Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter Fun!

We had a spectacular December enjoying a bunch of winter activities and really enjoying everything Christmas season that we could!  We really have awesome lives and we enjoyed every minute of it!
 First to get ready for Christmas you have to get rid of the fallen Fall the boys did enjoy their last Fall activity of jumping in leave piles.
 God Bless West Field that has pictures with Santa every year.  AJ really wanted to do it for the first time and even with his on and off fear of people dressed up we decided to let him try!  Aside from forgetting what he wanted, he did great :)  hehe
Jake loved his visit with Santa and very intricately described the Lego set he wanted....just in case.
 For an advent calendar this year we surprised the boys with a fancy Lego one.  They loved it and had a lot of fun opening the doors and putting together the next piece.
 AJ also started playing Basketball for the first time.  Its a bit much for this boy that does not want to stand still...but he is absorbing it quick.
 On the move in true AJ style
Great family Christmas picture at Church 
Then a day after school we took the kids tubing at the Bricktown Ballpark.  The boys had never done this before and so it was something they were really looking forward to.
 Here comes Jake!
He loves it!!! 
 Here comes Daddy!
 Here comes AJ!
 Oh he is hooked!
 Perfect Winter picture of hauling his home plate...ok its a little different :D
 Loving every moment of this
 Jake getting ready for another run...he soon started to ask them to push him down backwards.
 AJ loved every ride...even loved the steeper adult ramp better!
 Then we had to take a break for hot coco and cookies
 Really is a super cool thing they do here!
 Me and my boys I need to say anything more here?
As it is now the Christmas season I could now make some scramble while watching Christmas movies :D 
 The boys and I made Christmas cookies for a cookie exchange I was invited to.  They chose to make chocolate chip with M&Ms :)
 I was so proud of them because they made each and every one of 5 dozen cookies.  Lots of work and patience and they did great!
 The boys were invited to their buddy Grant's birthday party and were in for a huge surprise!  He had a Ninja Warrior party and they loved it!!!  So many obstacles just like they have seen on the course and on TV.
 Warped Wall
 Crazy Steps
 The boys loved this!
 Rope ladders are harder than they look
Crazy ride
 The Cookie Exchange!  AJ had a blast and flirted with every lady there.  lol  We came away with some amazing cookies!!!
 My dear friend Lisa and Me
 Yep, the boys love the cookies
 Shopping at Christmas time there are always a bunch of things to admire...especially the giant buddies
 Do you believe him?
I did not believe Jake at this age either :)
 AJ practicing for his Christmas program at SaFe Day
 A special trip to the Book Fair at Big School.  The boys were super excited about their selections.  And as Jake has fully started to fall in love with football he quickly started memorizing everything in this book.  :)
 And for me an awesome road trip with some friends!  My friend Heather asked me if I followed the Pioneer Woman because they were going to be traveling 3 hours away to Pawhuska OK to check out a new Mercantile that she had opened.  And awesome store and restaurant.  I was all in for a girls trip and Ryan was home to get AJ to school in the afternoon and pick them up after school.
 We arrived!
 Really cool old building in a mostly deserted town, but this place was packed.  So cool what she is doing for this community as I am sure it is going to bring lots of new life to this downtown!
 We were super excited to check it out!
 The store had a lot of fun things to check out!
 The line to eat in the restaurant was crazy long in the cold outdoors so we decided to order food a the little deli and eat it together in the car...too many yummy options!  I went with her delicious mac and cheese and the best homemade potato chips I have ever had!
My souvenir that I love!!!! (never had a gravy boat and did not like the plain white ones...this one better fit my personality!)
 Another fun Saturday watching the boys play basketball!  We have been so proud of how hard Jake has been working and how much he is improving. 
 Yes my boys are crazy.  It was below freezing out, starting to snow and they were out there playing.
 And as you can see, very happy about it!
 Then it was off to AJ's game.  He is starting to figure out how to dribble!
 He takes a shot!
 So much fun to watch these boys play!
 With the teeny amount of snow that we got AJ had to build a snowman!
On a day where AJ only had afternoon West Field school he decided that he really wanted to learn how to wrap presents.  He was super proud of his new skill!
 The day of AJ's school Christmas Program!  He was so excited!
 They all look so cute!  You can just see AJ's beloved Elf hat (that he wore pretty much all month) in the top far corner. (I was on the floor helping with the little ones)
 A little bit after the program my boss was awesome and let me leave work for a little bit to help at Jake's class party!  It was so much fun and Jake was so excited that I got to be there! :D
 AJ and his buddy Conner all excited for PJ day where they also got to watch Polar Express!  Great way to spend the last day of school before Christmas Vacation!
AJ with his beloved Mrs. Meredith.  AJ absolutely loves his teacher and keeps asking me if when he graduates SaFe Day and just goes to West Field if she can come over for a play date.  Luckily she said yes :D

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