Thursday, November 19, 2015

AJ's 4th Birthday Party

AJ had been super excited about his birthday party for months and he had known since his 3rd Birthday that for this one he wanted a bouncy party.  :)  So we picked up a little bouncy that we could enjoy for the party and then hopefully get a lot more enjoyment out of along the way.  AJ had a wonderful time at the party and was really blessed to have such a wonderful birthday with his friends.  He was one happy little boy at the end of the day!
This is becoming our AJ Birthday pose picture
Of course he wanted his party to have a Paw Patrol theme and so we found a really awesome cake.  He was sooooo excited!
As soon as kids stepped into the door they were off to bounce
They had a blast!
This was just what AJ wanted :)
Then of course we had to add a little t-ball :)
When the kids got hot they came in to play for a while.  They all had a blast with this old car track!  This toy was mine when I was little and it is still loved by all the kids today. Awesome!
Then of course...CAKE TIME!!!
AJ is a little stressed over the added candle.
Really enjoying his rainbow birthday cake
Great afternoon with friends...what more could you want :)
Happy boy!
Then it was back to the cars
But who can forget presents!
AJ is always so serious at present time seeing what is inside of each one.  Always fun to catch that surprised look.
You can just hear the "oooohhhh"
Then the kids got to cool off with a swim!  It was a great 4th Birthday Party and AJ had a fantastic time!  Success!  :)
The next day as soon as we got back from church AJ was super ready to play with his gifts!  First we had to put together this Lego car.
Boys and hot rods!
He loves this Paw Patrol game!
Happy 4th Birthday AJ...we love you!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time Before AJ started school and AJ's Birthday!

With AJ not starting school for a few more weeks we had some fun while big brother was at school.  We enjoyed our special time but he was really ready to start school as he had been wanting to finally start for years!!  When Jake started pre-k, AJ would cry that he did not get to go to school too.  :)  And within the first week Jake was back at school, AJ also had his birthday to look forward to as he had for months!  :)  He was about to turn 4 and to him that was major big boy time!!!!
On Jake's first day of school we had AJ's best buddy over for a play date!  They had a great time in this box!
On Saturday morning we woke up to AJ's birthday and wow was he excited!  The first thing that he wanted to do was go garage sale-ing :)  The boy loves and it and requests going most Saturdays, but this was his birthday and we were going to do whatever he wanted. :)
For lunch of course he wanted McDonald's and then to have a picnic with it on the living room floor.  :)
Presents were next, and this Pop of Olaf was something that AJ really wanted.  This is such a classic AJ pose, doing something cute with a little toy or buddy.  :D
Sweet brother thank you hug.  Jake gave AJ the Blaze buddy (after the cartoon) for his gift and of course AJ loved it!!!
Then AJ had a little bit of birthday money and so he wanted to go to Barnes and Noble to pick out a Pop, our boys are somewhat obsessed with them.  :)  He found this really cool Baymax one and was thrilled!!!  Also note that he is now in a big boy booster..covered with cool dinosaurs :)
For dinner he had chosen Olive Garden...if you ask why he is showing you the answer.  I honestly lost count of how many he ate...and he did not eat much of his actual meal.  But he was very very happy.
A fun weekday hanging out in our backyard, while Jake swam AJ played with his new squirt gun.
Then he was excited to play with his bubble sword...this boy loves bubbles!!!
Jake then chose to protect his fortress by playing with the squirt gun.  And yes this slide is a bit small for our boys but they love using it as a climbing structure and are on it all the time.
Wonderful afternoon just having fun playing, AJ with some Playmobile and Jake with Legos.  This is great kid fun and I just love watching them in these moments.
About a week into school Jake and a friend decided they really wanted to ride the bus.  Now this is hilarious if you know that I can literally see the school from our driveway.  But it is across a busy street and so it is offered to our neighborhood.  So both of our families decided that we would let them ride it home in the afternoon.  After all I have a hard enough time getting him to be ready for our later carpool leave way would the bus time 20 minutes earlier work.  So on this day you can see him getting off the bus (at the proper stop I will add).  He thought it was pretty cool and is still enjoying making friends on the bus that also live in our neighborhood. :)
One of the days while Jake was in school we went to the zoo with our friends.  The boys love going to the zoo and on this day were treated to a zoo worker asking the boys if they wanted to help feed the giraffes (for free I might add as you normally have to pay).  The were a bit scared but proud that they did it!  I love these fun days and memories!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Last Days of Summer and Jake's First Day of 1st Grade

As the summer neared an end we really worked to get those important activities in for the kids.  It really was a great week...even though it was nuts!  This year both my boys would be going to school, although AJ only goes 3 days a week and would not start for a few weeks after Jake.  But they were both getting really excited for the school days to start.
One awesome activity we got to take part in was touring the Braums factory plant with some friends.  We were already fans of their terrific ice cream and food but seeing their plant, all the ways they work to make their food healthy and how much they care for their employees really made us appreciate them more.  We now only buy our milk at Braums!
Jake hanging with his buddy Blake
When you go to take a factory tour its always nice when this is around it.  The cows are actually right next to the dairy part of the factory!
Picture of all the kids...but I love how AJ is too busy looking at the picture of the huge cinnamon roll.  Really don't blame him!!!  This was taken in the bakery building and oh wow did it smell good!!! (cinnamon rolls, cookies, bread, ice cream cones, etc)
The kids really enjoyed the "cow bus" as they called it.  Drove us all around the grounds and to the different buildings.
Although this is what the kids were waiting for...the samples!!
Jake is too busy enjoying to smile.  :D  They were really good, made with real ice cream and covered with a thick layer of chocolate!!!  Best ice cream bar I have ever had!
Our dear friend that invited us along!  We had a fantastic off to Braum's for lunch.  :) And no I am not kidding, we actually went there hehe
A couple days later Jake was going to go to a baseball game with Ryan and so AJ and I had a little date night.  Which of course meant McDonald's :)
Meanwhile Jake lived a dream!  While he and his daddy were waiting in line to enter the park an employee walked up and asked him if he would like to take part in a program for kids where they get to dress up before the game, go into the dugout and clubhouse and get autographs from the players, get announced with the players, and run out to the field with them.  Yeah amazing and Jake was all over it!
Yeah, this is pretty cool!  He did not get too many autographs though...was too busy looking at everyone in awe!  :)
Happy boy on the field, and he got to keep the hat and the shirt
Just one of the pros...second from right
Standing with his player buddy (far left) during the National Anthem
Jake on a AAA baseball field
He is hot stuff and he knows it!
Of course when we got home from our trip we put up our pool!  Gotta love that thing during the hot days of summer.
Our little swimmer
Its really too bad that Jake cannot relax!
Had to catch a before school lunch with our favorite teacher/friend
For AJ's 4th Birthday party he really wanted to have a bounce party and honestly they are pretty expensive to rent out here.  So for basically the same price we bought a small one.  And so we HAD to try it out before AJ's birthday.
It passed the test...they love it!  And the nice thing is that its ours to keep and enjoy :)
One last trip to the zoo with our dear friends.
Look at all these crazy animals!
And as is tradition we went for Back to school donuts the day before school started :)   A really fun tradition
Jake LOVED his
AJ devoured his and then charmed the lady who was working that day out of two free donut holes...that's my AJ :)
Look at this big boy all ready for 1st grade!
He was so excited to see his friends after the summer
I love this picture because you can just see how much AJ looks up to and adores Jake
Can you tell he is excited?!?!?  And crazy ;)