Monday, January 23, 2017

More Fall Fun and Halloween!

Its finally here...the last week of October which means all kinda of Halloween fun!  My boys love Halloween and everything that comes with it.  Luckily this year we have so many dress up costumes that they both chose from what we had...although AJ had a really hard time deciding and we really did not know who he was going to be until he was dressed.  :D
 Pumpkin painting is a serious business in our family
 Jake picked out a picture of the character Bomb from the Angry Birds Movie (yes he changed on us at the last moment)
 I often sketch out the face on their pumpkins with washable marker (so I can erase mistakes) and let them do the painting.  Ryan and I help here and there and while it can sometimes be stressful with two painty boys...its also a lot of fun!
 AJ chose a picture of a stuffed animal Chuck Angry it had a cute softer quality
 Watching my artist at work
Little man is doing a great job!
Happy little painter
 Chuck is looking great...just the wrong color
 This is starting to look like Bomb
LOTS of black paint
 Almost done!
Now that is the perfect Chuck!
Fantastic Job Jake!!!
 AJ has very wavy hair and so we normally have him wear his hair longer than Jake's (whose hair is stick straight), but on this occasion he wanted his hair cute just like his big brother's.  I could not believe how much older it made him look.
 Big 5 year old
 On the last day of Fall Break we had to go to the Science Museum!  Some robot arm fun.
 Astronaut Jake
 Astronaut AJ...this must take a lot of focus!
 Boys will be boys...and they have to see who is faster
 Segway practice
 My adorable T-Rexes
 Awesome new dinosaur display where they move and roar
Then we had to play in the carnival area
 Then we came home to make pizzas
 For AWANA we brought Groot Sparky and Wolverine Cubby
 Man...who would win this fight?
They so love dressing up and playing super heroes
For SaFe Day AJ dressed up as a fireman
 Since I am a teacher there I also had to dress up....we had fun going together as a cowgirl and Firefighter
 Then we came home and the boys were overjoyed that we got the Toys R Us Christmas catalog...and for some reason we got 2.  They spent hours pouring over these.  hehe
 Yeah so a day this week I also had to take the boys for flu to make it up to them I got them 7-11 Slurpies.  It helped.
 End of a wonderful soccer season!
 End of a really fun soccer season!
This year AJ had been hearing all about carving a pumpkin and so he really wanted to carve one.  So we had one extra pumpkin to carve right before Halloween 
 Pulling guts out
 I think it was a little more gooey than AJ was expecting
 The boys worked together to draw out the face for me to carve
 Boys did a great job!
And of course we had the Angry Birds themselves
 For dress up day at West Field AJ was Thor
 And Jake was the Green Lantern (kinda fun because his teacher happened to be the same)
 For Halloween itself Jake was super excited to be Vision from The Avengers
 And AJ chose to be a super cute Transformer...although he thought he was fierce!
 Superheroes unmasked
 Vision is so cute!!!
 Such a cu....fierce Transformer :)
 AJ could not wait to see kids out in the neighborhood so that he could go trick or treating
 And they are off...the boys were thrilled that Daddy dressed up to go Trick or Treating with them
Out on a mission to get a ton of candy
 Mission accomplished
 Jake and his haul
AJ and his haul
Another great Edmond OK Halloween!!!

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