Monday, September 8, 2014

Trip to Texas - Firefighters Museum

So after the boys had a good sleep following their first major league baseball game, we had breakfast at our hotel and then decided what we wanted to do next.  We knew that our 3rd and last day we were taking the kids to the Lego Discovery Center but we had no plans for Saturday.  So after giving the boys some options we decided to take them to the Firefighters Museum.  Both boys, but AJ in particular, LOVE fire trucks and so this was something fun that we could do with them.  And they did love it.  Later that day we also took them to Dave and Busters for dinner and fun games, did not get pictures there but we did have a great time :)
 This was the one fire truck that they had set aside for the kids to climb all over.  The boys loved it and kept going back to it, I think they would have slept in the thing if we let them.  :)
Future firefighters :)
Jake loved to "drive"
AJ was just excited about the whole place
Little fireman driving mommy around
Another of the cool fire engines
The boys also loved seeing the big ladder truck
I love this staircase!  If you look at it you can tell its made of a large fire ladder and fire hoses.
Some of the cool things they had there
Daddy and the boys
Mommy and the boys
Checking out the fire pole
Its a long way down
The old firehouse that the museum was in.  It was not a huge place but it was really neat and the boys loved it.  :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trip to Texas - Rangers Baseball Game

We had planned to take a family vacation to Texas the weekend before school started for Jake.  One last weekend where we could do a bunch of fun things together as a family.  We also chose this weekend because the Texas Rangers were playing the California Angels.  :)  For years we had worked on the boys being Angels fans because Ryan and I were caught in the Giants/Dodgers rivalry and so making the kids Angels fans was safe ground.  :)  But now we live in Oklahoma.  :)  AJ still wanted to root for his Angels and so he did.  Jake however said he wanted to cheer for the Rangers...when asked why he answered "so I can get a new hat."  Boy is just like his daddy.  :)  It was the boys first big league game and we had a lot of fun.  :D
 On the trip down we stopped to get some fried pies.  Yum!  :)  Jake got apple and AJ got chocolate.
 The Rangers baseball stadium
 And across the way is the Cowboys stadium
 Boys headed to their first Big League game :)
 Boys heading to a grassy hill in front of the stadium to play some catch
 Making memories :)
 Headed to see the field
Jake's first look
AJ's first look
Their view
View from our seats
Happy Boys
Our confused family...but at least we were happy with either team winning :)
Mommy and Jakey Bear (I finally started working on selfies this trip...just to make sure I was in some pictures too  hehe)
AJ and Daddy
Jake and Daddy Cheesy Grins
Ryan and I :)
Batting helmet boys, their souvenirs from the game
Yes the boys spent a lot of the game goofing off :)
Brown family Baseball
Jake loving his first big game
Us Angels fans stick together :)
AJ enjoying his first big game
Sugar high!!!
AJ learned the art of eating and cheering at the same time
After the game we changed the boys into their jammies because we were pretty sure they were going to fall asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel....we were right!
Poor sleepy boys, but we all had a really great time!!!

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

I am proud to say that we did a great job of ending the summer (before school started that is) with a bang!  It was so fun to look back on our last week of fun when Jake did start school for full days and have all these special memories.  But before we went on our Texas vacation we just had a lot of fun at home.  We played, we swam, we had friends over, Jake had his first sleepover at our house, and we went to the zoo.  We had a blast!!!
The boys relaxing and enjoying some morning cartoons.  Get the feeling they did not sleep long enough?  :)
Jake and his Duplo Dinosaur he built all by himself
Jake and AJ love to build with their Duplos.  And then I have many requests to take pictures of their creations.  :)
Some fun with Bubbles after swimming with a friend
Bubbles are always a hit with my boys
Fun trip to the zoo!  Behind the boys is a giraffe
AJ checking out the Grizzly Bear
Both boys love the Black Bears...this was our first trip checking out the bear portion of the OKC Zoo.
Checking out the elephants as they take a drink
And of course the last summer trip to the zoo had to include Spider Monkeys :)
AJ and his buddy shooting hoops
The night before we left for Texas the boys were super excited to go to their first major league game the next day.  AJ had to wear his Angels jammies and hat as he had decided he was going to cheer for them.  :)
A picture of AJ, our little Angels fan :)