Sunday, September 20, 2015

California Road Trip - Week Two Dodger Game and Fun in SLO

The day we left Rosamond and the Antelope Valley we did not have that far to drive.  :)  We jumped in our crazily full car and just drove to Pasadena as we met Ryan's parents and sister there at a hotel before going to a LA Dodger's game!  It was the start of our week with his family and we were going to start it big.  The boys were excited because there were a few players that they had just seen a few weeks before with our AAA Dodgers.  We were looking forward to a week full of Brown family fun!
"Mom, why can't I be wearing the orange and black."  (Hey I write the blog...I can put any captions I want and I'm a Giants fan!)
Dodger Stadium, the boys were amazed at how big it was
Grandma and Pa were very brave and had the boys sit between them. :)
Jake loves his Dodger monkey he got at the game
Surrounded by my Husband and Sister :)  Love it!
Beautiful sunset over the game
I'm still amazed that the boys not only made it through the whole game but through the fireworks as well.  With the time change it was really late for them, but they loved it!
The next day we hit the road for San Luis Obispo.  So much fun to see the ocean again!
Grandma in a reading sandwich

One day we had a great time by going to a park close to their house for a picnic and some park/playground fun.  AJ was having a lot of fun playing Frisbee with Abby and his Aunt B
These guys are serious about picnics :)
After a week of hotels the boys loved being able to run freely
AJ loves musical instruments and so he had a blast with Grandma's piano!
Also a hit was their huge bucket of Legos with tons of "guys."  They had hours of fun with them while we were there.
Jake also decided that he liked to take pictures while we were there.  He got a great one of these crazy siblings :)
And of course we had to take the boys to Firestones!!!  We were having an awesome time and after lunch we were headed to the beach....

California Road Trip - Week One :)

 We had been planning our big California trip for almost a year and so we were ready for the big adventure.  Not only was it going to be a big trip where we were gone for 3 1/2 weeks but we were going to DRIVE!  Many told us we were nuts but we knew we could do more special things if we saved the money from flying and getting a rental car.  So off we went, with a pet sitter for Piper we took off for CA and amazingly did the drive in a day and a half.  It was a long trip and AJ decided he was done when we hit Barstow hehe, but we made it!
 The first stop was the good ole Antelope Valley.  We got to attend our old church on Sunday and see a bunch of old friends and then we stayed there through Friday morning while Ryan put in a week of work in Palmdale.  We had a very full schedule seeing as many people as we could but it was a lot of fun.  Wish I had taken more pictures when we were together with people but we have a ton of great memories. :)  I do have to say though...this Rosamond sign never looked better than after so many miles on the road!
Tuckered little traveler!  Passed out quickly in our hotel room once we got settled. 
 While we were there Toys R Us had their big backpack/lunch sack sale and so we let the kids pick out their new ones.  Jake had used his old Ninja Turtles one for two years and it was a bit worn out and AJ had to pick out brand new stuff as he was going to be starting school for the first time!!!  They were both really excited and we were not one bit surprised at what they picked out.  Jake - Big Hero 6 and Ninjago  AJ - Paw Patrol and Miles from Tomorrowland
 One night we got together with friends at a great pizza/game place and the kids all had a lot of fun!
Had to get a picture of Ryan's and mine very first house.  Could not believe how big that Joshua tree was in the front is taking over!!! 
 Cute boys sleeping together at the hotel.  They love traveling so they get to bunk together
 Having Happy Meal lunches with their little friend Lottie :)
 Jake and his best buddy from CA :)
 Boys will be boys = Crazy :)
 This is how the boys really wanted to spend all of their time at the the pool.  :)  Also helped when they were getting a bit rowdy and I worried about our neighbors.
 Our last morning we went to our dear friends house for a delicious breakfast that they hosted for us with several friends.  It was an awesome time and the kids had a blast getting together!!!!
Thank you to all of our AV friends who cut out time so we could get together!!!  We loved it and will forever cherish the memories!!!

Touch a Truck and Summer Fun

As we were getting ready for our big California road trip we also wanted to get a bunch of local summer fun in and in our area that is pretty easy to do.  :)  So we went to Touch a Truck, attended a couple VBSs, had friends over, had water fun and just enjoyed being out of school. 
Jake testing out a Police motorcycle
"Look Mom, no hands!" - this is so AJ, my little dare devil
So many trucks, so little time
The favorite thing to do for most of the kids is blow the basically its a very loud event :)
Waiting in line to go into a fire truck the kids got to try on some gear
Our little fireman
This kid LOVES firetrucks
I think AJ has been looking at too many comic books...superhero pose :)
Love how giddy these boys get checking out all the awesome vehicles
They loved the helicopter and the best part was just after we took the picture they got to see it take off right in front of them...they flipped a good way :)
Jake really wanted to see the beefed up Storm Tracker truck.  These are the crazy vehicles that chase after tornadoes.
The vbs that both of our boys got to attend was a super hero one.  They both LOVED it of course!  AJ sure adores Captain America!
Jake and his wonderful Spiderman facepaint
AJ enjoying his masks.  And for the record they are both super happy in the car because they are waiting at Sonic for their milkshakes.  A late night, after vbs, summer is here treat.  :)
Now this is how you enjoy summer!  Everyone playing in the backyard with a toy Sprinkler :)
Crazy Man
The boys and their friend all taking turns jumping over it
And of course the neighborhood Splash Pad is always a hit
So lucky this is down the street from our house
My Super Heroes
Jake and his Best Friend at VBS closing ceremony
Do you think this boy loves trains?
Donut Date!!!
So, does Jake look excited at all?  While Ryan took AJ to a baseball game I got to take Jake to see the new Avengers movie in the theater...he was REALLY excited.  :D
In the theater waiting for the movie to start
Jake the Baseball Player
AJ's first time playing a sport!