Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thanksgiving Fun!

As it was finally starting to feel a little like Fall we were all excited for Thanksgiving and our visit from Pa Wayne and Grandma Peg!  Oh the fun things we had planned and its always wonderful to spend special holiday time with family!
Before they came we went through Jake's closet and also through a bin of bigger clothes.  I was amazed to see that this Adult Small fit him so well (Crazy small Kohl's sizes...but still!!!)
They had just started to grade the dirt across from our house for more houses...and AJ loved this huge tractor that was parked across from us! The wheel is bigger than him!
Of course when big brother came home we had to take him to see it too!
AJ made this adorable turkey in Mrs. Meredith's class
Who is this handsome big boy?!?!?
AJ had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast at West Field...oh so much junk food!  It was a lot of fun to see and help out!
For our first day of their visit we took Grandma and Pa to Pops for an entertaining lunch!
The boys in front of the famous Route 66 Pops Bottle
Art projects!!!  I had just picked up some new art materials at the dollar store and so the boys could hardly wait to make some things with Grandma Peg!
AJ playing cards with Pa
No joke, AJ just walked up to me and said "Momma look...I'm a turkey!"  LOL
Fantastic Christmas tree picture before Thanksgiving (church was a little early)
Grandma Peg's Drinking Games ROFL!!!!  We had a lot of fun each picking out a crazy soda from Pops, and then during our visit we each sampled them and cast our vote on the best at the end.  Lots of fun, and Jake won :)
Thunder Up!  We got some great last minute tickets to a Thunder game too!  A first for myself, AJ and Grandma and Pa (luckily we had some Thunder clothes that were still a bit big on Jake for Grandma :D
Our family ready for the game
When both pictures are cute and you don't get many family share both :)
Cute Thunder Fan
The boys love this blimp when this flies around the arena
Its getting tense
Some of the guys
Me and Grandma
Me and AJ
Grandma and Pa
We then had a couple days of school before vacation and AJ had his Thanksgiving Feast at SaFe cute are all these kids praying!!!
Very happy Pilgrim (the kids all brought their own lunch and then they all enjoyed a slice of pumpkin pie.  Best lunch ever for this little man (hey pilgrims had nuggets)
Then for our first day of vacation we took Grandma and Pa (and Daddy who met us a little later) at the Science Museum
Everyone loves watching the marbles travel down these things....AJ can watch forever!!!
Then Jake and AJ had to teach Grandma and Pa how to Segway
Pa is looking good
Grandma looks a little nervous!
We saw a science show for the first time and Pa was lucky enough to get pulled out of the audience
He did well and luckily did not get blown up :D
Rubber Band Art
Jake was super proud of the car he built
 Patriotic Boy!  (no pun intended for jersey)
 AJ checked in with Otto in Space
 AJ showing his Daddy his astronaut skills
 Jake and Pa about to go on a mission
 Happy smiles...they had a great time!
We finally found a great sized table for Ryan! 
 5 brains working together
 Thanksgiving '16  somehow I did not get a pic of all of us but the boys loved it!!!  This year they both wanted big ole turkey legs!
 Yum!  Great food and Thanksgiving!!!
And then having all this for dessert makes it pretty fantastic too! 
 During the day after Thanksgiving shopping we got this great Grandparents/Grandkids shot!
 AJ was so excited that he was able to find this Dory painting kit...he could hardly wait to get into it and start coloring
He did a great job!
 AJ modeling his pilgrim vest that he made at school!
 Of course we also needed a picture of the back :)
 Hey its the day after Thanksgiving so we have got to get the tree up!  And I have no idea what Jake is doing in this picture hehe
 It was a lot of fun to all put the tree up together, Grandma and Pa had not been here to do this with us before.
Sweet picture
 Putting ornaments on the tree as a family is always a favorite Christmas tradition of mine :)
 The boys are also starting to get better at not putting them in the same spot...their growth is also helpful :)
 The guys at work
Brown Family Tree '16
 That night we pretended it was the night before Christmas since Grandma and Pa would not be with us.  So the boys each got a new pair of Jammies.  Jake could not believe these amazing new Chewbacca Jammies he got!
AJ LOVES his astronaut jammies
The cutest brothers ever!!!
 Looks like they are good to sleep in!  Is there anything better or cuter than seeing one of your kids sleeping?!?!?
 The next morning we had a special little Christmas.  We woke up and all spent time opening our gifts in front of the tree!  So nice to have a Christmas with family who would have missed out otherwise!  Love getting to make these memories!
 Grandma made each of the boys Crochet buddies they had wanted. Spider-Man for Jake and Mickey Mouse for Jake.
 Then of course we had to play with the new toys :D
 The new adorable buddies!
Some reading time with Grandma before they had to leave...although strangely Grandma did not truly appreciate the Captain Underpants book Jake gave her to read hehehe

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