Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Boy and More

Hello there everyone...did you all have a wonderful Easter? Ours was really nice, just a bit busy...although to be honest our lives have just been really busy since the month of March began. So now we are looking forward to three nice weeks at home to relax and get ready for our family trip to Hawaii to see friends and just relax. :D Anywho...what is new with us. Well, Ryan's sister Bethany got married a couple of weeks ago and I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids. It was a beautiful wedding and I think the bride and groom are just thrilled to finally be married. :D For Easter, last weekend, we took a drive to my parents and had a nice time there and at my Grandma's for Easter Sunday. Jake seemed to have a good time as well even though he has been recovering from a bug that just does not want to go away. He really is the cutest boy. Today we went to the grocery store and he was WAY overdue for a nap. So I let him have his pacey. Well when we were at the register and I was putting everything on the conveyor I looked at him just as he was putting his pacey on the conveyor and watching it travel away. lol Guess he wanted to help his Mommy. :D Well here are some pics for you all to enjoy.

This was a day where I heard Jake wake up from his nap and for once he did not wake up crying...was just happily playing. You can see his surprise at my arrival as he had not called for me yet. :)
Ahhh...the favorite crib pastime of chewing on the rails :D Guess this is why he was happy.
".....ohhhh...hi momma!" (notice the drool coming down after his little rail chew. :D
Jake's Great Grandma Mary had given Jake some birthday money and as he has a ton of toys we wanted to get him something that he could play with outside this summer. So we found this wonderful slide for him on Craig's List for $25 :) And he is the typical kid...wanting to climb the slide.
I think he likes it!!!
You have heard of Jake's love for fish, well for his birthday Ryan and I got him this lamp where the fish go around in circles so it looks like they are swimming. All we have to do is turn it on and Jake just zones out. :D
And here is Jake at his first wedding...all dressed up and chewing on a spoon.
His aunt B and new Uncle Chuck. :)
excited boys
And onto Easter. His GG got him this cute package with the fuzzy duck...although Jake really enjoyed the tissue paper the most.
...and the card...the boy loves cards. :)
Funny...I think this box of animal cookies from Grandma and Grandpa was Jake's favorite...he would not let go of it for some time. :)
Ahhhh and the classic family picture with baby...everyone is looking at Jake and not the camera...except me...see I was paying attention! :D
Have a great week everyone!