Friday, January 20, 2017

AJ's Birthday

On Aug 22 AJ celebrated his 5th!!!  How is my baby boy 5 years old already....and going to pre-k!!!  But he loves being a big boy and every single thing that allows him to do.  We always tell him that he is our baby and he fights it every time...but what can we say, these boys will always be our baby boys and we love them so much!!!
Just like his brother we had to get the classic 5 year old picture. :D
Now this is a little, behind the scenes if you will.  I am often told by friends and family that I get the best pictures.  My should see the number of bad or crazy ones I got around it.  Here is a sampling...but keep in mind that I took 10 to get the first cute one. :D 
Crazy AJ...this might have been the most realistic :P
And the classic goofball
For weeks AJ told me that he knew what he wanted for all his meals on his birthday.  Breakfast never changed...he wanted pop tarts. :)
Playing with one of his new birthday toys.
His Great Aunt Kathy gave him a birthday card that had this Birthday sticker and AJ loved it.  Had to wear it all day!
It was off to lunch before we needed to bring him to school.  His choice, of course, was McDonalds.  Nugget happy meal!
At first when I told AJ that he would have to go to school on his birthday he was not quite sure.  But when I told him that I could talk to his new teacher Mrs. Hopkins about maybe bringing a treat for him to share with his new friends he was super excited.  I got lucky and she even let my parents and I come in for it.  AJ was so excited!!!  His teacher even had a special hat for him to wear...and he LOVED it!!!
After school we got the boys and took them to Eileen's Cookies (not my mom's...actually a place here in Edmond) for a special Birthday treat.  No surprise, but the boys picked out Ninja Turtle cookies.

Birthday Boy!!!
My boys love these they make special birthday surprises
He was soon super excited to see that he got something that he really wanted!  An Ewok stuffed animal from Build a Bear....something his brother wanted to give him.
Sweet brother love...Jake was so excited to give this to AJ and AJ knew how special a gift it was from his big brother.
AJ with his special Birthday card from Grandma and Pa
Some special time with family building Birthday Legos
And for of course!  Little Caesar's just so this little man could also have crazy bread
 Birthday Cookies
 Cute Leo Eater
 Adorable Birthday Boy Mikey Eater
 And then it was some down time to watch a video before...
 it was time for a story and then bed.  Such a wonderful Birthday Day for our little Squidly!!!  AJ we all love you so much and it is so much fun to watch you grow up, find your interests and loves and develop your crazy, loving, sweet, smart personality.  Cannot wait to see what this year holds for you!
Then it was Jake's time for a story (which he read to Grandma and Pa...such an amazing reader now) and bedtime.  It was the end of Grandma and Pa's amazing visit, and while it was busy, it was so fun to have them here for the 1st day of school, and all of AJ's Birthday activities.  Something that would often be taken for granted but with us living half the country away, it is really special.  Thank you!!!

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