Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Video

Wanted to add this video to the Beach pictures that I just added. When we were at the beach Ryan pointed out to Jake where I was and this is what Jake did. I love my little man so much and these little actions just make a momma feel so loved. :) I love you Jakey Bear!!!! :)

Our 4th of July Beach Bum :)

Hello everyone! :) Well a couple weeks ago we made a last minute decision to go to San Luis Obispo to enjoy the 4th of July with Ryan's parents. We had a really great time and enjoyed just getting away as we knew it was probably our last trip before little AJ is born. So we also wanted to do something special with Jake. We decided to take him one afternoon to the beach and let him play in the water and the sand. It was foggy but we all enjoyed the break from the heat and watching our "little bear" make a mess in the sand. :) Enjoy!!!
Here we are getting to the was a lot to take in and Jake enjoyed just looking around. And yes that is my tummy...getting quite bigger...a little less than 5 weeks left now. :)

Jake testing out the water...seems to like it.

Walking into the water with his was a little cold but they ended up going out to Jake's waist with him walking in all by himself.

The boys. :) Jake walking back in with his "dada" and his "pa" which he started calling his grandpa over the weekend.

And we discovered the sand bucket and shovel on this always very serious about his play. :)

Ryan kept showing him how to make little buildings and then Jake would add his own little bit of sand to them.

Too bad he is not having any fun. :)

This boy LOVES the sand and is not one bit afraid to get dirty. :)

Hehe..I love how serious he gets when he plays sometimes...such concentration. :)

Playing "bury the foot" with his he just "freed" himself :)

So thank you Wayne and Peggy for letting us come so last minute and have such a wonderful time. Love making these special family memories. :) Soon we will be a family of crazy to think about. My c-section is scheduled for Aug 22 at 12:30...and then we get to meet little Austin Jonah Brown...can hardly wait to meet him and see what he looks like, what his personality is and what his big brother thinks of him. :) What an adventure we have ahead of us. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swimming Lessons!!!

So about 3 weeks ago we started Jake in Mommy and Me swim lessons. He had not had any lessons yet and we wanted to get him started so that he would be comfortable with the water. Well so far we have accomplished that in spades. To the degree where we are now having to teach him some fear of the water because he will try and jump into the pool NOT where we are waiting in the pool to catch him. But my boy is a fish and he absolutely LOVES it!!!! At Jake's last lesson Ryan was able to take some pictures. As you can see it was a little cool and windy that day...but Jake still had a blast. :)
Coming down the stairs all dressed for his lessons. :)

At Jake's first lesson his teacher had them sit on the side of the pool and fall in towards us...this was cake for Jake.

The next step was jumping into the pool so that we would catch them in the water. This he LOVES!!! At the last lesson I was even going further away from him so he would jump in and then, while holding his breath, he will kick under water to come towards me. Can't pop his head up yet...but we are working on that. :)

Working on being on his back and kicking with his swim teacher...not his favorite thing to do but Jake is getting so much better at it.

If you look at Jake's face you can see there is pure joy. This is after we kicked it up a notch and his teacher will have him go underwater as he pushes him toward me...this is when he just came out of the water. Too bad he does not like it. ;)

Kick, kick, kick...splash, splash, splash

My happy little fish!!!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!