Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Day was a lot of fun and came with a Christmas miracle...our early bird boys slept until was great!!! :)  But as soon as they got up Jake asked if Santa had come.  :)  We went out and saw that of course he had and the stockings were about to burst and their Santa bags had been filled.  :)  They were pretty excited.  :D
Could not wait to see what Santa had stuffed in their stockings
AJ liked the dump it all out method while Jake looked at every item one by one.
A look of Christmas wonder :)
AJ was excited to find two figures (Peso and Shellington) for his new Octonauts toy set)
Buzz on a Rope :)
"Hello, this is AJ"
AJ quickly went for some candy...can you tell?
Jake was so excited to find that he got the one thing he asked Santa for, a Donny Ninja Turtle toy
AJ got a Thor mask and hammer...
I think the superhero is pretty happy with Santa's gift
AJ was our elf this year that helped Daddy hand out the presents
Jake opening his Transformer, this was a toy an old buddy of his had that he played with every time he went over there.  So he was pretty excited to get one of his very own.
When a toy gets a hug you know its love :)
Jake bought his brother a toy Mike
The boys got little remote control cars this year and were super excited.  AJ got a toy Chuggington...
...and Jake got a toy Tokyo Mater (love that they both flipped over second hand toys)  :)
AJ got a puzzle of his very own.
AJ and his new pirate ship!
Mickey Mouse!!!!
The boys got super cool Spiderman toothbrushes and a big bath set from their Great Aunt Jan and Great Uncle Ken
Jake got a cheering snowman from his GG
AJ got a snowman armed with soft snowball from his GG....look out!!!!
Spiderman and Alvin stuffed animal balls from their Great Aunt Kathy
This year Jake got to going shopping for family at school.  For mommy he picked out a snowman hand towel...
and Daddy got new gloves (for his brother he got a small toy car...of course)  :)
A big hug from Daddy.   We were spoiled this year.  :D
We were very blessed to spend Christmas afternoon and evening with our dear friend's the Starr's.  So nice to have friends that had moved away from Rosamond years ago be close to us once again.  We joined them for a yummy dinner of Fried Turkey and all the trimmings, and of course a Birthday cake for Jesus.  :D  The kids all had fun playing with new toys and us adults had fun catching up and telling stories.  It was a great Christmas and we are so thankful that they invited us to spend Christmas with them.
These were from after Christmas shopping but I had to include them...they were too cute.  Jake is already for the game
..and so is AJ!
We had a wonderful magical Christmas and we are so thankful for good friends that fill in for wonderful family.  Hoping that everyone had a wonderful day celebrating Christ's birth and enjoying their family and friends!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013!!!

Hoping that everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  This was our first Christmas in Oklahoma in our new home, on our own and with a big boy who REALLY understood every part of Christmas for the first time and a little boy who was just plain excited.  :)  It was a great Christmas and we were so lucky to be able to Skype with our families so we could still see them and chat.  Gotta love technology.  :)  Christmas Eve was a lot of fun, ran some errands in the morning, then went to Taco Bell as a family for lunch, then home for some fun family time including Jake and I making a Strawberry Birthday Cake for Jesus.  It HAD to be strawberry for Jake.  :)  Then it was my families tradition of horderves for dinner, Skyping with my family, the Christmas story, each opening one present and then getting ready for Santa and going to bed.
Christmas Eve morning I woke up by a gentle tapping on my shoulder, I opened my eyes and saw Jake.  He whispered "Mommy, is it Christmas Eve?"  When I said yes it was he answered, "Happy Christmas Eve" which he then repeated all day long.  :D
Getting our dinner all set up, so we introduced the boys to squeezy cheese...a big hit :)
Mommy and Jakey Bear
Mommy and AJ
The boys are getting goofy :)
"Mommy, why are you taking pictures?  I want to eat!" - Jake
The boys opened their one gift each which was their favorite superhero holding a blanket.  Jake got Spiderman...
...and AJ got Superman
Great loves for these buddies, they come with us on many car rides and sleep with the boys...who knew little buddies and blankets were so cool!  :)
Every alien superhero needs a hug :)
AJ is not a blanket boy, can never get him to snuggle with one outside of bed...but he loves this one.  :)
Jake was super excited for Santa to come, and he insisted that Santa wanted chocolate milk with his cookie.  :)  And of course the reindeer got some reindeer food that he had brought home from school.
These boys were SUPER excited to wake up and see what Santa brought them the next day.  It was fun bringing them the magic of Christmas!  :D

Christmas 2013 Portraits

In November we found a portrait place nearby that had a good holiday coupon and set up a time to get some Holiday photos.  It had been a while since we had done it this way since we had some amazing friends take family photos for us, so we were not sure what to expect from the boys.  Luckily they did really well and took a bunch of great photos.  Wanted to share some of them with you.  :)
The Brown Family 2013
I love this picture, Ryan was telling the boys to smile and put his fingers on his checks to point out his smile, well the boys just copied him and the photographer was super quick and was able to catch it.  :)
Our littlest man
Our big little man
Reading a story by the tree, I think she wanted them to pose...but my boys started turning pages and getting into the book.  :)
Silly Squidly
Sweet little Squidly
"Now Santa, you know we moved to a new place right?"
Cute Brothers
Cutest little elf I have ever seen
Happy Family
"Yep, we're cute!"
Us :)
Ryan and Sandy
My guys!
The boys and their Momma :)