Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Portraits for Christmas Eve :)

Well Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and looking forward to a special day tomorrow. For the occasion I thought I would upload some of our family's Christmas portraits. We had them taken a while ago but they are still pretty cute. :D
This is the first time that this kind of picture has turned out and Jake is not making some sort of funny or unhappy face. :D
Our Happy Family
Our Sweet Little Jakey Bear Jake and his "Dadda"
Jake and his "Momma"
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Catching Up

OK, I admit I am pretty far behind on the blog entries. :D We just got so caught up in the holidays I had not gotten to it. But now we can treat you to a bunch of new pictures. :D We are all doing well and looking forward to Christmas, and yes we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both of our parents...we are just enjoying life. :D So here are some pictures of what you have missed over the past month and a half. :D
Our adorable little boy
Our little football player. :) People always comment on his size and say he will be a football player...but as you can see...the ball is still a bit large for him. :D
This was a really fun day where we went to a park in LA for our little friend Victoria's 1st birthday party. But as you can see Jake had more fun playing with the big kids. :)
Jake and Victoria enjoying the swings.
Think he likes swings?
Trying on Daddy's shoes
When I took this picture I remember looking at it in baby boy has sure grown up. And this is one of his favorite shirts as he will run around all day pointing at it and saying "Neeee" his name for Handy Manny. :D
And Jake also now enjoys coloring...well he likes playing with the crayons the most...but he has fun.
An artist hard at work.
His huge love right now though is building things with any type of blocks. He just loves it and as you can see concentrates really hard while building.
Jake's new big boy bed!!! :D No he is not sleeping in it yet, but we got a great deal on it on Craig's list and as you can see Jake can hardly wait to sleep in it. (and yes it does convert to hold a twin size mattress...good for a growing boy)
Ahhhhh Thanksgiving. Such a yummy time of year. As you can see Jake loved the rolls. His meal that night was pretty much rolls, cranberry jello and milk. :)
...oh yeah...and pie. Jake LOOOOVVVEEESSS pie. And Grandpa was only too happy to share. :)
And here is one of Jake's grander building. He is not too good at structure as they are often very tall and narrow and then fall over. But with someone holding onto the bottom he does pretty well. :D
Next up will be our Christmas portraits. :) But I figure you can enjoy all these for a little bit. :D Have a great time getting ready for Christmas!!!