Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Winter Days

We have been having a lot of fun these winter months just hanging out.  The weather has not been terrible but there have been a few bugs running through our family.  But we have been having a lot of fun being together.  Or as AJ would say these days, "it is totally AWESOME!!!"  The boys are both getting so big, I wish we could slow down time.  Jake is loving being a big boy with school, getting to go and play at friend's houses, and even taking care of his brother.  AJ is my little independent one and wants to learn how to do everything himself.  "I do it myself" is something we hear a lot from him.  The boys make us laugh and its so much fun watching them do things together and on their own.  Ryan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary a week ago today and it just reminded me how blessed we have been over those years.  We have had quite the adventure and I cannot wait to see where God leads us next.  As far as our day, we had a great evening.  Ryan had to work but then a friend offered to watch our boys so we could go out.  So we had a nice Anniversary dinner at a local restaurant called Ted's and they had wonderful Mexican food.  We really enjoyed some us time and just talking.  Well, now onto showing some of our blessed life.  :)
The boys "resting"
I had to get a picture of AJ in this sweater.  This sweater was made by Grandma Peg for Jake and now AJ gets to wear it.  It is super cute and really warm :)  As for the sock....well AJ went through a phase where he LOVED sock puppets and constantly had to be playing with one.  :D
Just an normal lunch for the boys.  :)  They both love well as chicken nuggets, PB&J (or honey), grilled cheese and fruit...always fruit.  :)
My sweet little AJ (we were waiting in the car in the line at school to pick up his big brother)
If I have ever been talking to you and said "sorry I have to go and get ____ out of the fridge," you see what I mean. 
Been a long time since I got a bath pic.  Figured I could get one more safe one before they are too big :)
Just eating a hamburger...
...well a really stretchy chewy one.  :)  The boys loved these gummy burgers
AJ getting some playground time on a day when Jake was at a friend's house
We had a great time at this playground down the street
And this was a big day for Jake...he got his very first big boy bike!!!
Taking it out for a spin :)
A very excited and proud big boy!
AJ was starting to feel a little left out, even with his new helmet..
So we got out his tricycle :)
Boys on the move...
"Look out world, here I come!!!"  :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014


The boys have had an interest in Dinosaurs ever since Grandma and Grandpa Brown had sent them some plastic dinos from the Smithsonian that they had bought on a trip.  So while they were here we decided to go to the Museum of History that is on the OU campus.  It was a lot of fun to see the campus and the kids went nuts over seeing all the "Dinosaur Bones."  I have a feeling we will be going there a few times.  :)  We all enjoyed ourselves and it was fun to watch the kids explore and stare in wonder.  :)
The boys trying to look ferocious :)
Examining a big head
Well, we found out quickly that they did not scare AJ  :)
These two were huge and very exciting to see
"Look Daddy, that little one is my size!"
"Arrrrrr, I will get you with this tooth Grandma"
I think Jake is cheering for one of them :)
Jake was very excited to see this one
I really think that if they had allowed you to walk right up to the bones AJ would have...and then tried to climb onto its back.  :D
We took an elevator to an upper level that allowed you to be eye to eye to the Dinosaur...Jake is staring him down.  :)
Checking out the display
This was my favorite picture of the day...boys being boys and loving Dinosaurs.
AJ was curious about the flying one
AJ loved these toy binoculars...although I could not get him to look through the proper side.  lol  But he kept going back to them over and over again. :)
The boys checking out a large canoe
"AJ, I think we could make one of these"
The trip ended with a trip to the gift shop, you will be shocked to see that they each picked a Dinosaur.  :D  It was a really fun day!!!

Christmas with the Browns :)

Soooo, yeah....I am blogging about the rest of Christmas....and its February....barely.  :)  Oh well, busy life.  So how are you everyone!!!  We have been good, a few bugs, some really nice days, some really cold days, and lots of happiness in between.  :)  The boys have had another haircut, Jake is still loving school and AWANA, Ryan is still plugging away at work, I am still loving staying at home with my adorable boys, Jake started swim lessons, AJ's vocabulary is blowing up, and we are all still loving our new home in Oklahoma!
But its time to look back to Christmas.  lol  After Christmas we were blessed to have Ryan's parents fly out.  We had a wonderful time with them and feel so lucky that we still got to spend the holidays with both of our families.  :)  But aside from some cold weather that they were not quite used to :)  we had a terrific time!!!  So here are some pictures of our fun!!
First off AJ had gotten this pirate ship as a Christmas present and he really enjoys playing with it!
You will see a lot of pictures of my boys coloring as its something that they both LOVE to do.  Here Jake and is Pa Wayne are really concentrating on a coloring project.
You cannot see this here, but Jake Grandma and Pa are busy singing the Transformers song :)
But then AJ got jealous that he was not included so he needed to jump into the mix :)
Jake and Grandma found a maze activity in one of his coloring books!  :)
AJ is just staring to get into cooking like his brother!  Although a bit of supervision is needed.  :)  But he is sure a cute little cook!  :)
Pa playing baseball in the house with the boys...luckily nothing was broken  :)
We were also very blessed in that Pa and Grandma Brown watched the boys for a night so that we could drive down to the Oklahoma Texas border to catch a wonderful concert and spend a night alone just us.  :)  This was a lake we drove over to get was so much fun to see more of Oklahoma on our drive!
And the concert?  The Swon Brothers, and it was AWESOME!!!!
Of course we came back and all sorts of craziness had happened.  hehe But everyone had had a wonderful time!!!
The one thing that Jake had talked about since we had started all the Christmas festivities was that he wanted to make Snowflake cookies with Grandma Peg.  So after finding a snowflake cookie cutter he was finally able to live his little dream.
The first snowflake...think its everything he wanted it to be :)
All of the festive cookies
AJ was sleeping during the cookie making...but he was still pretty excited to see them when he woke up...maybe daddy was too :)
Puzzle time!!!  AJ got one of his own for Christmas too.
Then we got to have one last Christmas celebration to share gifts.  Yes the boys were spoiled this year!
Both boys got new towels, here is a very cute one of AJ modeling his
And Jake got the game of Cootie from his Aunt B which he LOVES!!!  He is now super into games and we have a lot of fun playing with him...even though he seems to win all the time. (I swear we are not letting him!!!)
AJ got a new submarine to go with his Octopod which he was super excited about!!
Jake got some Ninja Turtle videos which he was thrilled about!!!  He loves to watch them with his brother and his best buddy from school while they act out the scenes with the cartoons.  Its pretty cute. :)
This was my favorite gift for Pa Wayne...Santa the Packaging expert new he would love a special tape dispenser :)
We also gave one of the special photo books to Ryan's parents as well, they really seemed to enjoy it!
And even Piper was included
AJ getting some coloring time in with Grandma Peg
Its Cootie Time!!!!!
Jake loves the little bugs that we all made in the game....
...although which one has the craziest face?  :)
AJ modeling with his new potato head he got from his Aunt B...she was not able to make the trip and we missed her but hopefully we can get her out here soon!!!
We brought out an old game of mine (although I wish I had kept more of my little kid games!), the boys were very intense while playing Connect 4
Wrestle time...who do you think won!!!
"OK now Grandma, you carefully run this carrot over the grater like this....
....oh Grandma, we really need to work on this!!!!"  :P
Jake doing some beautiful coloring in his new book
Father and son having fun!!!
Well Merry Christmas  I still have pictures of our trip to the Museum of History that we took while Grandma and Pa were here so the boys could see the Dinosaur bones as they call them...that will be next!  Soon I promise.  :)