Friday, November 5, 2010

Jake's 2nd Halloween

OK, I am on a roll now :D

Well for Jake's second Halloween we were not sure that he was ready for trick or treating and so we decided to take him to a Harvest Festival that our friend Linda (who watches Jake while I am at work) had invited us too. Jake absolutely loved it, especially the blow up slide as you will see soon, and we were really glad we did it. Oh...and Jake was an adorable monkey...very appropriate for my little monkey boy who loves to climb and eat bananas. :)
Getting ready before going into Miss Linda's house to show off his costume :D
Such a cute monkey boy (with my good friend Marina in the background)
"Ta-da!!! I'm a monkey momma!!!"
"....ahhh a girl hug" (really his good friend Faith that he spent a lot of time with at Miss Linda's before she went onto Kindergarten)
Jake really wanted to go into this blow up area and play soccer with the older boys
Ahhhh...the you think he likes it? the top and ready to go.
"Here I come!!!"
"Look at me Miss Linda!!!"

"Aren't I cute?"

Well I hope you enjoyed these pictures half as much as we enjoyed the day. :) Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Pumpkin Patch Part 2

Yes!!! More pictures. :D
Jake found some pumpkins that he CAN carry. :D And he did...moved them all over the place. :)
"Look Momma...a pumpkin!!!"
Having fun and posing for dada
Making sure we are still watching him look at all the pumpkins
This was so funny, when Jake finally picked out his pumpkin he just stood there holding it and looking at us for the longest time. :D He was very happy with it...

...until he found this ity bity one. He LOVED it and we almost had to let him nap with it afterwards. :D

OK, next up...Jake's Halloween pictures from when we went to the Harvest Festival. :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Part 1

Well I really apologize for the lack of pictures lately. We are having some computer issues and as many times as I have tried I could not load any pictures. But I found if I load them one at a time they are coming through for now. So who knows how many I will get on but hey they are some for you to enjoy. :D

But a couple weeks before Halloween we took Jake to our local pumpkin patch and he had a blast. He had been there last year too but was not nearly as interested...I think he would have stayed there all day if we let him. :) He touched every pumpkin in the patch and tried to move about a third of them...and the funny thing is that I do not know if I am exaggerating. :D
We have arrived and Jake can hardly wait to get in :D
Walking with his "dada" into the pumpkin patch
Trying to lift a pumpkin that is a little too big for him. :D
They have a little petting zoo there and as you can see he really liked it. His favorite by far were the chickens. :D

Trying to lift yet another pumpkin. :D

OK, going to try and publish this and then put on more pictures a few at a time. :D