Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Wonderful Christmas

Well it was a wonderfully crazy Christmas this year. We traveled to SLO and Sacramento to see family and friends and were home for Christmas itself to host my family as well as see some friends who were in town from out of state. We had a really great time and are still recuperating. lol. :D As soon as I get pictures from Ryan's family from our time in SLO I will put them on here...but until then here are our Christmas pictures. :) And some fun Sacramento pics will be soon to follow. :D
Jake cuddling with his grandma on Christmas Eve
Jake on Christmas Morning...waiting at the tree
"....come on GG Santa came!!!"
Can you tell he is a little excited about all the commotion
Too cute :D
OK, so I was just trying to get a picture of Jake and his new "Cars" cars but I hit a button on my camera...turned out kinda artsy and fun though hehe
Jake loving on his new stuffed animals...many of his favorite characters. :)
Jake loves Handy Manny and he went pretty nuts over this toy...and he even has figured out how to take all the tools out and put them back in their correct spots. My boy is so smart. :D
I think he is a little excited!!!
I love this aunt Kathy and my Grandma...loving opening your stockings...I think Jake's excitement wore off on them. :)
Our family picture...Jake's having a bit too much fun with his apple in a cup...but he is in it. A victory!!! hehe
This was Jake's big present from his Mommy and Daddy...a toy kitchen which he absolutely loves and plays with all the time.
Jake and Grandpa...enjoying some Christmas cartoons. :)
And a very precious teething Jake and tired Daddy cuddling after a busy day. I love these moments! :D
Well I pray that you all had wonderful Christmases as well and are having a good start to your new year. See you all soon!!!