Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Belly Pic

Well here I am, on a nice fast Internet in the comfort of my own home. :) So that means you guys get a picture. hehe Many of you have been asking to see a new belly pic and so here is one that my mom took of me last weekend. He is getting a bit bigger and some of my coworkers say is getting bigger every day.

We have been so blessed lately with wonderful friends who have given us 3 lovely showers. We had one a couple of weeks ago that was a work shower, one last weekend with my church and local friends and then we had a shower at work with Ryan's group yesterday at lunch (a surprise to him that they invited me to be a part of). We have such amazing friends and we really feel spoiled rotten. And my goodness...we still have one more shower in SLO next weekend. This little man is going to be the best dressed little boy in Rosamond and have so many things that will make everything easier for us. Thank you so much to our friends Kirsten, Amber, Christy, Amanda, Bethany and Ryan's coworkers for making us feel so special. We really are blessed.

But so far things are going well for me. I am at 34 weeks now and so am just starting to get a little more tired. But at this point I only have 4 weeks of work left so I will make it. For those of you who do not know I have been given the opportunity to return to my job after taking 6 months off to be with little Jake with a part time schedule. Something that I was really hoping for. I will only be working 3 days a week and then will be able to spend the rest of the week at home. So I am pretty excited about that.

Well I am going to get back to my husband now :) but I hope all is well with everyone and I will "talk" with you again soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm still here :)

Well I was thinking that I have no added to this blog in quite a while and so there is no time like the present. :) Things for us are going really well, and time is going really fast.

Our biggest news is that last weekend we bought a new car (well used but new to us). We started to realize that a child seat would not fit in my truck and honestly Ryan and a child seat did not fit too well in the Corolla either. So Ryan did a ton of research and we ended up getting a 2006 Honda Pilot. We got a great deal on it and its got more bells and whistles on it than we ever thought we would have. But it will be the perfect family car that we can do everything with and so we are really excited.

We are trying to get all set for the baby and its just amazing to me how soon the due date is coming up. I always thought that the 9 months would be a really long time but to be honest the time has flown and I am now under 8 weeks to my due date. Crazy. Last weekend my work threw us a shower and we had a really great time and they spoiled us with all sorts of cute stuff...we really are blessed. Then this weekend is my church shower which I am really looking forward to, and both of our parents are coming down so that the moms can both be there. So we will have a lot of fun, and the dads can help Ryan put together little Jake's dresser and some other things while we are gone (well that's his plan...but I suspect it might be a little more time playing Rock Band which I got him for Christmas...hehe).

But that is us for now. Oh and big news, we are supposed to be getting Internet late this week....we are joining the 21st century!!!! :) So for those of you tired of how long it takes me to check my hotmail...that will soon change.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ultrasound pics

Well thanks to my wonderful parents that e-mailed me two of the ultrasound pics off of their CD I was able to find a way to quickly get these on the blog. So here are two of the first pictures of little Jake. He really liked the cuddle up with the placenta during the whole thing as you can kinda see in the pictures. He kept trying to hide but would often turn around when Ryan talked to him which was really neat. But it just amazes me how much you see in these 3D/4D ultrasounds. It just makes me really excited to meet him in person!!! :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Birthday

Well hello everyone. :) So I still don't have high speed Internet and so this does not have pictures yet but I figured that I could still share my wonderful birthday story. (and it also buys me a little time as my friend Melissa told me I had a week to add another entry to this blog she helped me set up, or I was really in trouble..hehe)

Anyway, my 29th birthday was on Saturday and it was the best birthday I have ever had. Why you might ask? Well, I have the most amazing husband and he surprised me with a trip to Bakersfield to get a 3D Ultrasound. We had not seen little Jake since my 19th week (I am now a little over 30) and it was so great to see him. Also he had talked to both of our parents beforehand and so when we walked into the office they were all there. So we all got to see the amazing ultrasound of Jake together which was really an awesome experience that I still cannot stop grinning about. Not that I am biased or anything :) but he is looking quite cute so far and even has Ryan's little dimple in his left cheek. We got to take home a bunch of pictures and a DVD and CD of the whole thing. So it was awesome and I absolutely loved it. Don't I have the best husband in the world? Thank you Ryan. :D

We still do not have high speed yet at home but I will figure out some way to get some of the pics on this blog in the next couple of days so that they can be shared.

After that we all went out to lunch at Famous Dave's which is one of my favorites and then all parted directions. My parents and Grandma (who was also able to be there) went back home and Ryan's parents came home with us. So it was pretty much a fantastic day.

Today I am back at work but I must stay I am still on cloud 9 from my birthday and so it is making it a bit easier to be back after 2 weeks off.

Talk to you all again in a little bit, hopefully with pictures. :D