Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween!!!  With our trip, we came home 4 days before Halloween and we had been sure to get the kids costumes and take them to the pumpkin patch before we left.  So when we came back it seemed to be here before we knew it.  But we had a very fun time.  Jake was "Fireman Jakey" as he told everyone.  Ever since the Handy Manny Fireman episode came out he has been in love with Firemen and so he was very excited to find this costume choice when we were at Costco.  He even chose it over some that would allow him to carry a sword...that tells you something.  :)  AJ was a ferocious teething Tiger.  :)  Sadly the poor boy was in full teething mode that night and so he had a bit of a rough time.  But I think that in the end he had a good night and enjoyed going Trick or Treating and to our Church's Harvest Festival.
This years pumpkin...Jake's dear friend.  :)  This year our pumpkin had 4 teeth in honor of AJ who now proudly has 4 teeth. 
The proud Fireman and his Tiger
GQ Jakey
A very happy and very cool Fireman
Daddy and his boys about to go out the door and Trick or Treat in our Court
Jake was all business and was excited to go Trick or Treating
To AJ this was brand new, but he did really well.
Then we went to the Harvest Festival at our church, Jake quickly wanted to get lost in a hay maze  :)
The boys and their Pumpkin buckets.  They love these things.  Before we left I had to change AJ's diaper and he would not even let go of it for me to change him.  Then while we were out he always had to hang onto it like this.  We tried to show him that he could hang onto it while on top of the tray of his stroller but that would just not do.
AJ has a twin!!!!  His buddy Max ended up having the same costume.  :)
Jake's Candy Score
AJ even had a little score of his own.  He decided that he really likes Hershey bars.  :)
I had to put this in as well.  My little GQ AJ.  :)  I love him in these little dinosaur Jammies.  Ryan calls them his old man pajamas but I think they are adorable.
And OSH GOSH overalls...isn't AJ too stinkin cute!!!...
...even from behind. :)
Wow, now we are just days away from Thanksgiving...its amazing how fast the year goes.  But I can hardly wait for our whole family to get together (us, Ryan's parents, my parents and Bethany) and share a yummy Thanksgiving meal and have a great time together!!!  Enjoy  :)

Last Pictures of our Trip to North Carolina

Our trip to North Carolina this year was such a great time for us all.  A fun adventure for us to do all sorts of new things with our little family, a great break from our life to go to a beautiful place, and a great time to be able to see my aunt, uncle, cousins and little nephew.  My parents came towards the end of our trip and it was so much fun to all be together.  How times have changed as there are now 3 little ones running around...and I am not talking about Megan, Steph and I.  :)  But it was great fun.  And our last night there our parents came over to watch the kids so that we could go on a date night with my cousin Stephanie and her husband Jason.  Such great memories and we are so lucky that we got to make them. :)
The kids all having a great time as they took over my aunt and uncles house.
Caleb being an awesome cousin and giving AJ a massage  :)
My little cousin Megan worked so hard to make our little AJ happy.  The poor kid was teething the whole time we were there and was just not a happy camper.  It was so sweet and meant so much to me that she worked so hard to get him to smile at her, sit with her, and allow me to get a good picture of them together. Thank you Megan!!!
Aunt Megan Hug
Now there is a Happy Boy
Silly times
Aunt Stephanie loving on the little guys
This was a picture I forgot to throw in from last time but thought it would be fun to end these pictures with a laugh.  I would call this one "Ahhhhh!!! Take that" as AJ throws bark at his own foot.  hehe  AJ learned to say "no" this trip and it started by him sitting in the car and hitting his shoes and telling him very sternly "no."  Getting used to big boy shoes can be kinda rough.  :)

Thank you Brandt and Long Family for blessing us with some really great 10 days!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Trip to North Carolina Part 4

I think that our boys favorite part of the trip was going to the children's museum while we were in North Carolina.  They had never been before and it was right up their ally.  They would have stayed there much longer that the 3 hours we allowed and honestly I think the only way we were able to get them to leave was by telling them we were going to Golden Corral for lunch and they could pick out anything they wanted for lunch..including ice cream.  :)  Yep we went for the big guns.  :)  Here they are having a blast and getting into EVERYTHING!!!
Clear the road!!!  The Brown Boys are on the loose!  :)
AJ started driving at 14 months.  :)
Jake preferred to be an ambulance driver
Hello?  And who was Jake calling...his pa of course.  :)
Jake is looking into starting his career as a grocer :)
AJ just swung by the store for some milk and an apple...actually sounds just like him.  :)
My boys were in heaven being surrounded by fake food and a HUGE play kitchen.
Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  :D
AJ, Pirate Model. ;)
Daddy and AJ
This place is really cool!!!
The train table of course had big pull for my boys
Jake working on his hockey skills to impress his Uncle Jason  :)
Air AJ
AJ setting himself up for his very first goal...well...maybe... :)
Jake finally got to build himself a REALLY TALL tower.
AJ is pretty excited about his own tower.
The cutest $100 bill I have ever seen.
I have one more posting for our amazing North Carolina trip and that is some fun family pictures...not a ton but enough for a separate entry.  Hope you have had fun reliving our trip with me so far.  :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Trip to North Carolina Part 3

More pictures!!!  Yes and I still have many more.  :)  We had such a great time and so we have many many pictures.  Some of these are just of the boys playing around the house, but most of them are ones my cousin Steph took when we went to the park.  Such a beautiful park with a great playground, surrounded by trees, and a lake.  We have a park here with playgrounds, trees and a lake...but it still looks nothing like this.  :)  Enjoy!!!
Jake and his little cousin Caleb
Jake really adored his little cousin, it was fun to watch.
However trying to get a picture of these three together was near impossible...mostly because my two little monkeys kept taking off or hamming it can be seen here.
Jake and AJ decided to give Caleb crawling lessons on this night.
Our little "Squidly" wearing a squid hat we found for him at the fair.  Too cute!!!
Steph and I with our boys...I love this picture!
Yey, the park!!!  AJ was not too sure about this in the beginning (I think the teething helped that) but as soon as I let him go down the slide on my lap with his brother, he was ready for action.  :)
"Daddy this slide is awesome!!!"
Biiiiiiigggg Step
Jake still needs some help to play with some parts of the playground, but for most of it he does really well...and has a great time!!!
Yey...finally a cute pictures of all three boys together.  Getting these three to sit still long enough to get a picture is near impossible.
Brown family takes on North Carolina.  :)
Daddy talking AJ for a walk.
I love how AJ is up on his tippy toes to look over the rail
Mommy and Jake just enjoying the pretty scenery
Jake really did love it there...
...but then he was ready to take off and enjoy new things.  :)
So fun now that AJ is walking...he really improved a lot while we were there.
Well I still have some awesome pictures of the boys at the children's museum, Marbles...they had such an amazing time there I am still surprised we managed to tear them away.  :)  Stay tuned.