Sunday, January 15, 2017

Finishing the School Year!

The winding up of another school year!  The kids were going to miss their friends but could hardly wait to get started on lazy summer days with lots of activities, vacations, sports and friends!
Jake working on his log building skills
Great year with Mrs. Foster
Great year with Mrs. Meredith and Mrs. Huff (fun fact, Mrs. Huff is the first teacher that both boys have had, Jake had her for Library and West Field and she was AJ's assistant teacher at SaFe Day)
AJ had to end his last day on his beloved playground!
Playing with his best buddy Ryan
End the year just like it started :D
Its the last day of school and this boy is spending his last school morning reading :D
Happy Boy!  Last day as a 1st grader!
We always celebrate the last day of school with ice cream...this year it was Menchies
Jake and his buddy Grant once again celebrated the last day of school with a slumber party :D
Then the next day we had Ryan's family day at work.  Face painting, bouncers, giant slides, and games...not a better way to start the summer :D
Daddy teaching the boys the fine art of tug-of-war
Does this seem fair?
Flash :D
Captain Super American :D
Now bring on Summer Vacation!!!!!

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