Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Up...Again

You know, I'm not really sure what happened...I knew it had been a while since I last blogged but then I looked at the date and was amazed.  So here are some new pictures for you...sure they are from the end of May and the beginning of June...but you can still enjoy them as new.  :D

For my next post I will tell all about my 10 month old little AJ and his awesome Big Brother Jake...they are both getting so big and we are having such a blast with them.  :)  And yes I have a bunch of pictures backed up on my camera that I can hardly wait to download and share with you.

Onto the pictures...
 Our Little Puff Addict Jr...we used to call Jake a Puff Addict and AJ is the same way.  He adores this wonderful snack that just melts in his mouth...yes even at 10 months the poor boy still does not have any teeth.  But he LOVES these.  His favorite are the sweet potatoe ones but he also enjoys the banana and vanilla flavored ones.  But from this picture can't you just tell he is in love.  :)
 My crazy boys playing together in their matching NC State t-shirts
 Such an adorable little boy
 Jake has also become more of a helper in doing the laundry.  He has always loved loading it too and from the basket....
...but now he will help me move it around as well...
....although he then needs to take a break from all his hard work.  :D  And the wonderful boy even enjoys helping me hang up the wet laundry on the drying racks.  He still needs a little more training on hanging it straight vs in a clump...but he shows great promise.  :D
 Its been a long time since Jake had a bath picture...this boy loves the bath.  Even if he happened to have his bath in the morning on a particular day he will ask to have one at night.  The boy loves the water.
As anyone who lives out here in the AV will tell you, this area gets really windy and in one of the last storms we lost a panel of our fence.  So when Ryan and our neighbor were out working on it..Jake decided that he would be a big helper.  :)
This was a nice night were we went out to the backyard and had a fire in our firepit and roasted smores.  AJ thouroughly enjoyed himself...and then fell asleep.  Poor Jake missed the whole thing as we went out after he went to bed.  One thing that AJ can say he did before his brother..too bad he didn't get to eat any.
No this is not a picture of toys all over the house...although I could share some of those that would knock your socks off.  But this was a good example of how far AJ can scootch around.  He started out in front of the chair with his carseat and very quickly found himself under the pool table... Big Brother decided to come to his brother's aid.  :)
AJ playing with his beloved train
The love of my boys...I love watching how Jake interacts with is so sweet.  Even as I type this Jake is jumping up and down...just because it is making AJ laugh.
My happy boy in his bright orange shirt.  Right now orange is Jake's favorite he loves the few orange shirts he has and when given the option to pick out new sandles this year for the pool he guessed it orange.  They don't go with any of his swim trunks...but hey he's happy.  :)
The boys also love rolling a ball back and forth..I have it on video and will have to try and share it later if the file is not too big...but they have a great time.  :)
And yes there is a story behind the iron grasp AJ has on his hat.  This particular night AJ really liked his hat but Jake kept taking it off his head.  So poor little AJ went on the defensive and held on tight...pretty much until he fell asleep that night.  :)
My adorable little baseball player
Precious, precious sleeping baby.  This was the start of him sleeping on his side.
And for those of you who have sent Jake a card at some point..I really hope you don't mind that he does not think they are quite finished.  He LOVES coloring the inside of his cards.  Poor Ryan just got to glimps the inside of his Father's Day cards before Jake grabbed them up and started coloring.  :)

OK...more soon...I promise.  :)