Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jake is 3 Years Old!!!

I promise to give you a blog entry soon with lots of Jake Birthday pictures as well As AJ's dedication at church, but for this blog I just want it to be about my little boy Jake. :)

Jake is now 3 years old...where did the time go. My crazy little boy who would crawl faster than the breeze, love box sledding down the hallway, sleep in his crib with his little bottom in the air, make a toy work and give this cute little shrug of wonder... is now 3 years old. He is really such a little boy now and we love watching him mature, learn and do all sorts of new things. When I think of Jake right now I think of him when I pick him up after a day of work. As soon as he sees me his face lights up and he yells, "Hi Ma, Hi!!!" and runs right into my arms. I love that welcome. He now calls me Mommy which completely melts my heart. And while he is still behind many 3 years olds in his verbal skills he is really starting to talk more lately. One of his favorite things to do when he comes home is look out the back window and ask me, "Pi ouside, Pi iside, please?" When I tell him that he can let Piper in he smiles broadly and then unlocks and opens the sliding glass door all by himself and yells out the door..."piiiiiiiiiii." He is totally copying what Ryan and I do...but sure enough Piper comes running. The boy completely adores his puppy. He also LOVES anything that is outside. Just running around the backyard, going to the park where he adores the slide and the swings....and if you let him in the swing you will be there forever because he never wants to get out. He loves playing soccer and is actually pretty good at it for his young age, and he is getting better at t-ball...finally getting out of the stage where he wants you to hit it and then will run after it. hehe And the boy LOVES trees...and points them out whenever he sees them...which sadly is not often since we live in the desert. A couple of months ago we were driving out in the desert on the way to a friends for a play date and he suddenly commented..."I wan twees." Poor boy...we need to take him to the mountains. :) He is getting pretty good at counting, even though he will just saying random numbers sometimes. Last night he found a pair of AJ's shoes and he proudly told me..."Ma Bratha's shoes, bratha's 2 shoes." My smart little boy. And he is still my little cuddle bug. He will sometimes just come up to you and ask for a hug and then hold on super tight, he still cuddles with me every night as I read him stories and sometimes he jumps in my lap before I can grab AJ from Ryan...just to get an extra cuddle. He is such a sweet sweet boy. He is very good now at picking up his toys when asked and I am proud to say is getting a lot better at minding when we tell him to do something...took some work there as we were in the terrible twos. He loves blocks and building things and is still very good at it, he loves to color and is actually quite intense about it, he loves books and of course his beloved Handy Manny and Cars. They are still his favorites. And he is an amazing big brother!!! We had worried at how he would adjust as he was so happy being the center of attention and never sharing our laps but wow...he is amazing and truly loves his brother. From getting up in the morning, if he gets up before AJ he will ask me every few minutes for his brother until he finally wakes up and comes downstairs. He will see him and run up to him saying "Hi Bra...Hi A-Ja" and give him a huge hug. He brings AJ toys and books to play with and is always asking us "take Bra"...when he wants to hold him. And what we really love is that when AJ starts to laugh for whatever reason, Jake will laugh along with him..hard. Laughing along with his brother for long periods of time and then stopping to ask him"why." hehe His only issue is that he wants to play with his brother so so badly and it having a hard time waiting for him to grow up...but that time will come. Oh and the boy has huge opinions on his clothing..I did not know this could happen with a boy. But every day he knows exactly what he wants to wear and will tell you, and the same goes for PJs at night, His favorite fashions always seem to include a shirt with stripes, jeans, his Cars hat, and his beloved snow boots. That is my boy.
So that is our Jakey Bear at 3 years old. We love you Bear Bear so much and are so very proud of you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Wonderful Boys!!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted....we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy. But in the time a lot has happened. :)
Jake was in a Wedding as a ring bearer in mid Feb and he did a great job. Although Ryan did have to walk down the aisle with him and the flower girl, but other than that he did great...smiled for pictures, stayed at the front of the church for half of the ceremony and even waited to completely eat it (fall) until he was at the end of the aisle coming back. poor boy. But it was a lot for him and we were very proud of him. And my big boy is going to be 3 this is that possible. But he is such a big boy now, being a big help around the house, understanding what we ask of him, loving on his brother all the time and his verbal has even come a long way lately. We are so proud of him and are loving watching him grow up.
AJ turned 6 months on Feb 22 and he is really maturing too. He is always babbling and often talks so loudly that people can not hear me during a phone call. He is doing really well in his quest to sit on his own and is really close. He loves to grab onto things and is already really good with his hands. AJ is an amazingly good and happy baby and is just too darn cute,
And the boys absolutely love each other, often laughing together and playing together in any way they can. The other day in the car I heard AJ giggle and when I looked in the backseat I saw Jake holding his hand and smiling at his little momma heart just melted. I am loving watching my boys grow up together.

Well enough of this...onto the pictures :)
AJ got this sock monkey toy from his aunt B and he LOVES it!!!

AJ just hanging out :)

How cute is it to see both boys adorably asleep? :)

Jake LOVES to color right now...and as you can see, he uses the most out of every page he can

Happy AJ as the boys both play with the exersaucer....Jake still really enjoys baby toys hehe

AJ chewing on a toy...his favorite pastime

I'm going to roll...I'm going to roll......

I Did It!!!!!!!

The boys playing together on the Cars mat that their Aunt B gave Jake...its quite a hit

Jake teaching AJ how to build a tower

Lately we have been having people to do some jobs around the house and Jake really loves to holding "Turner" and working along with them

The boys and the playmat...I guess you never grow out of the thing

A time I was trying to get some pics of AJ...but Jake had to be involved too

....and working to steel my attention :) He now knows that "cheese" means smile f0r the picture :)

I love my boys.

I hope you enjoyed the update and I will give you more as soon as I can :) Have a great week!!!