Friday, April 1, 2016

Kicking the Year off with Fun!

Getting back into our normal routine with the new year meant getting back into our crazy fun lives with our boys.  Always running around, having fun, many school activities and making many many memories. :)  These boys are growing up so fast and we are determined to enjoy every moment of it!
 My happy boys while they were with a dear friend of mine who helped me out on a crazy day.
During Ryan's work trips I like to do special things with the boys to help them pass the days until their deeply missed Daddy returns home.  :)  On this trip we built a simple blanket fort that they could enjoy while they watched a movie.  They loved it!!! 
 A simple trip to Lowe's to pick up something is always an adventure with AJ :)
We had a really good time taking the boys to a local pizza parlor.  Here they give the kids dough to play with while they boys were having so much fun with it that the waiter brought them cheese and pepperoni as well. :D  
On a day off school I decided to bring the boys to one of their favorite places...the Science Museum 
 Jake has a lot of fun on the Segway.
 AJ decided that he wanted to try it too this time...and he was not afraid to go fast.  Who is surprised there?  :)
 The boys always love a giant Light Brite!
 Future astronaut
A friend's picture of Jake and his Best Friend....I mean Grant....not the dog Bubs...although he is great too!  :P
Nice day means lets get the bikes out and have fun outside!  They are both getting better on their bikes, this summer we are going to try and get Jake off his training wheels.  They often prefer their scooters so we are a little behind on the art of riding a bike.
Crazy Minion Boys!
On a Dress your Best Day at school during Drug Free Week.  Doesn't Jake look charming?  :)
And on the other end of the spectrum  :)  This was for Mustache night at AWANA  :)  Jake loved it and wore his the whole night.
It was even crazier on AJ...he did not wear his long but he looked darn cute in it!!!!  Oh the fun we have :)

A Great Brown Trip to Branson!!!

We all woke up this morning super excited for our trip!  True we all had to pack into our Honda Pilot with all our stuff, but that is what makes this trip even greater and more memorable!  :)  Besides we could hardly wait to get there and show off one of our favorite places to Grandma Peg and Pa Wayne!!!  Big Cedar is a beautiful place with a ton of things to do with the boys.  We love it!!!
 AJ is all set in the car with his pillow and buddies :)
On our way!  I am in the third row with our stuff hehe :) 
 Had to stop at the Archway for lunch on the way!  This is one of the kids favorite things to do on the trip to Branson.  Eating over the traveling cars while they eat a Happy Meal...can it get any better?!?!?
 We made it!!!  Checked into our place just as the sun was setting.
 Right off the bat we showed them around a little bit before taking them to get some dinner.  A fun surprise for us was that the Christmas lights and decorations were still up!  It was so pretty!!!
 Checking out the cold waters below
AJ HAD to get a picture of himself with the lights!  And yes my stubborn boys insisted that they did not need jackets. 
 So pretty
 A view from our restaurant.  I called this my happy place!  :)  So happy to be here.
 The next morning we woke up to beautiful weather and we were all very excited to get out and enjoy it!  Also this was my birthday and I was more than happy to enjoy it in all the pretty!!!
 First we went on a little nature walk... we all really enjoyed ourselves
 The boys LOVED all the pine cones or as AJ calls them Pine cone Trees :)
 AJ and his perfect pine cone
 Jake and his pine cone of choice :)
Such a beautiful view! 
Fun new family pic on our little nature walk! 
 Love my guy :D
 Grandma and Pa
 The boys wished there was snow so they really could go sledding :)
 A great family trip with Grandma Peg and Pa Wayne
 The boys loved the Christmas train in the main lobby
 Fun with Lincoln Logs!
This build is getting serious!!! 
 Then some mini golf was needed!
I loved this Merry Christmas sign that they put up on the property 
 Grandma and I having a bunch of fun
 Cute little golfer
 Jake taking in the game...I think mini golf wears them out!
 Such a pretty picture of Grandma and Pa at the beautiful Church at Top of the Rock!
 We were lucky enough that the church was open when we were there and so we got to go down and walk through it.  On the way we walked by this statue in an infinity view.  With the view behind it was beautiful!
 Not your average church
 So beautiful inside!
 Grandma and Pa being goofy with the boys :)
 They really got up there
 We also got to explore this amazing wine cave while we were there.  While Ryan and I are not really wine drinkers we really appreciated this cool cave!  :)
 AJ loved this little door that was just his size....if only he could open it ;)
Ahhhhh some bear love in from of Bass Pro at Branson Landing 
While we were there the boys had fun looking at Build a Bear and Grandma and Pa decided to spoil them and let them get their Birthday Presents early while we were all together.  So the boys each picked out a very special bear.  Here AJ is filling up his Star Wars Bear.
 Oh I think he did a very good job.  :)
 Jake had his eye on Chewbacca Buddies for a long time and really fell in love with this one. 
Oh so excited! 
 Love this picture of the boys with their new buddies in the store!  Build a Bear is always a great gift idea.
 Ahhhh...some great Chewey love!!!!
 Then of course we had to go to the boys favorite place...Steak N Shake!!!  They enjoy the food...but LOVE the paper cars and Milkshakes :)
 Ahhhh my goofy boy :)
 The boys playing their favorite game (Pete the Cat) with Grandma and Pa
 We also brought along some art projects that the boys could do with their Grandma and Pa.  They loved them!!!  Here AJ is painting his jet plane with Grandma.
Jake of course has a deep love on Penguins right now and so picked out a set of three to paint. 
 So much fun for them all to work together
 Pa helping AJ get the bottom painted
 Tricky getting that Penguin nose painted ;)
 Great penguin Jake!!!
Putting the last touches on the plane. 
 Very nice AJ!
 Then we had to get the other two penguins painted :)
While all of that dried we decided to get outside to enjoy the day.  First we went to the big bubble at Paradise Point for some tennis and basketball. 
 Then some great time at the park.
 Jake figured out the swings!!!  :)  No more pushing for this boy!
 I love this picture of AJ!  He was not posing...he was actually checking out the view from his new height.  hehe
Looks like Pa decided to take a nap on the swing 
 Grandma decided to wake him up so she could have a turn :)
 This really is an awesome swing!
Jake having fun in the tube 
 Then it was off to the pool for a swim!
This slide is the boys favorite part!!! 
The boys will always treasure these bears from their Grandparents
 And their craft projects were a lot of fun!!!  Turned out great too :)
 The last morning of our trip.  Just enjoying the view and hanging out!  I love family vacations!  Thank you Grandma and Pa for being willing to travel with our crazy family!!!