Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Years!!! Just a little late :)

OK, so we had this wonderfully amazing New Years trip that we had such a great time on...and I am just now getting those pictures up. Oooopppss. :) Oh well, you can enjoy them in February. :) First we drove up to the Sacramento area to take advantage of our time off so that we could see two sets of dear friends of ours. The first stop was to see our friends Paul, Bethany and Stevie who used to live down the street from us in Rosamond but moved this past summer. Our boys are a little less than 2 months apart and while they were young immobile infants and early toddlers they spent a lot of time together as their mom's hung out, ran errands and just had fun together. So it was really fun to get together with our friends and see our toddlers play together once again. The next stop was to see Melissa, Steve, Kadence and Kassidy who are dear friends from college who we love getting together with and we have started a tradition of getting together with every New Years. We had a great time and were soon joined by the rest of the gang (Troy, Becky, Emma, and Jim). We had a great trip and it was so much fun to catch up with old friends. And once again I realize that all of the pictures are of our kids. Some day I will get ones of the grown ups. lol
Jake and Stevie playing
Ahhhhh....such cute boys
This picture reminds me of two old guys sitting on a porch and telling stories...except its two young toddlers sitting on the fireplace ledge babbling. hehe
And here we are at our next stop. Our three older kids stopping for some food...a rare occurrence as they were often busy playing.
And once again a picture of the three of them on the piano...we seem to get one of these every time...will fun to see them grow up through these pictures together later.
And this is the newest member to our little playgroup. Little Kassidy, such a happy mellow baby...just taking everything in.
Ah yes, Jake and the pink baby stroller...he really fell in love with this toy while we were there. hehe No baby though...just enjoyed pushing around his sippy. :)
And for any of you trying to think of upcoming birthday ideas for Ryan...he seems to like purple baby blankets....who knew??? :D
Hope you are all having a good week and next up will be snow pictures in our own backyard. :)