Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our First Oklahoma Snow!!!

Today has been exciting for this family from California!  We went to church this morning and there was freezing rain which still made it wintery and fun. Then when we got out of church we saw these huge fluffy snowflakes coming down.  So pretty and we were all pretty excited.  :)  So we came home, ate lunch and then had some fun in the backyard.  Wanted to share the fun and look of snow with everyone.  :D
Our home with a dusting of nice snow
Our street
The backyard
AJ could hardly wait and play in the snow as he had never been in it before.  So he gobbled down his lunch and then stood at the back door just looking at it until I could get him in his jacket, hat and gloves.
Of course he thought it was cold (although to us it felt good as it actually warmed up a its back to 24 degrees, brrr)
...but he loved it!!!
Adorable little snow boy
AJ was very excited when Jake finished his lunch and could come and play.
Jake was pretty excited about all the snow too (even though it was not a lot)
Daddy teaching snowballs 101
Dangerous looking boy with a snowball
Had to capture this rare moment....sharing.  Jake shared the shovel with his little bro :)
Jake took the task of cleaning the top of the slide...
...AJ was given the task of the bottom
Mommy had a lot of fun with the boys too...until....
...I was attacked.  :)
Enjoying this weather in the nice cozy house now while Ryan is being super dad and taking Jake to a Birthday party.  :)  Good afternoon to hang out with my little AJ and enjoy the view outside. :)

AJ's First Haircut!!!

A few weeks ago we decided that AJ's hair was just WAY out of control and it was time for him to have his very first hair cut.  It was going to be very different for Jake (who also needed a haircut) this time too as our dear Miss Lynn had always been the one to cut his hair.  He was really bummed that we could not travel to California to see her and get his hair cut and so we compromised by taking them to a kids hair cut place.  :)  It was great because they had them go to the same lady together so AJ could watch big brother first and know as was ok.  :)  She was super fast too and so I think that really saved us.  But of course you have to get a bunch of pictures to capture such a big first.  :)
Jake getting his hair cut first
At first AJ was not too sure about it...even with the sucker
The penguins helped to catch his interest (and largely the bubbles that were brought out to cheer him up)...but having Big Brother there to help him know he was safe helped too.  :D
"OK, I'm ready"
A charming little guy....even without the curls
"What the heck is going on?"
 Look out girls
"OK this was not so bad"
And of course right after they got their haircuts, Jake plopped a hat on his head....boys!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

So last night was Halloween and time for Trick or Treating.  The boys were really excited, Jake was dressed about an hour early and could hardly wait to go out.  This year Jake chose to be a Ninja Turtle as they are some of his favorite super heroes.  So he chose to be Leo (guess they do not call them by their full names anymore...yes my 4 year old set me straight on that one hehe)  AJ, well AJ was super excited about seeing the pumpkins and all the costumes at the store but he was not really into picking out something to wear.  So we decided to use one of his brother's old costumes.  Plus he has a monkey bath towel and he loves putting it on after baths and making monkey sounds.  So, he was a monkey...and a darned cute one at that!!!  Both the boys loved it.  Jake was a pro as he has now done this a few times, but it was pretty new for AJ.  We taught him to say trick or treat and as my earlier posts showed...he liked to practice.  So we went to the first house and they said trick or treat and they were handed some candy.  AJ spun around with a look of wonder on his face, said Trick or TREAT...and ran to us to show his treat.  It was quite the concept for him.  And what is funny is that he kept that same joy and excitement at every house.  :)  It was really fun night!  Then the boys came home and helped hand out candy to the other kids.  Honestly not sure what  they had more fun doing.  :)  So here they are
AJ the monkey...strutting his stuff
 "Jakey, what happened to my hands?"
In the middle of saying "Whoooooo  hoooo, haaaa  haaa"
Who is that Scary Ninja Turtle?
Its  our Jake
:)  He was so happy
What made Jake super happy was that his daddy dressed up as Wolverine.  Daddy had a lot of fun too  :D
Who will win this battle?
The boys about to go out...while AJ was really trying hard to pull out the sewn in banana in his pocket.  :)
Trick or Treating
AJ checking out his stash
Big Brother did pretty well too
Candy Time!!!
We had two tired and happy boys, not bad for our first Oklahoma Halloween!