ's mouth he also likes him to have it...just not too gentle about putting it back in.

I think Jake is explaining a cartoon to his brother here

Doesn't Jake look happy? :) Sometimes Jake will ask for AJ to sit next to him on the couch...too cute.

Can't you almost hear what Jake is thinking? "Mooooooooommm, AJ is leaning on me"

Another attempt at tummy are we supposed to get credit for giving the boy tummy time when he keeps falling asleep?!?! He is even grinning in his sleep over this. :)

Brotherly Love

I love my boys

Hehe...we have such a good dog. Here Jake had just put a container on her head and she was willing to leave it there. Jake adores his "Pi" (her name is Piper)

My boy is getting so grown up!!!

AJ just enjoying life

Funny how he loves sitting wedged between the cushions of the couch...Jake did too.

But those are my wonderful loving boys. Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the change to cooler weather. Love from the Brown family. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This was a very special Halloween this year. For one we had our little 10 week old Austin Jonah there to take it all in, and then we had Jake who really was old enough to appreciate it more this year. So we had a really really good time. But first some fun pictures of the boys leading up to the spooky day. :)
My cute little AJ...sometimes he has so much energy and enjoys moving around as best he can.

This picture makes me laugh. They had both just woken up and I took them downstairs...Jake asked for cartoons and so I set AJ down in the crook of the couch to turn on the tv...this was them waiting...they both look a bit bored. :)

At 10 weeks you can already tell that AJ adores his big brother

Do I get credit for giving my child tummy time when he always just falls asleep? hehe Although you can see here that he has also adopted the butt up position like his brother always did. :)

And here we are at Halloween. Jake was an alligator this year and I think he was quite adorable. We took the kids to the Harvest festival at our church but first we took Jake to see our neighbors...he discovered that if he said "treat" ( we could get him to say trick, or, and treat separately but not together this we settled for treat? and then thank you or "tyou" as Jake says it) they would give you candy...he was pretty stoked as you can see. :)

On the way to the Harvest Festival...the boy was pretty excited.

And my little AJ got to dress up as well. He was a football this year. :) But as I told all our friends...he was nice and warm...and darn cute too.

My little Gator going "Trunk or Treating" (at our church people bring their cars and decorate the backs to hand candy out of in the parking lot...its really fun)

I think AJ was having fun too

Jake did pretty well (especially since Momma and Dadda were trying to limit his candy intake)

My tired boys at the end of the night. :)

At home Jake and his Dada HAD to explore his stash...Jake loved it

I think he likes this one!!! :)

So it was a really great Halloween and we had so much fun with our boys thanks also to our awesome church. Hope you all had a fun one too!!!