Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa :)

For Easter this year Ryan's parents came to our house and we had a wonderful time together. The Monday after his dad had to travel on business and so we got to keep his mom for a week which was so much fun for all of us. We were very sad to see her leave as she is so much fun and was such a huge help. When his dad came back they stayed the weekend and then watched Jake one more day before going home. So many fun times and thanks to Peggy, my son learned some new big boy skills which I am so thankful for. So here are some pictures to enjoy. :D
Ahhhh my sweet little boy sleeping. I always tell people that my son must sleep with 3 of his buddies...this shows that love for his blanky bear, blue bear and of course his Birthday panda.

Oh happy boy. This was taken on Easter after church and Jake was having sooooo much fun. :D

OK funny story with this one. The night before Peggy and I were following Jake up the stairs in crawl fashion and he totally ate it. He was fine and happily continued up the stairs but Peggy and I tried really hard not to laugh...covering our telltale mouths...well Jake saw this and for the next few days covered his mouth every time he laughed. :)

Jake helping his Grandma wash dishes...he LOVED it!!!!

Here they are in action.

Jake and Daddy having sooooooo much fun.

This I just think is a fun picture. Ryan's mom had taken Jake to the park and he suddenly decided that he was done and just started to leave all by himself.

Day 2 at the park...this time with Grandma and Grandpa...he adores this big slide.

Grandma thought it looked like so much fun she decided to try it out.

...soon followed by Grandpa :)

boys will be boys

And a new family picture...not too many more of these with just Jake...a little more than 3 months and we will welcome our newest baby boy to the world...sorry no name yet....but we are working on that.

More pictures to come...just need to get them off my camera first. :D Have a great day!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jake's Wake up Daddy Game :)

Have not been able to post a video in forever since my computer did not seem to like it. Figured I would give it a shot now that it is fixed. :D

Jake has found a new game that he really loves. He asks his daddy (in true Jake language mind you) to pretend to sleep on the floor. Then he tells everyone to be quiet before jumping on him and "waking him up." Jake really thinks this is hilarious and wants to do it over and over and over. :D So cute seeing Jake and his daddy play together.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.