Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting into Summer

And now the fun begins!  We were home from vacation and now we had the summer ahead of us for all sorts of warm fun!
Jake's first basketball game!  He had never played before and so was a little confused but he had a great time and even scored his first basket!
 Its really too bad these boys cannot relax and enjoy the summer
 My little fish
The joy of summer right here
 Crazy monkey
"I'm flying"
 After we got the basketball goal set up on our back patio the boys had a blast
I love how they figured out to pull the small slide over so that AJ had more help :)
 Sometimes when big brother is at a friend's house, little brother gets to bake with momma :)
 AJ's summer baseball practice
 How big brother spends the time during his brother's practice
This summer we also got into trips to the library.  This was a book that AJ loved and I think we checked it out 5 different times :)
AJ's first Tball game.  He loved it that daddy helped coach his team like he sometimes does with big brother
 AJ at bat
 A hit!
 Run to first
And he scores!!!!
For Jake's birthday he had gotten a movie gift card and he saved it for when the new Ninja Turtles movie came out.  We surprised them and took them to the fancy theater.
 Jake could not believe the seats!
 My big boy
My other big boy
And if you are at Penn Square Mall on a hot summer day you also stay to enjoy the AC and let the boys play in the Lego Store.  AJ built this by himself
We bought a bunch of wheels and other fought over pieces and AJ was amazed how many his daddy had fit in the cup!
 Happy Father's Day Dad!!!
 Jake was starting to memorize the verses that church gives them every week and earned just enough points for this Lego set.  He was one proud and super happy boy!
And for Father's Day lunch...the one and only Rudy's!  Happy Father's Day Ry...we love you!!!

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