Monday, January 18, 2016

Grandma Peg and Pa Wayne Come for a Christmas Visit!!!

We were all super excited for the 30th to roll around because it meant that Pa Wayne and Grandma Peg were coming for a visit!  We had so many fun things planned not to mention a big trip to Branson MO!  But first some wonderful family time and home, celebrating Christmas and just enjoying all being together. :)
When we picked them up from the airport we were all hungry for dinner, so first off we drove to a Cracker Barrel for a super yummy dinner!  Grandma and AJ were having a lot of fun playing one of the games at the table. :)
As soon as we got them home the boys could not wait one more instant to give Grandma and Pa the stockings that they had put together.  :)  They were super proud of them and had so much fun giving them to their Grandparents. :)
The next morning I found them all at the table again...this time every one of them was coloring :)
Ah Grandma and buddy cuddles
It is very hard to capture this type of photo but something special that Grandma Peg has always done with the boys is wrestle with them.  Although I think as they get bigger and they both take her on at once its becoming a little bit more difficult ;) :P
We also had a Christmas night so that we could exchange gifts.  Not sure if the boys were more excited to give or receive on this night...although they were super excited to see what was in those packages from them that had been waiting for them under the tree.  :)
Miles from Tomorrowland is big with these boys right now.
Bows and Arrows...these boys are dangerous now!!!
Piper was even in on it!
Ninjago Airjitzo!!!  Very excited boy :)
As was AJ who always loved these that his big boy friends had.
Always love this look when you see someone opening a package...Ryan was very happy about his Dodger's Robinson shirt!!!
See...I am around sometimes  lol (I am always there behind the camera)
The boys love this book about the surfing goat.  (Extra fun that the boy's aunt knows them and their "trainer")
And of course one last night to cuddle up and read a book.  The next morning we were all going to hit the road for our trip!!!  We were all so excited to go on a vacation with them and show off our favorite place!  :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas 2015!

We were blessed to have a wonderful Christmas just the 4 of us!  Hard to believe this was our 3rd Oklahoma Christmas but we have loved it so much and so enjoy all of our Christmas traditions that we have created.  Its the most wonderful time of the year!  :)
So Christmas Eve we go out for donuts!  This year we tried a newer place close to our house and were super excited to see Star Wars donuts when we walked in.
AJ, who adores R2D2 was very happy with his donut!
Jake loved his storm trooper too....he was just too delicious to get a picture of whole though.  hehe  After this we took the boys to their favorite used bookstore and then home for lunch.  Not the most traditional way to spend a Christmas Eve day but we love it.  :)  Then of course we went to church for a wonderful service!
The next morning the boys were thoughtful enough to wait until 7 to leave their rooms.  :)  But they quickly needed to dive into Santa's gift bags and their stockings.  Jake had asked Santa for a Lego City set and so was super happy to get this in his bag!
AJ had not talked about anything all month other than how he asked Santa for an Arlo and Spot buddy from the new movie The Good Dinosaur.  He had not even seen the movie...but was in love with these characters.  He was so happy that Santa brought them!
Love this!
Had to get them set up just like he saw on the movie posters :)
Then we dove into stockings.  Lots of fun things in here!
So many things to look at!!!
Daddy had lots of fun opening some new baseball cards in his stocking!
Our little elves!  Much easier now that they can both read everyone's names.
AJ was so excited to open his gift from his teacher Mrs. Meredith!  He loved his Christmas book about Jesus! :)
...and then of course back to his buddies :)
Jake was super excited to get this Guardians of the Galaxy toy plane...the boy loves this movie!
AJ has his own character fuzzy blanket to cuddle with (big brother has his special Wall-E one)...and of course its Paw Patrol!
Cute boys with Paw Patrol, Arlo, Spot and Pout Pout Fish
Our treasured gift that AJ made at school!  I love anything with their handprint on it!!! :D
After presents and a yummy breakfast it was Lego time!  These were very happy boys :)
Identity crisis!!!  :D  Jake was super excited about his new Captain America sweatshirt and Flash shirt and so he had to wear them together.  Not sure who he is anymore ;)
Then we had to make Jesus' Birthday cake...another Brown family tradition we started when we moved here :)  Yeah...AJ...well is being my crazy AJ :)
The boys beautiful Birthday Cake
A very happy boy with his Mater made of Legos
Jake did an amazing job with his fire truck!  He built the whole thing mostly by himself!!!
The boys had a blast coloring their ornaments from Aunt Joanie :)
And of course we had to have a post Christmas slumber party with a friend!  The boys had a blast that morning with remote control was a crazy morning and luckily Piper survived :)
We also took AJ to his very first movie in a movie theater.  Had to pick something good to keep this crazy moving boy's interest and he HAD to see The Good Dinosaur, so off we went through the ice to see it!  :)  So this picture...the boy will not go near people in costume...but he will sit on this crazy cardboard guys lap...go figure! 
They were both ready for the movie (AJ might have picked it but Jake was super excited to see it too!)
I got to sit by this cute little guy!
Can you tell the movie is finally about to start and AJ is super excited?!?! :)
Then when we got home it was time for the boys to play in the ice.  We had quite a bit and they had a lot of fun literally skating on our back patio and grass!  It was a great day and after coming in to warm up with some hot cocoa we just enjoyed hanging out as a family!  Grandma Peg and Pa Wayne were coming soon!!!!

