Friday, April 5, 2013

Jake's 4th Birthday!!

On St. Patrick's Day our big boy Jake turned 4 years old.  He had a wonderful Birthday weekend with both of his Grandmas and both of his Pas staying with us.  With wonderful hang out times, swim lessons, bouncing, a party, watching many of his favorite super hero shows, and having a beautiful weekend so my outdoor boy could spend a lot of time running around the backyard.  Funny thing was that his Birthday had not even happened yet.  :) But he had a great Birthday with more family fun, going to Sunday School at church, some amazing birthday gifts, one of his favorite dinners (meat loaf and mashed potatoes), and just being a really happy boy.  I was so happy to see what a great time he had over the weekend, Jake is a wonderful little boy and he deserved every moment of it.  A lot had changed over the past 4 years, he is not that little baby we brought home from the hospital anymore.  He is an energetic, happy, smart, talkative, loving, sweet little boy that adores his baby brother, is a big helper around the house, loves going to "school" as he calls speech, can hardly wait for every Thursday to come around so he can go to AWANA, loves to color and write his favorite letters "J" and "O", sing "Jesus Loves Me," build with blocks, go swimming and play with his friends.  He is such a sweet boy that will randomly run up to me, throw his arms around me and tell me"I love you Mommy."  :)  We love our little Jakey Bear / Spiderman (yes he always introduces himself these days by either of those names) so much and we are so proud of him.  Happy 4th Birthday Jake, we love you!!!
Showing off his special Birthday card 
 Jake was pretty excited to get his first comic book...Spiderman of course :)
 He was so excited to open his presents
 Spiderman and Ironman "guys"...oh the fun both he and AJ have had with these already
 Jake's big birthday gift was this little scooter.  We told him he had to wear his helmet and so he ran upstairs and dug out his knee pads too.  A safe boy.  :)
 I think he likes his new toy :)
 Jake and AJ having a good time together in the backyard
 Ahhhhh....AJ.  This is what happens when my sweet little boy hears someone say "Babies gone wild"  LOL
 Getting a moment to check out one of the new cool toys
 Our boys spent a good part of the afternoon running around the backyard with the new superhero toys and flying them around
Jake is very serious about his superheros.  :)
Such a big boy, 4 years old, looking to start Preschool this August, Dressing himself and doing all sorts of other Big Boy things.  Took him for his 4 year check-up and he is 42lbs 14oz (97th percentile) and 44" tall (98th percentile) and doing great.  So enjoying year 4 of his life and looking forward to every new skill and accomplishment!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jake Turns 4!!!! The Party

How is it possible that my little Jakey Bear is now 4 years old!  Time sure goes by fast.  But what a fun little boy he is, and watching him grow up is a blast!  These days Jake adores superheroes.  Superman, Iron Man, Wolverine, Fantastic 4, Hulk, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America...but if you ask him who his favorite is, he will always answer Spiderman!  For my birthday (sandy) in January Jake kept talking about Birthday cakes.  So we asked him what kind of cake he would like when his birthday comes, at first he answered Mickey Mouse...always a favorite for my boys.  But then his Aunt B mentioned that he could always get a Spiderman cake...Jake had an instant look of awe and excitement and from then until his Birthday he talked about having a Spiderman birthday.  :)  So we held to that and below are some wonderful pictures of his fun day.
Jake was Super excited because Ryan and I decided to rent him a Spiderman Bounce House for our backyard...saying he LOVED it would be a giant understatement.

His beloved Spiderman cake, he picked it out himself and was super proud that it was a cake surrounded by Spiderman cupcakes.  :) 
Jake hanging out with some of his Buddies 
So every year when we sing Happy Birthday to Jake he get uncomfortable, will hide, maybe this year I had no idea what we were in for.  But for the party we had bought the kids these Spiderman masks and Jake loved them and was wearing his on top of his head (as seen in previous pic) before we started to sing...his response, covering his face with the mask...worked pretty good.  :) 
Who is that masked man?!? 
 But it was all worth it once he got his long awaited Spiderman Cupcake
 Jake was also blessed with some wonderful gifts and it was so much fun watching him open them with his friends and start playing
 The bounce house was a HUGE hit.  The kids came into the house and immediately went to the backyard to bounce.  It was a great blessing that it was a really nice day and only got a little windy later on.  Jake had such a wonderful time and had so much fun with his friends.  :)
 Coloring with his new Spiderman coloring book and crayons with his Buddies Jared and Max
 Once the party was over and all of Jake's friends went home it was time to kick back, relax and watch Avengers...Jake's request of course.
 Then it was time for a good family bounce night before baths and bed.  :)  AJ thought it was really fun.  Poor little guy missed out on most of the party because we had it after swim lessons and so he was beat and slept for a few hours.  :)
 Jake having a great time bouncing with Grandma Peg and Pa Wayne...oh yeah, I think the adults had as much fun as the kids.  :)
 Jake bouncing Grandma Eileen around the bounce house
 Too bad Jake is not having a good time
 Pa Gary enjoyed the bounce house too :)
 Although at a certain point a little boy is just done with the bounce house.  :)
A little football training from Pa... 
 Looks like it stuck.  :)  It was a Spiderman party but Jake always says that he is Spiderman and AJ is therefore it made sense for AJ to wear his Superman shirt for the party.
Jake had such a wonderful time for his Birthday party and was so happy the whole day, it was a really awesome gift to give him.  But he still had his actually Birthday the next day.  Stay tuned for the rest of the celebration!  :)