Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sports, Field Day, Mother's Day, Ninja Warrior, Boy Scouts and Baseball!

You know putting together a blog post like this makes me wonder why we are not more tired :D  Especially when you know that in the case of the sports awards pictures, Ninja Warriors pictures, the Boy Scout event and the Baseball game...they all took place on the same day.  lol  Yes we are nuts...and sometimes we just have days like that.  But in the end its a lot of fun.  :)
This was picture day for i9 sports and AJ was super excited that we ran into one of his classmates
AJ got a sportsmanship award at soccer!
And the same day Jake got one in flag football!
Does it get cuter than this?!?!
Field Day at West Field!!!  Jake always has fun at Field Day at school but this year the theme of the shirts was this fun Star Wars look!  So we had to buy him one.  :)  And he was super excited that there was a Ninja Warrior course.
That morning Jake chose to tell me that it was really important that I come.  lol  Luckily I was able to make it and see all his joy at running the playground Ninja Warrior Course :)
He had so much fun!!!
Hanging out with his friend Sadie
Ninja Warrior course to get going on the rest of the list
Connect 4 giant version...also kind of a speed version...but he beat the other two kids so he was excited
Small race
Potato sack!!!
So proud of my boy...he did every activity on the list
This effort deserves an otter pop!
Hanging out with his friend Mason
Momma and Jake
The following Saturday Jake was super excited because his beloved Kindergarten teacher and friend Mrs. Bovos came to watch his flag football game.  She is so amazing to stay involved in his life and she really means the world to Jake!  So blessed to call her a friend. :)
Now is this something for the boys or the daddy?  :D  Doesn't matter...they are all excited!
This picture cracks me up...just a couple of boys drinking some coffee to wake up at church.  :)  Naw its water but it did look really funny  hehe
My Mother's Day picture with my boys!
I was spoiled with some pretty amazing gifts that I love...but these hand made ones from my boys are truly special!
AJ's note his teacher helped him with made me giggle more than once :)
My sweet little boy having fun at the playground
Jake and his best friend making an awesome Lego creation
While Ryan and I were starting to get healthier and work out more it started to rub off on the boys.  This is how I found AJ one morning after I got out of the shower :)
At the end of the season AJ was super excited to get his soccer trophy
Getting his trophy from his coach who told AJ to keep playing :)
VERY happy boy
Jake had his turn to get his end of season trophy
End of the first season of Flag Football which he loved
Then we had the chance to take the boys downtown to see a real American Ninja Warriors Course.  It is one of their absolute favorite shows and they spend time "training" on our furniture and between our cars.  :)  So when we found out that ANW was coming to OKC we HAD to go check it out!
So cool to see the course right in from of the Capital building
Taking it all in
The boys figuring out how they would run it
They were super excited to be so close!
Family pic in front of the steps that every runner went up to start the course
Great family activity
Youngest Ninja Warriors
Then we needed to race home for Jake's graduation ceremony for Cub Scouts
Proud boy
The ceremonial crossing of the bridge to go to the next level
Jake earning his new bandana
Jake and Grant
Then since our day had not been crazy enough it was off to an OKC Dodger game with Jake's buddy Grant and his Dad!  The boys had so much fun all going together
Our twins :)  and great friends!

AJ's Preschool Graduation!

We completely won the lottery when we signed AJ up for the Pre-K program at SaFe Day!!!  We wanted to find him a program at a local church since we were going to have him wait a year to go to West Field (his age is right before the cutoff and he is a super energetic boy)  They have an amazing program there and we loved his teacher Mrs. Meredith along with her assistants Miss Katie and Mrs. Huff.  Mrs. Huff also happened to work at West Field before this and knew it was fun that she knew both of our boys.  AJ loved Mrs. Meredith so much that he would be bummed on the weekends that he could not go to school.  At the end of the year they even had a graduation ceremony for the Pre-K kids.  AJ will get to do it again this year but it was so cute to see him in a cap and gown!!!
His beloved teacher getting him ready
 Look at this cute graduate
Walking in
Oh how he has grown
AJ walking proud
All ready to sing their songs
They got their certificates
Proud Boy
Don't these two look like trouble ;)
So proud of our little man
It was so fun to be able to watch this cermony
AJ was so excited that Daddy could be there!!!  Oh and he really enjoyed the cookie cake they had afterwards  :D