Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4th of July Part 1

For the 4th of July this year we went to San Luis Obispo to share a wonderful holiday week with Ryan's family.  It was the best vacation and we all had a really good time.  We relaxed, played at the house, went to a 4th of July picnic, went to the beach and the zoo.  We had such a good time that I took a million pictures.  So here are most of them to share...part 2 Day at the zoo will follow as I was afraid I would not have enough memory on the blog entry to contain them all.  :)  enjoy!!!
"Ma" (the name Jake is trying out right now for his Grandmas) got AJ some yummy baby food finger foods...and just like big brother used to do...AJ sticks the entire wheel into his mouth.  :)
Jake LOVES watermelon, and really seemed to enjoy eating on the lawn
Jake is such a big boy now...getting better at the big boy swing
AJ's very first time on a swing...I think he likes it...
..and seems pretty relaxed too :)
My 3 boys :)
AJ's first time in the big bath without his plastic tub....he LOVED much easier to make big splashes
Introducing your pilot for this flight, Jake Brown
Crazy drivers!
My little surfer boy
Some adorable bonding time
This was also AJ's first time at the beach (crazy to think that a year ago we were here and he was still in my tummy) first he was not too sure.
Jake could hardly wait to get in the water, but wanted to hug his daddy for a little support
But he had a blast and went in a couple more times
...and AJ even dipped his feet in the ocean to check it out...wonder what he thought?
...I think this answers that question.  :D  I was actually amazed, I was not sure what he would think of the cold water...but he laughed when I put his feet in.  Little AJ is going to be a fish just like his big brother.
Our adorable happy family
And one happy Jakey Bear
"What is this stuff?"
I think we made another Beach Bum
These boys are serious about their sandcastles
AJ was really excited to play in the sand and get dirty
And of course no adventure is complete for Jake unless there is a slide involved
What a wonderful Day with Grandma and Grandpa and so many wonderful memories were made.
Stay tuned for part 2...which hopefully will come soon followed by Jake's swim lessons.  :D

Catch Up Pictures

I have so many pictures to share its amazing!  :)  I have some fun ones that were taken before 4th of July, a lot of great ones from the holiday, and then Jake's swim lesson pictures to share.  So for this first post I am just going to share those earlier catch up ones.  :)

But the boys are great and we are having an amazing time with them.  AJ just turned 11 months old on Sunday and he is just so much fun.  He has a fun personality and is just so happy most of the time.  He is still not crawling but honestly I think its because he is really trying to figure out this standing, pull up and walking thing.  He is not really close yet but loves standing up and holding onto us and has scootched up to me and pulled himself up to standing a couple he is getting there.  And even though the silly boy cannot crawl...well forward that is, he can go from playing on his tummy to sitting up.  So between that and rolling, turning and scootching backwards, this boy can get around pretty well.  And...big news here...on Friday he finally cut his first tooth!!!!!  So we are on the road to more solid foods which makes this little food lover very happy.  :)  His favorite foods right now are strawberries, pancakes and yogurt...but he really enjoys all the baby foods too.  :)

Jake is doing wonderful as well.  He has developed a deep love for cupcakes and dinosaurs.  Cupcakes are from one of his favorite books If You Give a Cat a Cupcake  and so now anything he finds with cupcakes is just the best thing in the world.  :)  The other night we were praying before going to bed...basically me telling him word by word what to say...its pretty cute, and we were in the middle of thanking Jesus for Mommy, Daddy and AJ when all of a sudden he thanked Jesus for cupcakes.  lol  And then dinosaurs...we have a fun place to eat and shop around here called Charlie Brown's and out front they have all these huge animals...they have a few dinosaurs and so this was Jake's introduction to was love at first sight.  :)  His verbal is also coming along well.  We are all working with him and we are seeing more and more come out of him and its really fun to see what he is really thinking and have small little talks with him.  I so love my little Jakey Bear.

Well onto those pictures...enjoy   

Introducing "Ma" to a couple of his pals
Such a cutie pie
AJ loves going over to his books and pulling them all out...I remember his big brother doing the very same thing
"Mmmmm ice cream...someday maybe Mommy and Daddy will give me the real stuff"
Hehehe...often times when scootching around backwards on his tummy, AJ will find himself stuck in some furniture.  :)
This was a toy that Jake had gotten for a first birthday present from some good friends and AJ LOVES it...often gives us the time to get Jake a bath which is really nice.  So much fun to watch AJ enjoy the same things that his big brother did.

Well more soon!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bring on the Summer and AJ is 10 months!!!

Wow, I really cannot believe that AJ is 10 months old.  Wasn't I just getting up in the middle of the night to have a snack because he was coming via c-section the next day.  Hard to believe.  But he is an amazing little guy, super happy, talkative, loves to play with toys and his brother and wants so badly to move!!!!  No he is not crawling yet, although he is excellent at scootching backwards and piveting he often finds himself stuck on furniture.  :)  He is also able to eat more foods now which he loves.  He adores all of his veggies but Sweet Potatoes are his favorite, loves peaches and pears and is pretty excited about his new additions of chicken and turkey.  Now he just really wants to eat what we are eating...although there is another teeth yet.  Poor little guy.  But I have the feeling they are coming as he has been more than a bit fussy this weekend...time will tell.

Jake is also great...LOVING that its summer time.  He is a major fish and loves playing in his little pool in the backyard and going to the big pool down the street.  I took him yesterday and he had a blast...especially when a lifeguard asked if he would like to play with a kick board.  He really thought he was hot much so that he started flurting with the female lifeguards.  shaking head.  He was yelling "hi guys" and then making motorboat sounds once he got their attention.  Yeah, they thought he was pretty funny.  Oh....I am in trouble with this one.  But we have also been working hard on his verbal and he is doing very well.  Still have a way to go to catch him up but we have been impressed with how he is improving...he even said the word "another" the other day which really impressed me.  But he remains my adorable boy who loves to cuddle (for short times of course), play, build towers, race and crash cars, and goof around with his brother.  And his potty training is still coming along...we are very proud of him.  OK now onto pictures.  :)
 Jake's first time in the water for the never know how they will do...but he walked straight outside and directly in the pool.  I think he had been waiting all winter for this.  :D
One happy boy
Time with Grandma and Grandpa before bed...not sure who is having more fun  :)
This is what happens when you leave your husband and your parents with the baby  :D  And yes he loved it.
I love this picture so much...Adorable Big Brother and Little Brother PJs
AJ watching his favorite tv show...reminds me a lot of his big brother at the same age :)
"Don't blame my mommy for the outfit...I made a mess at breakfast...but I am really happy!!!"
Adorable little Guy
This is so cute...Jake wanted to tuck "Horsey" into bed for a nap of his own.  The funny thing is that this is actually a dog toy that Jake picked out on his own about a year ago for his own...and now AJ loves it to...poor Piper on the other hand never is allowed to touch it.
Jake found that the laundry basket made for a great boat
AJ all ready for a trip to the pool....sadly we did not get pictures of his first trip in the pool...but we will get some later.  He loved it though and happoly spasked while we each held him.  I think he is going to be a fish just like his brother.
A picture of AJ scootching around...he can really get some distance and loves that he is able to get to some of his brother's toys.
The other day I heard AJ unhappily fussing..I came over to see he had gotten a teething ring stuck around his foot.  No idea how he did it but he was not pleased.  hehe

Well I hope that you all have a great 4th of July...Hopefully I will have some more great pictures to share with everyone soon!!!