Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Pumpkin Lovers

Well, we just got back from an amazing vacation in North Carolina and I have over 300 pictures that I need to go through and decide on what to share.  :)  But since today is Halloween I figured that I should probably share the pumpkin patch pictures from right before we left.  :)  This is one of Jake's favorite times of the year as the boy is crazy over pumpkins...yep, has not changed as the year passed.  :)  But this year AJ got to be a lot more involved in the whole event as he was just starting to walk and could investigate on his own.  He really seemed to enjoy himself, although he mostly wanted to throw the we could not let him get to far ahead of us in fear of having to buy a dozen busted up pumpkins.  :)  But here are some pictures from a very fun outing.
Jake of course could hardly wait to get inside as we parked in the he lead the way.
Jake actually LOVED the animals even more this year.  He kept saying "hello cow, hello horse, hello goat" was so cute  :)
AJ reacted just like Jake used to at his age....not too sure of these strange looking critters
Jake found this HUGE Jack-O-Lantern and instantly fell in love
He loved getting inside of it and peering out the face.
Somewhat artistic picture here but I really like it  :D
Introducing the newest Pumpkin Fan of the Family...AJ!!!
Adorable Brown Boys
AJ strolling around the patch with his daddy
AJ and Mommy investigating some of the strange looking gourds.
"I found one daddy!!!"
I think that this time Jake's favorite part was actually feeding the goats.  He kept taking hay from the hay bales and feeding them.  It was quite cute.
AJ learning how to feed a Donkey
I love watching our boys experiencing fun outings together
AJ got to play with a dried out gourd that sounded like a rattle...he thought it was pretty cool
These are just some extras I had to throw in.  But AJ LOVES basketball.  We have this little hoop in our front room and he knows what to do.  He grabs the ball, walks up to the hoop and slam dunks in it...I think we need to raise the difficulty level.  :D
Look out NBA...Here comes AJ Brown
And no, AJ is not feeding himself yet.  But sometimes he really wants to try.  :)  Here he is feeding himself yogurt.  He did really well, needed a bath afterward...but he did really well.  hehe :)
Stay tuned for wonderful NC pictures and pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes!!!  Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What a Life!!! :)

Our lives have been a bit crazy lately, last week I happened to stop by our rental house and discovered a couple inches of water covering the floor of the entire house.  But it is times like those where you find out how great a blessing your friends and neighbors are.  We had neighbors and friends in the house pushing water out with brooms right away and another friend watching the kids.  Its dry now and soon we can start working on getting it put back together.  Its times like these that you realize how blessed you was not our house that we live in and there was nothing in the house.  So we came home late tired but with our loving adorable boys and a nice dry house with all of our comforts of home intact.  :)

Besides that we have been having a lot of fun.  Just enjoying the weather finally cooling off and having fun with our boys which both seem to be growing up a lot all of a sudden.  Jake says the funniest things, wants to walk next to the cart instead of ride inside of it with his brother in stores, AJ is really making great progress in walking and is saying quite a few words, and Jake is already working on writing his letters.  The time goes so darn fast...I just want it to slow down.  :)  But have fun catching up on some of our latest adventures.
Sneak peak...guess what Jake is going to be for Halloween?!?!?
He says he is going to be Firefighter Manny for Halloween (after the new episode of Handy Manny of course) and then when he has it on he calls himself Firefighter Jakey.  He also wants to wear his costume every day...luckily we have talked him into clothes every far :)
AJ cannot feed himself yet...but that does not mean that he does not like to try  :)
AJ just hanging out and having a snack...I love that his feet are crossed under the table
On this morning I took the boys to story time at our library and after hearing a few stories about rockets...they got to build there own...
...Jake LOVED it!!!
And its that wonderful time of year season!!!  I love going up to Tehachapi and picking apples and getting the wonderful goodies they have up there (dried apple rings, apple crisp, fresh apple cider...yum!!!)  This time we went to a different U-Pick and they had nice big apples!
Jake once again HAD to carry his own bucket and enjoy an apple of his own  :D
AJ was old enough this time to enjoy himself too...
...although the extra large apple was too tempting to pass up  :D
AJ working at picking his own apple
My happy little apple pickers
Mommy and AJ
I love my matter how your day goes they can always bring a smile to your face...or occasionally drive you nuts.  hehe
Miss Linda has been teaching Jake to write some of his letters which he loves.  Often he will tell me..."color me mommy"  On this day he had brought home some of his work but wanted to work on writing more letters as soon as he got home.  :)
Jake getting ready for Farmer Night at AWANA at church...he was so excited to get there it was hard not to let him talk me into getting to church 30 min early  :)
Jake has lately expressed a big interest in cooking.  While in the bath he will fill his toy bucket with water and stir it with his xylophone stick telling me "cooking cheeseburgers."  (yes I have told Ryan he needs to teach him about the BBQ)  :)  So last weekend when I needed to make brownies for our family bible study I asked him for his help.
He loved it so much...
...he wanted to eat it right away.  :D
And if I am going to teach my boy about baking, I also need to teach him about the best part...licking the spoon!!!
I think he enjoyed himself!!!
I hope you are all having a great week and have some fun planned for the weekend!