Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jake's First Haircut

Well, as our dear son was starting to grow a natural mullet we decided to cut his hair. It was a sad event cutting those first little hairs but also a very loving one as Ryan and I did it first. :D But Jake did really well thanks to the trance that we put him in by turning on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. :D Then a couple of days later our dear Miss Linda, who watches Jake while I am at work, fixed it up and made it look really cute. We now lay down our scissors and leave his hair in her capable hands. :D
It has begun, and Momma is trying to figure out out the heck to start.
First trim.
"I survived!!!" And "wow how grown up do I look." :D
After Miss Linda cleaned it up. Amazingly she used trimmers and Jake was just as calm as could be sitting in her lap. The boy is afraid of our vacuum cleaner and yet trimmers are fine. Who knows. :D
Stay tuned for pictures at the pumpkin patch. :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jake at Play

Well I figured it was time for some new pictures...and Jake and I had a great time playing in the backyard on Friday and we got some fun the timing is great. But first I figured you were all due for a Jakey update. :) So how big is our little man? Still big :) He is about 3' tall and weighs a little under 34 lbs which means he is wearing 24 month and 2T shirts already and going into the same for pants. And a size 6 shoe...the most exciting thing to share since he now needs him with all his walking. But you know we are now learning that kids sure outgrow shoes fast. :) Thank goodness for hand me downs and great used kids stuff stores. :) He still adores the word Car and Cool, but now also really enjoys Ball and Go (as in he will climb into his stroller and say "go"...lets go for a walk he means), and with age comes "mo" which means more and learning to shake his head no which he uses constantly. He loves to read, climb, play outside, play with his cars and balls and he is still a wonderfully cuddly little boy who loves to give kisses and giggle. And yes we are at the fussy eating stage....sigh.

But that is my adorable onto pictures. :)
This is how Jake gets comfy and also shows off his incredible strength. Just watching cartoons one morning with his back against the couch and his feet across from him against the he is not touching the ground at all.
Ahhh...the slide. We got this slide a while back and Jake currently LOVES it. He can climb up it (the right way finally) and slide down all by himself and he loves it. Sometimes he is bummed that he cannot go outside and play. :)
Getting ready to slide.... we go...
A boy needs some rest after all that play. :)
Taking a break from playing with Piper to watch a airplane fly by. :)
Play Time again. :) Jake and Piper love playing tug-a-war...they play it a lot and both seem to enjoy themselves.
Cute boy. :)
Well stay tuned as last night Ryan and I gave Jake his first haircut. :) Hey he is almost 19 months...he was due as he was starting to have a mullet. :D Pictures to come.