Wednesday, November 25, 2009

8 + Months

Sorry I am about a week late on has just been busy lately, and its about to get a whole lot crazier with the holidays coming up. But I love it! :) So Jake is now a big 8 months old and he is learning so many new things. This week alone he started two new things. He is now feeding himself puffs...not really well but it is adorable to watch. As soon as one hits the tray he grabs it (with his right hand) and while most of the time it is in his palm he does everything he can to get it in his mouth. Sometimes they make it and sometimes they start to melt in his hand and soon find themselves stuck to his bib, sleeve, shirt, tray or chest. Ahhhh, the mess begins. :) He has also started to do "Fish lips" which is really cute...sometimes he gets really excited about it and "fish lips" turn into "old man" which is pretty funny. But when he does it he makes a kissing sound and it is just too cute. He is still eating like a champ and at this point he seems to like everything we put in front of him. He is also quite a loud child, always making sounds like mamamamama, waaawawawaawawaa, bababa, ahhhhhhhhh, etc. And of course he is a boy and so he has started to grunt quite often...almost offsets the times that he squeals like a girl. hehe He can also go directly from sitting to his belly. Not quite at crawling yet but he can definitely life his upper torso off the ground and does it all the time. It's all in his own time, and it's cute to watch him spin in circles, scoot backwards and roll over to sometimes get where he wants to go. He is still my adorable and playful boy and I love him so much. So enough of the mushy stuff, here are some new pictures:

Jake and Dad were playing around here, frightening that they both made goofy faces at the same time. Like father like son. :)
Ahhh, but they are so sweet together. I love seeing these bonding moments where you can see the love between them.
We recently moved our furniture around so it give Jake a nice little play area right in front of us. Although on this evening he was trying to escape out of it...unfortunately the wall got in his way.
And my boy does have hair now, its just a very blond peach fuzz (although its about an inch long at one point on the top of his head) its hard to see in pictures. So here he is trying out a new type of hair. What do you think?
"This playing stuff sure does make me sleepy"
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and safe travels to everyone flying or hitting the road.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Tooth!!!

...well part of it anyway. :) On Wednesday Jake cut his first tooth...his right front bottom one to be exact. He is being a brave little boy and is doing pretty well with it so this point its a white spot on his gum but it used to be just a white it is making its slow progression to see the world. I had not really expected it and we have had a lot of false teething alarms, so Wednesday when I just felt his lower gum with my finger I was really surprised to feel something sharp (and holy cow are baby teeth sharp). But we are quite proud!

So that's the big news, last week I had mentioned how Jake has figured out how to scoot backwards on his tummy. He really does not do it all that often at this point but he definitely can do it if he puts his mind to it. Below is a picture of his furthest distance. He started out at the first doorway...and ended up here. :)
As you can see he might have gone farther but he kinda got stuck. :)
Ahhh...and my boy playing, he loves to sit or lay on the floor and play and wiggle around.
Jake's first introduction to a box...I think he may enjoy it a little. :D
Oh my adorable boy...he was sitting nicely on the floor playing with his toys when he saw one of his blankets under the coffee table...he grabbed it and decided to pull it over himself and play for a little bit. He really is quite the smart little guy. The other day a plastic bottle was out of his reach and so he grabbed his teething ring to extend his reach and then went for it again...he did this two separate times...we are proud parents of this smart little boy. :)
Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello everyone! Well the newest with Jakey is that he is learning to scoot himself backwards on his tummy. He does not do it all the time but he can actually do it quite well when he wants to...its pretty cute. Although this could be his first step towards mobility and yikes!!!...we are in trouble. :) But I will try and get some pictures on soon.
Until then here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Here is one with one of his favorite toys....yes a water bottle. :) Between these and yogurt cups this boy is easy to please.
Happy boy with his daddy
Something Jake loves to do is to play with his car seat when we take him out of it...he loves playing with all the buckles and belts.
He also loves just to play with his toys right now and will happily sit there all by himself as he pulls toys out of his basket and inspects and plays with each one.
Cute Boy
And for your video this week... :D Jake adores puffs and it is so cute to watch him gum them. I really think he would eat the entire container if we let him...pretty good for not having any teeth.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Who is that Yoda???
For Jake's first Halloween he was Yoda, a costume that his daddy picked out and I think was absolutely did others. :) We went to a friend's house for Halloween and Jake had a great time looking at all the kids and adults in their costumes. Such a great time and it was so much fun to watch our little boy play dress up for the first time..and he did not even mind the Yoda head...a great trooper!!!
Can't find green face paint for a baby...but a green pacy seemed to work just fine. :)
And yes, Ryan and I dressed up too as everyone was going to at our friend's we tried to stick to the theme. We looked late and so I ended up going with this tavern lady costume and just told everyone that I worked at Mos Eisley Cantina. :)

....and daddy was none other than....Darth Vader....Yoda was unsure at their encounter
"I will beat you Darth Vader!!!"

...oh its just daddy...isn't he silly

Have a great week everyone....I will post more pics of the past week in a day or two.