Monday, January 16, 2017

4th of July Weekend

Oh 4th of July Weekend...always a wonderful time.  This year we were home and were just planning on enjoying a good ole American weekend with friends, baseball and fireworks!  :D
 With our Tennessee trip we were a little late in getting our pool up but we got it up just in time to enjoy!
Every summer I see how much AJ has grown in how he fits in our pool.  He used to be able to just touch with his look at him!!!
Our dearest friends the Risley's had just moved to a new neighborhood and it turns out it is the most amazing fireworks place in our area.  So we went over for dinner and to hang out on the 3rd for some fun.  We even got to take the boys to a stand and buy them fireworks to light themselves which was so much fun.  I loved doing that as a kid and its fun to let our kids enjoy that too!
 But wow...the fireworks we got to watch!!!
 Jake enjoying sparklers
This was AJ's first time with sparklers!
 Too much fun!  And we kept all of our limbs too!!!
 Although this was a little scary
Wow...just wow
 I think the kids had the best view!
4th of July...this guy is ready!
And it just so happened that on this 4th of July I got a new car.  I LOVE my Buick Enclave!!!!
 Its the 4th....gotta enjoy swimming and playing with submarines lol
 The dog days of summer ROFL
 My very happy boy...this kid is a fish!
Buying this pool a few years ago was our best investment ever!!!
 Then it was off to the ballpark to enjoy some good American Baseball!
The boys were introduced to getting autographs...we created monsters!!!
 Me and my boys
 This was the summer that Ryan and I did 21 day fix....this counts as salad right?  Oh my gosh it was amazing!!!
 Ice Cream Helmets
And of course the end of game 4th of July Fireworks.  It was the best 4th of July weekend and we loved every moment of it.  Life it truly good!

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