Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Time Flys

Wow, its amazing how fast the time goes. But it is for good reason, as many of you know we will be moving soon and so our lives have been really crazy. We are moving to a bigger home in Rosamond and renting out our current house and should be moving within the next week or two. Last weekend our wonderful parents came down and helped us paint the house which was an amazing help and now it looks great. Now as soon as the new carpet is put in we can start moving in. It is going to be so hard for me to leave this house, so many great memories...we brought Jake home to this house. But the new house is awesome and it has a much bigger backyard which Jake will love as he gets older. He is not walking yet but he has become quite the monkey and loves to climb on everything. But as a result of all of this I have not gotten the chance to blog in quite some time. So here are some pictures that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago that are quite cute and some were big occasions.

What is new with Jake, well lets see. He has begun to walk on his knees...and he does it constantly. Even has created little callouses on his knees. hehe His favorite word is car which is says quite often...but never on command. He loves to play tug-o-war with Piper and is often chasing her around the kitchen. He has 5 teeth and more on the way. His favorite things to eat are yogurt and cheese and we are down to one bottle a day at night-time. Ryan and I are having such a great time watching him grow up as right now it seems as though he is constantly learning new things.

But here are some new pictures. Hope you enjoy.
Jake's first ever bubble bath. He was a bit confused at first but now really likes it. :)
Are boys programmed by God to love the remote control? I mean Jake is 15 months old here and he already knows how to use it.
....and he uses it can see that he found his favorite show. Jake adores Mickey Mouse.
Jake colored for the first time making his daddy a father's day card all by himself. :)
I know this sounds crazy but a few weeks ago Jake met his Great Gram and Great Gramps for the first time. It was a great occasion and he really showed off during his visit. Here is is being held by his Great Gram. :D
And here Jake and Great Gramps are checking each other out. I really thing that Jake wanted to take off in his wheel chair...he kept looking at it with awe. :)
Jake and his Moma...just enjoying the day.
The great game of Tug-O-War. It is so cute to watch as Jake often gets the giggles. Piper is so good with Jake and I think they both have a good time.
And Jake's new skill is that he climbs on top of some blankets next to our ottoman and then climbs up on the ottoman itself. He really is our little monkey. I though kids were supposed to walk before they climbed????
But I will get you more pictures and videos soon. Enjoy your week everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful 4th.