Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium

On Friday we took Jake to the aquarium in Long Beach, what was great was that morning after we all were ready Ryan asked Jake if he was ready to "car go" (Jake's phrase which we have adopted) and Jake looked at him and said "ish" which is one of Jake's ways of saying fish...he knew what was coming. :) He then said it MANY more times before we even got the car moving. :D Once there he definitely had his favorite fish...but mostly he just enjoyed running around the place and exploring...which we allowed as it was his day. :)
Jake the Boat Captain. :) They had this play area outside which Jake LOVED.

Ahoy there Jakey!!!

And the sharks....Jake really loved the sharks and he watched them longer than any of the other fish.

Too cute.

I love this picture because if you look at his reflection you can see that he is waving to the shark.

Woooo...that's a big one.

Jake loved the little Baby "Nemos" :) big surprise there :)

Checking out some "ishies" as Jake calls them with his Dada times the hat had to be backwards so he could get close enough to the glass...something that on the normal day he will not put up with. :)

Leaving the aquarium and walking around the harbor...I think Jake had a good time. :)

Yesterday we took him to the pool for the first time since last summer. He starts his Mommy and Me classes on Monday and so we wanted to get him reintroduced. At first he held onto us really tight and was a bit afraid. But by the end of the time he was loving being thrown up and down by dada in the pool, "swimming" to each of us while we held onto him under his tummy, jumping to Ryan from the steps and even getting in and out by holding onto Ryan's hand. Many times while I held him he told me "down"...but I had to explain to him that he could not swim on his own yet. :) That's my fear. :) So I guess taking him to see sharks one day and the pool the next did not backfire on us. hehe

So that has been our weekend so far. We have had a blast and so has Jake...its nice to give him these times before he has a little brother dividing the attention. Have a great week everyone and enjoy the warm weather.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jake's Move to a Big Bed :)

Hello there my friends. I have no idea why this is underlining but as I have now uploaded all of these pictures twice I am just going to go with it. :) Well a few weeks ago we decided to move Jake to a big boy bed. Not only this but we moved Jake to a new room. We decided to try and make him an awesome new cars room so that he might want to switch and then we could leave the nursery as it is for his baby brother. :) It worked out so well and Jake absolutely loves his new room as you will see now. :) Enjoy
First though here is an adorable picture of Jake...yes he is using the blanket as a pillow and the pillow as a blanket....what can I say. :) But as you can see he was badly in the need of a haircut so......

we asked our dear friend Linda (who watches Jake while I am at work) if she would mind giving him a hair cut again. Doesn't he look like an adorable big boy. :D

So at this point Jake taught us a lesson and that is.... when can you tell your child would like a pillow? When he starts using his stuffed animals as pillows. :) This pic was closest we could get of it happening. :)

So this is Jake's first night with a pillow. can tell he is still figuring it out. :) But you should have seen the look on his face when we gave it to him at bedtime...he was so excited!!!

The next night he got it. :D Isn't he so cute!!!

And he we are...the big boy room. Ryan and I kept the door closed as we were working on it so Jake did not see it until we were done. :)

Checking it out....

I think he likes it :D

Yeah he likes it. :D

This cracked me you can see before I put some extra stuffed animals in his room that I knew he would not want to share with his little brother when he gets here. And I just put his three bears in his bed that he sleeps with...well this was not good enough. Jake soon put them all in his bed...which is where they have stayed. :) He still sleeps with all of them 3 weeks later. :)

I think he just realized that his new bed is like his toy car. :)

Yes!!! We had no idea how Jake would sleep in his big boy bed and he did great!!! This is Jake sleeping in his bed for the first time for a nap. And I only had to go up there 4 times and tell him to get back in bed. :) We were so happy. The crazy thing is that he stays in his bed until we go and get him. Not sure how long that will last...but we are enjoying it :)

And that is us. On the baby brother front, for those who did not see my announcement on Facebook we finally decided on a name for Squid (sorry Melissa I could not help myself hehe), he will be Austin Jonah Brown or AJ as a nickname. Everything is going really well with the pregnancy so far and we are getting really excited to meet him. I am 28 weeks along which means only 11 weeks left since it will be a scheduled c-section. Wow...that is not that long. So for now we are enjoying being a family of 3. We are taking Jake to an aquarium this weekend as he loves fish and we want to do some special things with him before his little brother arrives.

Well I should get going but have a good week everyone. :)