Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our last week

Well sadly this is my last week home with Jake before I go back to work. 6 months seems like such a long time but wow did it go fast, and now I am very sad to say goodbye to spending every day with my little boy. But on the good side I will only be working 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays) and so I will have 4 days home with him...how many people are lucky enough to do that. So right now I just keep telling myself that. :) And we previously found an outstanding woman that is going to watch Jake when I am at work. She has a day care out of her house and is about 6 minutes from work. So we are very lucky and feel very comfortable inviting her into our family to watch our son. And during my first week at work our parents are going to come and cover a half of the week each so that Jake can stay home the first week so both of us can get used to this big change. Overall I praise God for giving me all of this time at home to get to know my little man, I have loved every minute of it!!!

So one thing I forgot to mention about Jake doctor's visit a week and a half ago is that we have his new measurements. At 5 months old Jake is 29" long and weighs 21 lbs 2 oz. Yep he grew another inch from his 4 month appointment. This kid is really getting big. :D He is definitely his Daddy's boy. This is a good picture to show his length but is also shows his continued love for his mobile which he is starting at.
Last weekend we took a trip to SLO so that we could get Jake some winter clothes and take advantage of their outlet stores...it was great. But we also got to visit with Ryan's parents (who live there) and my parents who happened to be camping with old friends nearby. So we had a fun morning of "camping" with them....really we just drove to the campsite and had breakfast with them...but it was still fun. (sorry to those of you that we were not able to see...we got to see some of you which we loved but it is so hard to see everyone in the one day we had free)
Here is Jake modeling his Grandpa Wayne's hat. Very cute. What is funny is that after this was taken it slipped down his face and then Jake pulled it the rest of the way down quite happily. Funny boy.
And Grandma and Grandpa's chair was quite a hit with little Jake, it was almost like another crib. hehe

And its video time. :D I though you all might enjoy seeing how well little Jake is sitting these days. I cannot believe how good he has gotten at it in the last two weeks.

And now that Jake has figured out sitting he is now not happy just laying on his stomach. As you can see from the video below it looks like he is trying to figure out how to start this crawling business which in my opinion is way to early. He just cannot figure out how to get his arms to help him out and every time he does it he shoves his face into the blanket. ( so I am not just letting his lay face down as the start of this video looks like before you hit play)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost 5 months :)

I know, I know...sorry it has been so long. What can I say, we have had a rough week. Late last week Jake had a little bit of a fever and then quickly developed a bunch of symptoms that we thought was teething. But one thing that bothered me was that he would not breast feed except for in the morning. And as time went on other symptoms went away...but not that. Then on Sunday I came down with something that also included an early fever and then a bad sore throat. I was starting to wonder if Jake was just fighting something. Well today I took him to the doctor and yeah he has a virus with a bad sore throat. So yeah...that would explain everything. I was told he would probably get better in a couple of days and then will probably go back to his normal feeding...time will tell. :)

So to make up for the time here are pictures from both weeks. Jake has been such a trooper through most of his little bug and you can see that in the later pictures when he was sick.

Our cute little boy took the monkey off his play mat, again and then proceeded to cuddle. :)
Here is something that I am so proud of. I have been working on my friend Melissa for years to develop her humor and I think I am finally making an impact as she bought Jake this "Peas on earth" onesie with little peas surrounding the earth. I am so proud. :P
Here is Jake working towards being the next Michael Jordan...even sticking out the tongue as he gets ready for the shot.
Ah my adorable little boy. He is really loving his exersaucer and can now even sit normally in it without having to lean forward or to the side.
Jake has really been working on his sitting. We could tell for the last month or so that he wanted to so bad because he always wants to sit up now. So last week he started being "too good" to hold on to both of my hands and started being daring and just holding onto one. Yeah some spills resulted but he had the biggest grin on his face every time.
First time Jake has worn footsie PJs since he was a couple months old...he is so much bigger now. :)
"Hmmmm....I seemed to have rolled over from my back to my tummy....but I am not quite sure what to do with my arms" This happens quite often. hehe
And now starting last weekend and improving this week is Jake trying to let go of the one hand and sit all by himself. It started only lasting about 5 seconds...as it did when he took this. Although today I swear he was sitting for a minute...until he looked to his right and went....ooohh my pack N play...and then timber. hehe which got another Jakey grin.
Cute boy sleeping with daddy's old bunny.