Getting Ready for Christmas! :D

Oh the fun time of year that is December!  I have to say that as the boys get older it gets even crazier but it was also a lot of fun!  Christmas parties and programs, decorations, baking, family and friends...I love this time of year!  We were really looking forward to having a low key Christmas and then having Ryan's parents come for a visit at the end of our Christmas vacation (which also included a wonderful Branson trip)!  It was also about this time that we got the boys school pictures back.  Boys are getting big and they sure are cute!!!!
 Jake in 1st Grade
 AJ's Preschool picture from Santa Fe Day School!  The school actually had a photographer come out and she got some adorable pictures!!!  Fun to have something special as Jake went to Penny's a lot more growing up than its the boys turn to catch up!
 AJ...Mr GQ :)
When I ordered the pictures I was able to talk to the photographer a bit and she told me that AJ posed for this picture all by himself...that is our boy!
So the night before Jake heard that the trailer for the new Ninja Turtles movie was going to drop the next day.  So this is how he came to the table...Ninja Turtles action figures, shirt and cup!  What is he going to do when the movie actually comes out!?!?!? :)
Picking AJ up from school he often wants to play on the playground and on this day I let him.  :)  He absolutely loves this playground...and the school for that matter!
This is a very accurate picture of my two crazy boys.
We did not take our kids to see Santa when they were little...mostly wanted to avoid that meltdown.  :)  But this year Jake really wanted to get a picture with Santa and his school was offering them with re-takes (a genius idea I think) and so we let him.  Works out really well considering that AJ will rarely get within 20 feet of anyone in costume :) 
Any time Jake gets to spend with his best friend is the greatest!
AJ also had his Christmas program at school and they did a really good job!  Always cute to see the little ones sing, dance, makes silly faces, pick their noses (yes AJ did this) etc.  :)  I think AJ was excited to stand next to his best buddy in class, he is the one to the left of AJ.
Very serious about ringing his bell during Jingle Bells
So sweet!
"Dear Santa, it wasn't me"  Yeah, I don't believe this shirt any more than when Jake wore it :)
I loved this letter to Santa from AJ.  AJ's teacher helped the kids write a letter to Santa and told them they could ask for three things.  She told me that he was the only one in the class to use one request for someone else.  He asked that his brother would get a penguin as Jake absolutely loves them.  :)  So sweet and I was so proud of my little boy.  And yes, in case you are wondering...Santa did get the message and added a penguin to Jake's gift bag. :)  (AJ also signed his name himself on this note)
Jake and his 1st grade teacher Mrs Foster at the class Christmas Party
I love this sweet little angel that AJ made at AWANA.  His face, his handprints, and the body is made from the outline of his shoes.  :)
My little Superman!  Jake chose to wear his Superman t-shirt and then decided that he needed a belt and a my creative boy made them out of paper.
My adorable boys loved being on Christmas vacation and part of it was running fun errands with me.  One of which was going to our favorite grocery store (Crest) where they could ride in the race car cart.  :)  Gave me a good workout too!
With time off school we were also able to put together a lunch with our favorite Kindergarten teacher and friend Mrs. Bovos :)  So much fun getting 4 of the kids together with her from their class last year!
The 3 amigos :)  Jake, Blake and Sadie :)
Our kiddos :)
Mrs. Bovos, a kindergarten friend, and 2 of her (hopeful) future students. :)
And then we had a huge project that has quietly been in the works for months.  :)  Towards the end of the year we were able to sell a rental in CA and with some of the money we made we were able to finally do our dream project on the house.  Ever since we visited some friends in Texas we had dreamed of having a large covered patio where we could sit and listen to the rain come down, and have some added protection in the crazy Oklahoma hail.  So here is a picture of the back of the house before we started part 1...concrete.
Our house with the beautiful concrete pad.  The boys love their new space where they can ride their scooters around.
And then, on Christmas Eve our patio cover was completed!  How elegant is this!?!?!
We really do love it and can hardly wait to enjoy it more once it warms up a bit!  Talk about a great family Christmas present!!!