Thursday, May 24, 2012

AJ at 9 months and Big Brother Jake

On Tuesday my precious little baby turned 9 months old.  At his well baby appointment we learned AJ is 30" long and weighs 20 lbs 2 oz.  Now to some this would be a big boy....but to us he is just our little squirt...or Squidly.  :)  After all, at this age Jake was 31" long and 25 lbs 10 oz.  :)  But he is so adorable and happy, is rarely unhappy, has a good appetite, adores his Puffs and can eat them by picking them up by two fingers, can sleep through the night without pacy cries and occasionally gets so excited laughing with his brother that he gets a little machine gun giggle.  :)  And if he is fussy...he often just needs his loving big brother  :)  or food or some sleep.  :)

Jake is also doing great.  He is doing amazingly well with his potty training and we are enjoying just having to bring him to the potty once an hour.  Amazingly we are creating some great memories during this tough time too.  Like Ryan reading to him one time and trying to cheat by summarizing the pages when Jake looked at him and demanded..."Daaaa, read the page!!!"  Or when, because Jake is used to us having to take off soiled underwear and shorts and put them in the sink when he has accidents, there was a night that Jake got chili on his shirt and when Ryan took it off to get some stain spray on it....he returned to the bathroom to find Jake completely naked.  The boy has "helped" and already had put the rest in the sink.  lol  And now if either Ryan and I go to the bathroom, we get huge excitement from Jake as we went potty too!  :)  Other than that he is learning his letters with Miss Linda and already knows half of them....although he is very shy about sharing that skill with us.  Although hearing him say "W" will melt anyone's heart.  :)  And generally he is my wonderful, sweet, independent, stubborn, adorable, cuddly and loving little boy.

AJ is the cutest little sleeper, always on his back with his knees up
 "Ohhhhh life is sooooo stressful....I must sleep"
AJ adores his big brother and spends a lot of time watching him and learning from him
 I am blessed with two boys who adore each other
My little Jungle Boy... sooooooo happy
 And some great pictures we had taken recently...I love this one showing Daddy's love for his youngest
 New Family Picture
 Happy Brothers looking at Momma instead of the camera
 Our goofy Jake...he was such a ham this time
 Jake is getting so darn big
....and so is little AJ

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Crazy Brown Boys :)

So blogspot completely changed how everything lets hope this all turns out well.  :)  We have been having a lot of fun with AJ and Jake lately.  Both boys are growing up so fast and we are enjoying watching them mature and do new things.  Jake is potty training and doing amazingly well, while we are not there yet he is doing way better than we could have imagined.  At this point we can bring him to the potty once an hour and he does pretty great.  While #2 is not there yet, but that is pretty normal.  We are so proud of our big boy.  AJ is doing great and is our super happy little boy.  He loves jumping up and down in his exercauser, playing with toys (his or Jake's...does not matter), can be very very loud, loves to eat and we also believe that he is starting to work on getting his first tooth as he is drooling a lot and chewing on everything in site.  Oh yeah and he is just starting to scootch himself backwards when he is on his tummy...very far from crawling but gives us the reminder that it is probably not far away.  :)  We love our amazing boys and hope that you enjoy these pictures.

My crazy happy little boy.  Jake adores his Mater Book and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times we have had to read it to him.  :) cute little sleepy baby
 Jake was a very lucky boy and got this as a hand-me-down from one of my coworkers.  He loves his "fire house" as he calls it.
 Such a great onesie that our friends Trevor and Jen gave AJ (and yes they live in Austin TX) funny.  Also shows AJs absolute love for his feet.  The boy loves his feet and is always playing with them...he really is quite flexible.
 My adorable boys...they are always playing together which I love and they really seem to adore each other.
 "Yey baby"
 Oh yeah..and if Jake sees his brother is getting his picture taken...he quickly wants to jump in and be included...getting this boy to say cheese and smile is no problem.  :)
 Happy Boy playing with brother's "Rusty", his beloved Mickey and Alvin
 Life is just so funny when you are 3  :)
 Oh my gosh...there is a baby on Daddy's head!!!
 "I am just too cool!"
 A very happy eater...while still held to veggies, cereal and puffs (which he loves as much as his brother did...we call him our puff addict) he absolutely LOVES to eat
And I have to end with this great picture.  Jake does not nap very much these days but at the least he still needs his quiet time to play in his room...but sometimes that still turns into a nap.  As you can see he has had quite a bit of fun in his room....but is currently asleep sitting on his bear in the corner...this is what I saw when I went to check on him.  lol

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Happy Bouncing Baby Boy

I have been telling people about how much AJ loves to bounce in his liitle bouncy chair.  He squirms his way down so that his legs are hanging off and then he kicks them like crazy to try and bounce his way to the sky.  :)  And yes, he has found himself sitting on the floor in front of his chair a couple of times.

My boys are both such characters...I love them both soooooo much!!!

Two Happy Hellos

Little AJ has learned how to wave and so of course we wanted to get it on video...little did we know that Jake was going to run in and steal the show.  :)

Jake the Boat Captain

This is an older video that we took over Easter but its such a fun one.  When we went out on my parents boat, my dad let each of the boys drive which they thought was pretty cool.  As the oldest, Jake got to drive all by himself and this is a short video of him at the helm  :)