Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dancing Baby

I have wanted to get this on video for the longest time and the first time I filmed it sideways and then could not turn it on the computer. hehe So here is the second take. As soon as Jake started to want to stand up with some help (he suddenly started to do it a little over a month ago when I would go to burp him, he would stand and lean against me), his daddy created a little dance for Jake with his own custom song. It is really quite adorable.

In the past week Jake has developed a love for carrots and then today he tried Squash for the first time and absolutely loved it. I think he may even prefer them over the carrots. He gets so excited when he gets to sit in his high chair and we put the bib on him, he knows that food is coming soon. :)

And then here are just some other cute pictures that we took over the week. Enjoy :)

This week Jake started to wear pj's for the first time. We decided to start getting him to sleep without being swaddled and so far it is going really well. But he was getting cold sleeping in just the onesie and so we broke out the pj's and he just looks so darn cute in them. Here is him wearing his first pair ever, very cute firetruck pj's that his grandma and grandpa gave him.
Jake cannot sit on his own yet but he is really good at leaning on his daddy's head. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jakey's Dedication and Carrots!!!

Well thanks to our wonderful friend Christy and my parents I have some pictures of Jake's dedication to show everyone...and some other fun pics :)

Here is Jake all dressed up in his "little man suit" Doesn't he look charming? :)
Here is Jake during his dedication with Pastor Leroy. I was so happy that he was good during the entire thing and mostly just looked at everyone with a blank stare...better than crying. :) But here he looks pretty happy looking out at the entire congregation.
Nice picture of Ryan, Jake and I along with both of his sets of grandparents.

And here we have it...Jake's first carrots. He seems to like them although he has had them two mornings now and both times he has the expression of "what the heck are you putting in my mouth," when we first give them to him. Here is that look the first bite he ever had of carrots.
But then he seems to decide that he likes them as both times he ate half of a container, sure it is not a big container but I still think that is a great achievement. Here is him sticking out his carrot tongue at his daddy...not sure if this is before or after he spit a whole mouthful at me. hehe
And this is just a cute picture in my opinion. I was asking Ryan to take some pictures of Jake and me since most of the time I am the one taking a bunch of pictures...I just cannot help myself. And so I am thrilled with this one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jake the Giant

OK picture lovers, for once I have information in type that you might find more interesting than the pictures...although I must say that they are adorable. Jake had his 4 month well baby appointment on Tuesday and we got to see how huge he really is right now. Jake is 28" long and weighs 19 lbs 12 oz, he is in the 99th percentile for weight and 100th percentile for length. One of the nurses commented that he looks like a 9 month old. hehe But he really is following the growth patterns of his mommy and daddy. :) He is just about the same size that Ryan was at 4 months and about the size that I was at 6 months...we were big kids as well. And the doctor even told us that he can now try vegetables as he has been eating rice cereal for over two weeks now and is doing really well with it. So we are going to try that out on Friday when Ryan can be home to see the great event.

But besides that we also had a really awesome weekend. Both of our parents were coming to see us as we had an open house at work and they wanted to be able to do that. Also it was a great weekend to celebrate our dad's birthdays. Ryan's dad in particular as he turned 60. To help celebrate that we surprised his parents by flying in Ryan's sister Bethany, which was a ton of fun and she got to meet her nephew Jake for the first time. Then since everyone was here we decided to have Jake Dedicated at church on Sunday. So it was a great weekend, and below are some pictures to show it off as well as some of Jake's firsts this week. I will post the dedication pictures later as I receive them from family and friends.

On Thursday night Ryan's mom was trying to give Jake a bottle and he was being fussy and wanting his hands in on the process. The next thing we knew he surprised us by holding the bottle all by himself. It did not last long but it was really cute.
Jake also tried out his exersaucer for the first time that Ryan's group at work had given him. He really seems to love it as he has developed a real love for toys in the last week.
Now this is not a picture of Jake but I just had to put it in. Jake wore a little suit and tie for his dedication but after church when we all went out for lunch he really wanted the tie off. So here is Ryan modeling Jake's tie. This picture is just hilarious.
Something that Daddy and Jake really enjoy these days is Jake flying in Ryan's hands. He is still too little to be throw up into the air but he still likes being lifted up and down by his Daddy.
Here is a cute picture of Ryan and his sister Bee with little Jake. It was so fun that Jake got to meet his Aunt Bee for the first time while he was still "little."
Our parents also had a great time each taking a turn at feeding Jake this weekend. Giving him rice cereal is a ton of fun because Jake has so much fun doing it. He smiles and giggles the entire time which does create some challenge to the "feeder." I would have loved to have put a picture of each of them feeding him but had to pick just one as I had a lot of pictures to here is one with both my dad and Jake laughing during "Dinner"
And last but not least here is a picture of Jake just being happy boy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My boy, the noisy one

OK, so this is my first video if it does not work I apologize and will work on figuring it out. :) But I thought this one would be a cute one to start with.

We have been telling people that Jake has figured out how to squeal and he really enjoys his new "musical" talent. It is really quite cute and funny. So on this particular day I was listening to it over and over and hoped that I could video it with my camera. So here is what I got. Kinda funny because he suddenly realizes that he is being watched. Just ignore the dork behind the camera that is trying to get him to smile afterward. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a week

When I looked at the pictures I had taken this week I realized I had a lot to put into the blog. So there are quite a few pictures that are here this week that I just thought were really cute.

Here is my little Jakey sleeping...he is so darn cute when he is asleep...especially since he is cuddling with his little bear.
Ryan taking a picture of himself and the little man. "the boys"
Ryan was helping me with the laundry and realized that a pillowcase was the perfect size for a sleeping bag for Jake. Here is Jake modeling his daddy's new idea. hehe
We have been swaddling Jake since he came home from the hospital and he really seems to like it for when we put him at bed at night. He likes to be all tight and snuggly even when we just put a blanket on him. But we have also called him Houdini because he is really good at breaking out of it or somehow moving his body across the bed. Here is where I found him the other morning when I went to get him, we had put him in the center of his crib when we put him to bed. (he was good enough to stay here for the pic as long as I gave him his pacy)
And the big event of the week...Jake had rice cereal!!! His pediatrician told us that we could start him a little early because of his size and so we gave it a try. He actually had a lot of fun trying it and was smiling and moving around the entire time. Not much made it into his tummy as he was having fun spitting it out and letting it dribble down his chin. But he did swallow some and the next day we tried he did even better. So here are a few pictures documenting the event.

Jake with his first solid food.

Jake with his bowl of food looking forward to spitting it right back at mommy. :) He seemed to be very excited for this event.

"What is this strange thing in my mouth?"
Here is Jake celebrating the 4th of July. Our little American Boy. :)
The other bog event this week was that Jake was in a swimming pool for the first time. We had a 4th of July picnic at the public pool with our church and they have a baby pool that they refill every day. So we felt safe seeing what Jake thought about dipping his feet in. Well he was fine with his feet and ended up going in just over his belly button ("standing" on the bottom with daddy's help) before the desert wind started to bother him too much. We did not get a picture of the pool event as Ryan and I were looking after him, but here is a picture of him all ready to go to the pool for the first time.
I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July!!!