Saturday, January 31, 2015

Portraits with the Loretz Family

As I mentioned, for Christmas we gave my mom the gift of getting a new family picture on a canvas and then whatever other pictures she wanted of the family.  It had been a while and always challenging to get on their visits.  So two days after Christmas we went to JCPenny's and took our portraits.  We were super lucky that the kids were in great moods and so we got some fantastic pictures.  So many that with a coupon, and a great deal we decided to get the cd and print off whatever we wanted.  Now that is rare!!!!  Enjoy :)
Boys will be boys :)
Happy :)
Family Hug
Now this was the day after we brought the boys to Build a basically the bears were still coming with us wherever we went.  Which also meant they came to pictures with us.  It was kind of an accident but honestly created some great pictures!!!
This is the boys favorite and it was one that they asked the photographer if they could do

Enjoying Grandma and Pa's visit!

After Christmas we were very excited to spend another few days with my parents before they had to go home, so we had a lot of fun.  The first thing on the boys list was to go to Build a Bear because their Grandma and Pa had given them each gift cards there.  So we had to go the day after Christmas...and yes it was a zoo!!!  But the boys loved it and had a really good time.  :)
AJ looking through all the buddies to pick out his favorite
After a few options he chose a Spiderman go with his Captain America Bear at home :)
Jake was super excited to do this!  He had done it when he was 2 and so did not remember it well and with his brother going for a birthday present he was really looking forward to doing it again!
He chose to get a really cute brown bear and then dress him up
Giving his bear a heart
Bear love, and AJ starting to fill his
AJ had it down this time
Spiderbear's heart
Hug test...he passed :)
Then both bears needed a good bath!
Grandma approved...well done AJ!
Then Grandma needed to help Jake dress his bear up in his Captain America costume
Almost ready
Super cute!!
Jake now had a new bear and box all his own
Getting home they of course had to spend some time goofing around with Pa
Jake also has a little money left to get an outfit from his Original Build a Bear....think he is happy to finally have something to wear :)
AJ loving his bears
Jake loving his :)
The next morning we woke up to this.  Everyone was super excited, especially my parents.  :)  They were hoping for snow on their visit!
We first went to get our new pictures taken (which I will share in the next post) but when we got home there was still some snow to play with and so everyone enjoyed themselves :)
Getting extra snow off the fence
Look out!!!
AJ playing cars :)
The boys really wanted to build a snowman as they never had before, and Pa was very happy to help them out :)
Getting him some arms
Carrot Nose
Baby's hat and chocolate chip eyes
Not bad for their first snowman!!!
The boys really loved it and had fun making him :)
Then of course more fun
He is armed...
...look out Jake
Grandma also got nailed by a snowball
Happy boy
We also took everyone to see the wonderful Christmas lights in Yukon OK
The boys loved this one as they both really enjoy penguins
Reindeer wash cars around here
Jake could hardly wait to see this one as it was his favorite from the year before.  Santa using a canon to shoot presents into his sled.  :)
Love Oklahoma lights!!!
The boys enjoyed it a lot...but also feel asleep on the way home.  Poor Grandma had to cuddle Jake as he slept...I think she got over it though ;)
One last book time with Grandma before they left.  We sure had a great time together.  Thank you Mom and Dad for coming out and spending Christmas with us!  We had a blast.  :)